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10 Best Electric Standing Desk Base Frame for 2021

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Jan 11, 2021

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Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time has been linked to an increase in poor posture and bad back health. Sitting down can put a lot of strain on the back and its supporting muscles. This causes back pain in most individuals, especially those who sit down for the entire day at an office job.

The introduction of certain ergonomic tools into the workplace can work wonders for any office worker. An example of this is a standing desk. A standing desk allows the user to transition from sitting to standing, which gives the back and its supporting muscles a break. The use of a standing desk has also been shown to have other health-related benefits such as improved concentration and focus. Does this have you interested in purchasing an electric standing desk frame?

There are a variety of standing desks available to the consumer. These include electric standing desks. These desks simplify the process of adjusting the standing desk height and are more convenient for the user in general. Making use of either of these has profound impacts on one’s health. The purchase of a standing desk is one that you won’t regret due to the massive difference you note as a result of it.

Why Choose an Electric DIY Standing Desk?

Should you be considering the purchase of a standing desk, what exactly sets the electric DIY standing desks apart from the regular ergonomic options? There are a few things to be noted, the first of which is the fact that the DIY option is available at a lower price than the regular option. If you are looking to save some money while still getting your hands on an electric standing desk, then this option is perfect for you. Saving some money on the purchase is always attractive as that money can be put to use elsewhere.

The next benefit of purchasing the DIY standing desk is that the desktop can be completely customized. Because the desk comes as a SmartDesk Frame, it allows the user to assemble and customize the desk as they see fit. This can be an attraction if you have specific needs for the desk, or even if you would just like to get your creative juices flowing and customize the desk to your heart's desire.

Next, if you are someone who enjoys DIY in general and likes the process of assembling your purchases, then this is a no brainer. The motorized desk frame option should satisfy your desire to assemble it yourself, and the reward of completing the assembly is definitely an attraction. Once the assembly is complete, the desk functions exactly the same as an already assembled option.

Why Choose an Electric DIY Standing Desk?

The final benefit of this option is that the desk can be fully adjusted. The standing desk frame can be set to the perfect height for you. This has a heap of benefits, such as easy adjustments being made and no need for straining while using the desk. The frame can be adjusted for any individual who wishes to make use of it. This provides a level of convenience that is definitely appreciated by most customers.

Top 10 Electric Standing Desk Frame

Choosing the right motorized desk frame for you can prove a more difficult process than you may originally have thought. There are certain things that need to be considered before deciding to purchase an ergonomic desk; one could follow a guide in order to ensure that the best possible decision is made. The things to consider before choosing the standing desk frame for your home office are:

  • The price of the desk
  • The lift capacity that best suits your needs
  • What the best available options are

After considering these options, you can determine which option is most suitable for you. Whether you require a desk with high lift capacity or even a general economical option, there are many variations that can be found. So when considering all the options, what are the best standing desk frames available on the market?

Top 10 Electric Standing Desk Frame

When considering which standing desk is the best, there are certain factors to be considered. All the best DIY electric standing desks should have the following attributes incorporated into their design:

  • Good adjustment speed
  • The right amount of space
  • Good overall functionality
  • An easy assembly process
  • They should be affordable
  • They should be manufactured from high-quality materials
  • The desk should possess a strong weight capacity

Another important factor to consider is that a good standing desk should have a firm base. This means that it should not wobble around when in use. A desk that incorporates a flexible height adjustment system is crucial so that you can avoid remaining seated for too long, and the height can be adjusted to suit your personal needs.

With all things considered, the following are the top 10 ergonomic standing desk that can be purchased.

1. SmartDesk Frame

This is one of the best DIY standing desk frames available on the market. The desk spoils you for choice in terms of the options it provides. The electric standing desk frame allows you to choose from any of the four programmable height settings. The height-adjustable frames are also extremely well made and can withstand weights of up to 300 lbs. This high-quality motorized desk frame is also available in different colors, such as black, white, and gray. It is available as either an L-shaped or premium frame depending on your needs. The product is approved by BIFMA and EMC, which certifies the quality that you receive when purchasing the desk.

SmartDesk DIY Kit

2. Jarvis Frame Kit

The Jarvis has its own desk frame. This frame varies from mid-range to extended reach. The height of the frame is adjustable through an electronic control. The desk offers both vertical and horizontal adjustments to be made, and this can be done freely. Also included is programmable memory that remembers your height preferences. You can choose between the frame being wide or narrow-based on how much space you plan to use.

