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10 Best Christmas Gifts for College Students
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10 Best Christmas Gifts for College Students

|Nov 26, 2020

With the Christmas season approaching rapidly, you may be stumped about what Christmas gifts for college students to get your college student family member. Due to the fact that most college students are Gen-Zers, who are known for being more tech-savvy, technological presents may be one of your best options. The workload of college students is quite tremendous. Thus, a gift that compacts these pressures caused by a heavy workload may be an excellent option. Here are our top picks for the best Christmas gifts for college students and you also can consider Autonomous Christmas Sale 2020 right now:

1. Autonomous Standing Desks

A standing desk is one of the most beneficial Christmas gifts for college students. As previously mentioned, college students receive a massive workload throughout the year. This leaves them stuck at a desk for long periods and can lead to serious health issues such as back pain. Using a standing desk can negate all of the negative effects of sitting for too long and help the college student live a healthy and more productive life.

Autonomous Standing Desk

2. Autonomous Office Chairs

Office chairs are highly overlooked when thinking about providing a comfortable and productive workspace. However, the truth is that this office chair is ultimately going to decide how you're sitting when you're working, as well as how long you can comfortably remain seated at your desk. Purchasing an ergonomic office chair from Autonomous as one of the Christmas presents for college students' dorm rooms is going to help provide better support to the students back while allowing them to sit and work for longer periods of time comfortably. Thus, improving efficiency.

Autonomous Office Chair

3. Office Accessories from Autonomous

A dorm room workspace is not just equipped with a desk and chair. In order for a college student to work at their optimal level, they need to be provided with a convenient and well-organized workspace. The office accessories offered by Autonomous provide this and more to any working area. Autonomous has thought of everything! Needing extra storage space? The swivel desk drawer has got you covered! Needing an additional light for those long study nights? The LED desk lamp is exactly what you need. That's why office accessories provide some of the best Christmas gifts for college students. 

Office Accessories from Autonomous

4. Apple AirPods

Headsets and corded earphones have become redundant in the past few years due to wireless earphones' development. One brand that's well-known for providing high-quality wireless earphones is Apple. Many college students claim that wireless is incredibly useful when working out or doing work. This is because you don't have the cord connecting the earphones to your smartphone. Thus, you can move around more effortlessly. Walking around any campus, you're bound to find students with these devices in their eyes. That's why these Apple AirPods are one of the best Christmas presents for college students.

Apple Airpods

5. SmartWool Crew Socks

The boots you wear are only as good as the socks you choose to put under them. There's no doubt that the Christmas season brings colder days and even colder nights. That's where these SmartWool socks may come in handy. These socks are designed with practicality in mind while still keeping a soft texture. Thus, this is one of the most convenient Christmas gifts for college students as dorm rooms are known to be quite chilly. Therefore, you can provide a usable Christmas gift that can bring you peace of mind knowing that the student is being kept warm and toasty this holiday season.

6.  JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Having a portable speaker in college is a necessity for most. You may find yourself at a party or hanging out with friends and wanting to listen to music while doing so. This is where a portable speaker is going to come in handy. This JBL speaker is also waterproof, which is excellent as accidents and spills aren't uncommon in social settings. This speaker, although being portable, also provides excellent sound quality. Thus, it's one of the best Christmas presents for college students when they take a breather from their work.

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

7. Uniqlo Yarn Fleece Fluffy Jacket

A sweater is almost always an excellent gift for college students. However, with the research we have conducted, we found that many college students would prefer a fleece jacket. Keeping warm is something that becomes evident once Christmas time has arrived. For this reason, any type of sweater, especially fleece, may work out to be one of the best Christmas gifts for college students.

8. Spotify Subscription

As we mentioned before, this group of college students in 2020 mainly consists of Gen-Zers. Thus, an electronic subscription to Spotify. This provides students with access to endless amounts of music and TV. Providing this Spotify subscription is an excellent way for students to enjoy their free time. Many students claim that Spotify's premium version is something they would want but wouldn't get for themselves. That's why this is one of the best Christmas gifts for college students.

9. Fujifilm QuickSnap Disposable Camera

With all of the technological advances in the world, one thing that the younger generation has retreated to is disposable and film cameras. Many enjoy the thrill of taking physical photographs that can be pinned up and saved for years to come. That’s why the Fujifilm QuickSnap is one of the best Christmas gifts for college students this year. In addition to this, purchasing this disposable camera is a great way to encourage a love of photography and a creative way to spend a student’s free time.

10. Miroir HD Mini Projector

When conducting our research, we found that 80 percent of the students we talked to either own a projector, know someone who owns one, or would like to have one. Having a projector is an excellent way to make the most of your college days. You can spend a night in your dorm room with your friends while you project a Netflix movie or two. This beats the way college students watch movies today, which is on a laptop screen and can be an excellent option when looking at Christmas gifts for college students.

Spotify Subscription

Pros and Cons About Buying Technological Gifts for Your College Student

Technological Gifts

  • icon checkIt may be what they have been wanting
  • icon checkMay make them feel like you understand them as a person
  • icon checkCan deem thoughtful, especially if they are super excited about the gift
  • icon checkIt may aid them with projects or long study hours at school
  • icon timesThey may already have what you bought them
  • icon timesA college student may be looking for gifts that remind them of home
  • icon timesGifts like these are not seen as sentimental

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