10 Best L-Shaped Desks with Keyboard Tray 2024
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10 Best L-Shaped Desks with Keyboard Tray 2024

|Apr 21, 2022

The main thing any home office worker should focus on is making sure their setup is as comfortable and ergonomic as possible so that they don't get hurt during their long working sessions. In order for a desk to be ergonomic, it should meet certain criteria, such as having enough space, allowing your elbows to rest at a 90-degree angle, and having adjustable height so you can remain active throughout the day. 

However, most people tend to overlook the importance of keyboard trays in their daily lives. These trays are popular for not being too appealing in modern office sets. Nonetheless, with the right design, they can be a fantastic ergonomic solution for your hands and wrists, especially if your desk's height can't be adjusted. 

Moreover, L-shaped desks are great for maximizing your spaces, as they can fit in any small corner and provide a wide surface for you to work on. Therefore, this shopping guide is meant to walk you through our top 10 L-shaped desks with keyboard trays. 

Nevertheless, before doing that, we want you to understand the benefits of keyboard trays in your daily life. If you're interested in that, feel free to keep reading. 

Keyboard Trays Benefits

We are huge fans of keyboard trays, but we understand why several people decided to ditch them over the years. Still, we want you to enjoy all the fantastic benefits that using a tray can have for your general well-being. Remember that having a bad posture for too much time can be terrible for your health in the long run. 

Moreover, we excel at making ergonomic office furniture look as modern and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Therefore, you don't need to worry about your keyboard tray ruining your setup. 

They Are Ergonomic

They Are Ergonomic

Fixed desks can be terrible for your posture, especially if they don't suit your height. This happens more often than you imagine, as most desks are designed to suit average-sized people, and those who fall outside of that spectrum have to deal with bad posture when using their desks. 

A high-quality keyboard tray can fix this problem, as they can be moved up or down depending on your personal needs. All you have to do to ensure complete comfort is make sure your elbows rest at a 90-degree angle. By doing this, your wrists and shoulders aren't going to get tired throughout your day. 

They Prevent Carpal Tunnel

They Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Having bad posture can lead to several health issues in your joints and muscles, and one of the most common ones is carpal tunnel syndrome. People who work all day in front of a computer tend to suffer from pain in their joints. This can quickly develop into musculoskeletal disorders if it isn't treated correctly.

Keyboard trays prevent these uncomfortable positions and ease the pressure we tend to put on our wrists, which stops the development of these disorders. 

Anyone Can Use Them

Unlike fixed desks, anyone can use a keyboard tray, even if they're too short or tall. Your keyboard is always going to be at your desired height, as you can adjust the tray to your specific measurements. They rapidly make any desk suitable for anyone, and they're much cheaper than buying a desk with adjustable height. 

They Can Keep up with You

We know that most people like to switch around and move throughout their day, and keyboard trays allow you to keep an ergonomic position even when you fidget around your desk. All you have to do is adjust the tray to suit your new position and slide it back in place once you're done. 

Top 10 Best L-shaped Desks with Keyboard Tray

Now we can dive into our selection of the best L-shaped desks that are sure to deliver all the previous benefits while also being beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing. 

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner & Mount-It! Keyboard Tray

Autonomous SmartDesk Corner l shaped desk with keyboard tray

Our SmartDesk Corner is our best L-shaped standing desk. Its sleek design and modern shape allow it to fit in any corner and give your room a more modern aesthetic. You can find this L-shaped desk with keyboard trays in three different colors, and it gives you twice the space you would get from any of our regular rectangular desks. This is perfect for more spacious setups that need a sturdy desk with a wide tabletop. 

Moreover, it also features three motors, one on each leg. This gives it extra power and makes it extremely silent, so you don't have to worry about hearing any annoying noises during your working or gaming sessions. Its height can be adjusted by pressing a button with your preferred programmable settings. 

In addition, you can use our Mount-It! Adjustable Keyboard Tray, an adjustable keyboard tray with a modern design that can suit any desk you can think of. It is the perfect partner for the SmartDesk Corner, and it eliminates the need to drill holes in your desk, as you only need to clamp it in place for it to work. 

2. Z-line Belaire Glass L-shaped Computer Desk

Z-line Belaire Glass l-shaped desk with keyboard tray

The Z-line Belaire Glass Desk is a cheap, high-quality L-shaped desk with keyboard trays. Most people love it due to its fantastic glass design, as there aren't many durable glass desks out there. It looks beautiful in any room you place it in, as glass furniture always blends in nicely with any aesthetic. 

However, most people are usually worried about glass furniture getting cracked and breaking, but this is not the case with this desk, as it is made entirely of tempered glass and a sturdy metal frame. This allows us to use it for holding any modern office setup element without breaking it, such as monitors, CPUs, and even printers. 

Moreover, it is incredibly straightforward to assemble. The instructions are meant to guide you through every step, and you can even check out the handy illustrations it comes with. 