The motorized desk frame is available in black, white, gray, and alloy. There are also eco-friendly versions of this frame available. These options are made from bamboo and hardwood. These components are custom made, and the package with which it is shipped is also recyclable.

Jarvis Frame Kit

3. Forfar Electric Standing Desk Frame

This DIY standing desk frame uses a single motor to lift itself. This frame incorporates touch control and allows you to choose from any of the four memory presets related to your preferred standing desk height. The frame is made from heavy-duty steel that allows for the desk frame to be durable. Due to the lift system being electronic, the electric standing desk legs can transition from a sitting to a standing position in a matter of seconds. This option is only available in a black or white variant.

Forfar Electric Standing Desk Frame

4. Flexispot Electric Standing Desk Frame

This standing desk frame is offered along with economical options. The frame has a basic keypad that allows you to adjust the height of the desk. A digital keypad display can be added to the frame for an additional $50. This affordable option does include smooth and seamless adjustments. The DIY standing desk frame is made from double steel to provide maximum stability. The desk is available in black, white, and gray. The desk is also coated in order to prevent scratches and damage.

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk Frame

5. VIVO Electric Desk Frame

This steel constructed electric frame provides a sturdy foundation while being durable. The desk moves smoothly and does not make any noise. The DIY standing desk frame is available in black or white and is one of the more economical options. Along with this, you can choose to pay for the desk with monthly payments. A three-year warranty is also available. The parts are all manufactured from metal, and the assembly is easy.

6. Monoprice Workstream

This is the best adjustable standing desk frame manufactured by Monoprice. It makes use of a single motor that operates the lift system while being completely electric. Sitting and standing intervals can be easily programmed with the push of a button. The amount of space is also very practical for a home office setup. The frame colors are black, white, and gray. The frame can be used with a variety of desktops and can be personalized with many different ideas.

Monoprice Workstream

7. FLAT Tech Standing Desk Frames

This standing desk frame is made from two different frames rather than just one. Both of the legs are lightweight, making them easy to move around. A versatile table base is incorporated so that you have more options for longer desktops. The motorized desk base itself is manufactured from cast iron to ensure durability. The desk has T-shaped bars in order to help it maintain stability, even on uneven floors. The frames also have sensors that are capable of adjusting to the floors. Although it is one of the most economical options, there is no monthly payment option available. The desk is black with green electronic wires.

8. Stoltz Standing Desk Frame

The height adjustability offered by this desk allows you to take healthy breaks from sitting and standing. This desk does, unfortunately, use a crank, unlike most standing desks. The crank is used to manually adjust the height of the desk. The transition between sitting and standing heights are still smooth, regardless of this. The motorized desk base is also made from durable metal. The desk is only available in white, and a protection plan is available at an additional cost.

Stoltz Standing Desk Frame

9. MI-7931 Standing Desk Frame

This desk is also a manual standing desk and is adjusted through the use of a crank. The frames are made from durable steel. The use of this steel means that you get extra longevity out of the desk frame. The desk is available in black and white. The design also has smooth edges to prevent any hard surfaces on the side of the desk. This desk frame is very easy to assemble and is definitely a very economical option.

10. Stand Up Standing Desk Frame

This frame uses heavy-duty steel in order to reinforce its durability and resilience. Personal height preferences can be set through the use of the electronic controller. There are three different width adjustments that you can choose from for your desktop. The motorized desk base is only available in black, and it takes about 15 minutes to assemble the entire thing. This option is perfect for DIY beginners who are looking for an easy to assemble yet effective standing desk.

Stand Up Standing Desk Frame

Which Standing Desk Should You Choose?

When choosing which desk is the best for you, you must consider the assembly time and affordability of the desk itself. Choosing the right standing can have phenomenal health benefits. A standing desk breaks the monotony of just sitting at your desk.

The 10 desks mentioned above are all perfect for any home office and, while being fully functional, are also very aesthetically pleasing. Their sleek designs make sure that they can fit into any home office design. The desk you choose should be the one that appeals to you most in terms of features along with its pricing. No matter your desires and budget, there is a standing desk that perfectly suits your needs.

Which Standing Desk Should You Choose?

The Bottom Line

An electric standing desk is an investment that improves the way you work. While also making work more interesting, it also assists in improving concentration and focus levels. This article serves the purpose of assisting you in choosing the best possible option for yourself. You can undoubtedly find the perfect desk for you and your home office. The desk makes your life easier and improves your workflow.

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