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10 Best Desk Frame Under $400 for DIY Builder

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Jul 23, 2021

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Did you know that you can build your own treadmill desk or sit-to-stand desk on your own? All you need is a good frame that works with great standing desk legs. A DIY desk should have a lot of low-cost options for all parts – whether you’re buying or making. However, if you plan to build your own adjustable standing desk with a height-adjustable base, you need to increase your budget to get a desk frame under $400.

This will get you more warranty, speed, noise-reduction, and other benefits. But, then, you need to consider the height limits of that frame. Most low-end desk legs will fall into the $200 - $500 range. We’ve listed some of the top standing desk legs under $400 here.

1. SmartDesk Frame from Autonomous

SmartDesk Frame from Autonomous

The StandDesk Frame comes as a Core and Pro edition. The Core Edition frame features a single motor, while the Pro Edition has dual-stage, dual motors, and more life capacity. The choice depends on your budget and needs. For a higher price, the Business Edition also features motor overload protection and a crossbar. If you want to choose standing desk legs with stronger support, the Business Edition is your choice.

2. DIY Standing Desk Frame Kit from iMovR

DIY Standing Desk Frame Kit from iMovR

iMovR created this Lander desk frame under $400 specifically for the DIYers. It’s got all you need with a Bluetooth height controller, smartphone-controlled use. It is an affordable standing desk frame that has more value for its price tag. Some of its features include a 365 lbs lift capacity, 1.6-inch speed, two noiseless precision motors, to name a few.

The desk can also be fitted onto most IDY designs to accommodate tall users and desk width up to 7 feet. The standing desk frame even comes with a 6-inch leg extension kit so that you can add on a 56-inch top height limit.     

3. Jiecang Electric Base Frame

Jiecang is the base frame manufacturer for most of the big names in the standing desk arena. You may be able to buy an affordable standing desk from their US OEM buyers that offer the base for purchase alone. For example, the full brand sells the Jarvis Standing Desk base as a DIY frame kit.

This kit is a customized version and features minor alterations for improving stability. The same goes for other brands as well, with the only differences being in the hand controllers and the feet design., Jiecang bases can suit varying widths of an adjustable standing desk as a DIY frame – from 48 inches to 72 inches.  

4. Idasen DIY Underframe Kit from IKEA

Idasen DIY Underframe Kit from IKEA

The Idasen is made with quality components and a nice hand controller with a phone app and Bluetooth connectivity. This stand was made to match with other pieces in IKEA’s Idasen furniture collection. One big benefit is that the design has a lot of metal in it that results in better stability.  

Unfortunately, since the design is a bit outdated, the legs can obstruct swivel chairs from turning around. It is also limited when it comes to the number of tops it can fit, ranging from 47.5 inches x 27.5 inches to 63.5 inches x 31.5 inches. The Idasen frame can only support a 165 lb lift capacity. 

5. VIVO Single Motor Frame

This frame is recommended for low-budget and for medium-sized users. It is probably one of the best budget standing desk for bettering ergonomic positions. You can add a monitor arm and keyboard tray. It is intended for lighter use, and you may experience wobbliness at extreme standing heights. So, you need to be mindful of the items on the desktop.    

6. Studio 470 Frame from iMovR

Studio 470 Frame from iMovR

This affordable standing desk frame contains less metal that works for a smaller desk with a smaller, lighter desktop. iMovR’s Studio 470 frame is a better fit for compact workstations and is a lighter base. Priced at $329, it has ANSI/BIFMA, UL 962 certifications, and a good warranty. The frame is a very basic design and is very easy to assemble – and fewer parts mean a lower shipping cost.           

7. Uplift V2 Commercial

Uplift V2 Commercial

This desk frame under $400 might go over your budget, but it’s the best pick for a shorter user. The purchase is backed with returns, a 10-year warranty, and free shipping. The frame can be lowered to 21.6 inches and goes up to 47.7 inches. It can even be expanded as well, from 41 inches to 79 inches wide, all while supporting a weight of 355 lbs. There is cross support, so you have good lateral stability.   

8. Fully Jarvis

Fully Jarvis

Another desk frame under $400 is from Fully. Ideally suited for a taller user, the Fully Jarvis stand is priced at $420 with free shipping. The height range is from 24.5 inches to 50 inches, excluding the top. The frame can support 350 lbs but does exhibit some stability and wobbliness issues at a higher height.      

9. V3 Plus from VertDesk

VertDesk v3 Plus has a lifetime warranty on the motors, gear electronic, and structural components. If you need a heavy-duty frame with lots of weight support, consider this one. It can lift a lot of weight at all speeds of 1.25 inches per second. The height range that you can get on this frame ranges from 25.875 inches up to 45.875 inches.   

The guarantee of increased weight support is ensured with gear quality. The v3 Plus has the best when it comes to motors, gears designed by Keter, Germany. It even has cross support for better stability.

10. NewHeights Elegante XT

NewHeights Elegante XT

This affordable standing desk frame comes with free returns, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty that covers the motor gears, structure, and electrical holding it together. One unique thing about this desk frame under $400 is that it uses an extruded aluminum column structure. It sits very low at 23 inches and can be increased up to 50 inches.

NewHeights XT offers the best in stability because you can order it with or without the cross support. There is very mild wobble from front to back, but this is fixed by getting the cross support on the frame. If you would not like the wobble or the cross support, then consider upgrading to the XT4 model.

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