3. Walker Edison L-shaped Desk

Walker Edison l-shaped desk with keyboard tray

This Walker Edison desk is the right desk for home office workers who need to make the most out of reduced space, as it gives a spacious workstation that can neatly fit into any corner of any room. 

You can place as many pieces of your setup on top of its sturdy glass tabletop, as it is sure to hold several monitors and CPUs, leaving space for you to move around freely. 

It is suitable for several kinds of setups. Whether you're a gamer, programmer, or remote worker, you may be able to use this desk and enjoy all of its benefits. Several people who have tried this desk claim that their productivity has increased quite a lot since they started using it. 

Moreover, it has several eye-catching features, such as its sturdy frame that allows it to stand as firm as possible and endure up to 133 pounds of weight without taking damage. 

4. SHW Vista L-shaped Desk with Keyboard Trays and Monitor Stand

SHW Vista L-shaped Desk with Keyboard Trays and Monitor Stand

The SHW Vista Desk comes in three modular sections, which are relatively easy to put together. It is made of a fantastic tempered glass top and strong iron legs. However, keep in mind that you are going to need to use several tools to complete the assembly process. 

This sit-stand L-shaped desk with keyboard tray makes your workspace a lot wider thanks to its L-shaped design, and it features a comfortable footrest to ease the strain on your legs after a long day at work. Moreover, its design is entirely customizable due to its detachable sections, so you can make it fit any aesthetic you desire. 

In addition, it ranks pretty high on most websites, and its users claim it features relatively straightforward instructions, which makes the whole process much more manageable. It is also popular due to its cable management features, which help declutter your space. 

5. NOBLEWELL L-shaped Desk with Attached Keyboards

NOBLEWELL L-shaped Desk with Attached Keyboards

The NOBLEWELL Computer Desk is one of the desks with the most features on this list. It provides its users with a fantastic and functional workspace with a lot of extra space to fill with all the office accessories they need. 

You can find it in several different colors, making it suitable for any aesthetic you can think of. Moreover, it also comes in many versions that can adjust to the size of the available space. 

It is a highly ergonomic option for those who suffer from bad posture and joint pain, as it makes sure that all your limbs rest in a comfortable position. Moreover, it features a set of three shelves on one side of the desk in which you can store all your files and other office elements. 

This L-shaped desk with keyboard trays is perfect if you're looking for an affordable option for your setup, but you don't want to compromise the durability and quality of your furniture. In addition, most of its online reviews claim that it helps increase its users' productivity by allowing them to work more comfortably. 

6. Bestar Hampton

Bestar Hampton l-shaped desk with keyboard tray

The Bestar Hampton Desk is also one of the best corner desks we could find. It gives you plenty of room for your setup and your daily activities, such as writing, reading, coding, gaming, or any other interest you may have. 

Moreover, it features a nice and trendy design. It is entirely made of wood and metal, making it a minimalist alternative if you're looking for a classic and professional piece of furniture. This desk looks fantastic in any bedroom, office, or living room you may place it in. 

In addition, it is highly versatile and durable, as it can be used for any activity you can think of, and its sturdy anti-scratch frame can endure up to 440 pounds of weight. Finally, it is relatively easy to assemble, as it provides all the needed materials and instructions to do so. 

7. Sauder 421120

Sauder 421120 l-shaped desk with keyboard tray

The Sauder 421120 is the mid-century office desk of your dreams. It has an ample tabletop, giving you enough space to comfortably move around the desk during your working or gaming sessions while also holding all your important paperwork or other office desk accessories

In addition, it has a slide-out shelf for you to place your keyboard and mouse, as well as several drawers to store everything you need throughout your working hours. You aren't ever going to lack storage after buying this L-shaped desk with keyboard trays, as it also features cubbyhole areas for placing smaller items. 

Moreover, it was designed with small holes that work as cable management tools and make the desk look more put together. Its wood pieces can be arranged to fit any corner of your room, and their sleek finish is sure to give your bedroom that professional look you've been looking for. 

8. Techni Mobili Corner Computer Desk with Keyboard Trays

Techni Mobili Corner Computer Desk with Keyboard Trays

The Techni Mobili Tempered Glass Desk is one of the most stylish desks on this list. Its fresh design is equally modern and professional, making it a fantastic desk for anyone who works in a creative or innovative job. This L-shaped Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard is perfect for dual monitor setups, as it is pretty spacious. However, it is still rather minimalist, and it can be adjusted to your preferred shape. 

9. Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Desk

Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Desk

The main thing that any worker must aspire to have is a workspace that increases their productivity and creativity. This L-shaped desk with keyboard trays does that by allowing its users to be as comfortable as possible during their working hours. It provides enough space to keep the tabletop decluttered and ready to work at all times. 

Bottom Line

L-shaped desks with keyboard trays provide much more space and are considerably more ergonomic than other desks. However, there are several desks for you to choose from, and hopefully, this guide may help you decide which one is the best for you. 

Don't forget to check out the rest of our store and learn about all the incredible products we have for you, such as our adjustable angle keyboard platform.

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