10 Best Grey High Back Computer Chairs for Office Upgrade
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10 Best Grey High Back Computer Chairs for Office Upgrade

|Aug 7, 2021

Changing your office furniture can be a great way to revamp your workstation. One unique way of doing so would be to choose a desk chair that looks decent yet unique. You would have seen people using black high back office chairs usually, so using a grey high back office chair can be a clever way to get a new look. This will not only look unique, but a grey high back computer chair is something that can add a lot to the aesthetic details of your workstation.

You are aware of the importance of workplace ergonomics, so it is better to stick to the ergonomic office chairs that are available in the market. We know that you must be wondering what other benefits you can get if you switch to a grey color. It is evident that this is not all about aesthetics, and grey has a lot more to do with this. So, let's have a look at what else you can expect with this revamped look. 

Why Choose Grey Color?

Why Choose Grey Color?

Every color has an intensity associated with it that it radiates, which impacts your subconscious. The colors’ intensity varies with their shades. You would have seen how dark colors like red have a stronger intensity while blue is more of a less intensive color that usually has a calming effect on your behavior.

The grey color’s psychology has got a lot to do with your productivity, as this color, unlike most others, is neither intensive nor too light. What happens here is that you get a good balance that helps you gel well with your surroundings. Grey color has a very positive vibe and keeps your mood elevated. Thus, you enjoy your work hours and are eventually more productive.

Grey color represents neutrality and typically goes quite well with white or black frames, so they have their own unique vibe. All this makes you love the grey color even more; thus, we understand that you have become more interested in buying a comfortable grey high back office chair. We have collected some of the best grey high-back desk chairs below to give you a better idea and make this selection easier.

Top Grey HighBack Computer Chair For Your Office

1. ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus is great office furniture by Autonomous that is available in aesthetic grey color. As far as its design is concerned, this grey high back computer chair is engineered to have a unique fishbone design that makes it look quite attractive. Moreover, since the makers have used durable TPE materials, the durability is around ten times more than any typical chair.

  • High-quality materials
  • Gives ideal posture
  • Helps treat back pain
  • Five-year warranty
  • Available in a wide range of colors 

2. ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline is one such grey high back ergonomic chair that is available at quite an affordable rate. You get free shipping, multiple other benefits when you choose this variant. The best part is that you can enjoy a comparatively more relaxing experience with this cool colored desk chair as it has reclining features and leg support.

  • Lumbar backrest available
  • Foamed seat
  • Good-quality materials
  • Promotes a better posture 

3. ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro is an ideal high-back ergonomic office chair that is available in a cool grey color. This chair comes with a breathable mesh backrest and headrest that provides an airy experience. Overall, the adjustable features help you have a customized experience that ensures you stay comfortable in your workplace.

  • High-quality materials used
  • Stylish look
  • Lumbar support available
  • Easy to manage 

4. Grey Wayfair High Back Swivel Office Chair

Wayfair is a big name and is known for designing high-quality furniture. The aesthetically pleasing High Back Swivel Chair is one such piece of furniture in the line. This grey high back computer chair comes with a leather soft seat pan and backrest to ensure that you have an overall comfortable experience.

  • Designed to reduce pressure on your legs
  • Features comfortable armrest
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Affordable 

5. Ergohuman Grey Mesh High Back Swivel Chair

Ergohuman Grey Mesh High Back Swivel Chair

Ergohuman Mesh High Back Swivel Office Chair is engineered to offer a highly comfortable work experience. This is a grey high back computer chair that has a well-designed mesh back and headrest. The seat and armrest are all overall quite comfortable and relaxing, making this chair a suitable choice.

  • Lumbar support available
  • 250lbs max. weight capacity
  • Three-position tilt and lock function 

6. Techni Mobili Office Chair

Techni Mobili has a silver office chair that has its own unique vibe. The company has used modern upholstery so that you get an ideal look. Overall, the design is quite attractive as you get a reliable headrest and back support.

  • 360-degree swivel
  • Provides decent support
  • Can lift only 200lbs 

7. Overstock Grey Massage Chair

Overstock Grey Massage Chair

Overstock Grey Massage Chair is a grey high back computer chair that can be a unique addition to your office. The chair has certain vibration points that help you have a relaxing experience. Overall, the chair is quite easy to use.

  • Stylish look
  • Free shipping
  • It might be expensive for some
  • May overheat when used for extended hours

8. Laura Furniture Empire Management Chair

Laura Furniture Empire Management Chair is a classic executive light grey office chair with a mesh backrest and headrest. In addition, the seat is designed using a soft material to give you a relaxing experience overall.

  • Features multiple built-in adjustments
  • It might be expensive for some
  • Shipping costs differ 

9.  Latitude Run Mesh Task Chair

Latitude Run Mesh Task Chair

Latitude Run’s Mesh Task Chair is one such chair that is designed using mesh materials mainly. The chair is designed to offer maximum comfort with decent lumbar support and backrest. Although you might have some quality complaints with this chair, this is one such grey high back computer chair that does not come with a big price tag and is, in fact, quite affordable.

  • Synchro-tilt mechanism
  • Not suitable for longer shifts
  • Might have some squeaking noises
  • Affordable

10. Three Posts Mayson Executive Chair

Three Posts Mayson Executive Chair comes in a slate grey color scheme that would go well with a white or black office desk. This chair is designed to provide a high-quality luxury feel, so office workers who wish to enjoy that can think of going for this chair.

  • Decent ergonomic functions
  • Stylish look
  • Engineered using eco-friendly materials
  • Assembly is difficult 
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