10 Best Desk Mat Protectors to Keep Your Desk in Check
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10 Best Desk Mat Protectors to Keep Your Desk in Check

|Sep 20, 2021

Sure, you have heard about the importance of the right work desk accessories in a workplace. It is also true that there are tons of desk accessories aimed to make a workplace more productive but spending money to get all of them will only play with your budget negatively.

Hence you need to be smart about choosing only the home desk essentials that will improve your productivity significantly. For example, a desk mat protector or also known as a desk cover mat is a tiny yet very important work desk accessory that protects your desk surface from various spills, scratches, and damages over time.

Desk mat for desk is also known to bring organization and tidiness in the workplace, and we all know how clutter can seriously mess up with creativity in the workplace. To choose the best desk mat, you need to be careful about your personal preferences and the type of aim you are expecting.

Hence this article will cover some of the most famous and common best desk protector mats as well as the right guide to choose the computer desk protector mat for your home office setup.

The Best Desk Mat Protector

The finest desk pads offer a level, soft surface area on which you may work comfortably without risking damage to your desktop. A desk pad, also known as a blotter or a desk mat, is a protective covering for your tabletop that comes in various styles.

1. Cork Desk Mat

Cork Desk Mat

The world is returning towards healthier practices thanks to awareness and emphasis on environmental-friendly practices. From home to offices, each place is paying close attention to eco-friendly measures. A cork desk pad could be your next step to make a workstation eco-friendly and provide a smooth work surface for you.

2. Felt Desk Mat

A little bit of texture is fun and adds coolness to a home office setup. And with felt, we don't think one can go wrong. The felt desk mat consists of a tiny felt structure that will keep your hands warm in the winter and be a smooth place to glide that mouse on.

3. Woolen Desk Mat

Woolen Desk Mat

Wool is smooth and soft, and for people with cold hands, a wool desk mat protector is ideal. It not only makes your work desk cozier but also pleases the eye.

4. Clear Desk Mat

There are two benefits of choosing a clear desk mat protector over a colored or printed one. For starters, clear desk pads are much cheaper as compared to printed ones. And secondly, they don't hide the look of your work surface so you can enjoy the table you spent so much time on.

5. Leather Desk Mat

Leather Desk Mat

Leather has a class of its own, whether for chairs, couches, or desk mats. If you need a royal theme in your workplace, then a leather desk mat is the right choice. It is pleasing to look at, smooth, and strong enough for even multiple monitor setups.

6. Brown Desk Mat

A brown desk mat stands out from the rest because it can go with any office theme you like. The benefit of choosing a brown desk mat is that you are less likely to see spills, scratches, and dirt and dust particles. Also, it will give a nice elegant touch to your workstation.

7. Dual-sided Desk Mat

Dual-sided Desk Mat

Not spending time finding the right desk surface to work on the dual-sided desk mat is a good pick. It is made with water-resistant sides, so you can lay any side down and start working.

8. Vegan Desk Mat

Vegan desk mats are especially for people looking for a lifestyle shift. These desk mats are against animal cruelty, and many people love the idea of having vegan office desk pads in their offices.

9. Doodle Desk Mat

The world doesn't just stop at basic, and doodle desk mats are proof for that. A doodle desk mat allows you to take notes while working, and you can change the sheet, or even some of them come with the ability to be erased and used all over again.

10. Foam Desk Pad

Foam Desk Pad

This foam desk mat protector is high-quality PU leather and medium-density fiberboard, resulting in a pleasant and long-lasting desk pad. It also functions as a big mousepad.

How to Choose the Best Desk Mat Protector

Here are various factors to look at before choosing the best desk protector for your home office setup.


The choice of desk protector material depends on you. Whether you need a desk mat only for protection purposes, a clear desk mat or a simple plain brown desk mat will do the job. Wool and felt offer a smooth surface as well as a warm feel. While leather is shiny, it might get cold during the chilly winter. And if your work desk is directly in front of the sunlight, leather or cork may heat up.

Surface Requirement

If you want to write on your desk pad, a leather or fake leather mat is ideal. You'll need a firm pad so that the point of your pen or pencil doesn't penetrate the paper. At the same time, you want one that has some softness to it so that you can write in a smooth, continuous flow.


There are various desk pad sizes that fit each table surface. The right desk pad size depends on your final choice and the size of the desk. It also depends on the area you wish to cover to the area you wish to leave bare.


Clear, black, and brown are the most popular colors for desk pads. Plastic mats are usually transparent, although they can also be purchased with a matte finish.

Clear desk pads are perfect for putting a calendar, photos, or notes on. The objects beneath the pad stay clean and in the position since you can see straight through the pad.

The most common colors for leather and imitation leather desk pads are black and brown. However, many people would agree that they appear more professional.


Different materials of desk mat protectors offer different grips; however, you need to pick the best choice depending on your needs. If you have a smooth desk surface, you may notice that various desk accessories run away from you when you're not looking or using them. A desk mat will provide a field of increased traction to hold devices like a keyboard in place, and many will also include features to keep traditional writing instruments from rolling away.

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