10 Best Brown Office Chairs for Vintage Office Design
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10 Best Brown Office Chairs for Vintage Office Design

|Apr 9, 2022

Modification in the design and engineering of office chairs has been a practice carried out for decades. Our workplaces are not just one-time research with office furniture to last for a lifetime, but continuous studies and developments predict multiple factors that affect office productivity.

One such and a huge one is the type of office furniture. The role of office furniture in keeping employees efficient and healthy cannot be ignored. Each factor plays a vital role, from the color of the office chair to the type of office desk, comfort and adjustability provided by the chair to the office color schemes.

Moreover, with modern office chairs, you can also make an impact and stick to a particular theme. A best brown office chair and a vintage style office chair, in a similar way, is a great key to giving an antique yet modern vibe in your office. By choosing a vintage brown office chair, you can set up the 90s or retro vibes home office without a doubt. Or for a modern, classy office look, a white and brown office chair will do the job well.

Considering the impact of color and the rules of energy colors in an office, you can bring different energies to your home office. This article will focus on bringing the vintage vibe to your home office; hence, we will cover the best black and brown office chairs and brown office swivel chairs befitting the vintage vibe.

How a Brown Office Chair Gives Vintage Vibes?

1. AvoChair

AvoChair best brown office chair

This brown desk chair doesn't just represent minimalism through its colors, but it is also constructed with 100% earth-friendly materials. The color brown depicts the wood look, and the adjustable features make it a modern engineered chair. The Avo chair has adjustable armrests, height and seat tilt.

The chair has an elastomeric mesh back and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Though the chair looks tiny, it is enough to support more than enough weight and comes with a two-year warranty.

2. ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus best brown office chair

Another ergonomic chair with a meshed back and enough padding for the back to remain comfy, ErgoChair Plus is a unique design you will find in the market. The chair is made with a sturdy black frame and offers a frameless construction for uninterrupted movement.

The ErgoChair Plus offers a high level of durability and adaptive spinal support. The chair comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

3. Serta Big Leather Chair

One of the most expensive and beautiful leather seats is the Serta big and tall executive office chair. Genuine wood elements, such as the armrests and the 5-point base, offer an attractive look to any office or room in this high-quality bonded leather chair.

4. AmazonBasics Office Chair

AmazonBasics best brown office chair

The AmazonBasics office chair is a basic style classic office chair made with polyurethane leather. The chair is available in many colors, brown being one of those. The lightweight, affordable brown office chair with arms has enough back and seat cushions. The chair comes with armrests and offers an adjustable seat tilt and a seat height adjustment mechanism.

5. Glitz Home Office Chair

The Glitz home office chair has the best adjustable seat, and this is how the chair is known amongst users. The chair also has an elegant and pleasing design with the best comfort.

It has flexible adjustment sponge cushions and a wide tall back. One thing absent in this chair is the adjustable armrests which could be a deal-breaker for some.

6. Modway Office Chair

Modway best brown office chair

Look no farther than Modway's office chair if you're searching for a simple and easy chair to use while still going the distance.

This executive office chair comes in several colors and has a ventilated mesh back and waterfall seat to keep your spine and posture erect and comfy.

7. Mainstay Bonded Leather Office Chair

The design of this best brown office chair is truly a treat for eyes. Even though this chair has one of the simplest and most basic designs, it never gets old or unfit for a modern office space. The chair has a curved spine with an adjustable height and adjustable armrests.

The mid-back office chair is suitable for people with back pain, and you will find yourself comfortable for long hours of sitting. The sturdy metal base also provides extra strength to the entire chair.

8. Winston Porter Office Chair

Winston Porter Office Chair

The Winston best brown office chair is regal, classy, and one of the best purchases you will make for your home office. It has a tall back which means extra support for your spine and entire body. The chair is microfiber material and comes in three different colors, although brown is the classiest one.

The chair is extra padded and cushioned, and the entire structure with heavy support against the back, neck and lumbar region. Despite being richly cushioned and padded, the microfiber ensures it is breathable and lightweight.

9. OFM Essentials Office Chair

It's padded throughout, including the arms (no mesh here), and has a high back, making it comfortable to sit in. The cover is constructed of soft micro-suede fabric and is available in various colors: brown, gray, or tan. The OFM essentials also have lumbar support for people with sensitive backs and come with a weight capacity of 250 pounds, so you can move freely while not worrying about breaking the chair.

10. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

The Herman Miller Sayl best brown office chair is comfortable and ergonomic if you complain about a sweaty back while working. The meshed back is not only woven with an elastomeric material but its design is also engineered to give the best level of comfort.

Adjustable lumbar support is another option for reducing back discomfort. Other armrests and seat adjustability options are available, but keep in mind that they are not included in the standard price.


When we talk about feng shui office colors or the concept of color psychology in a workplace, we will realize that a brown office chair will do the job well to represent a vintage home office.

Brown is the color of natural wood and is associated with minimalism and simplicity; hence it is the closest to nature which means it reminds of the older times. Part of why brown color office chairs are associated with a vintage and basic style. Above are our top picks for the best brown office chair for your home office. Let’s pick one for you!

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