The 10 Best Mobile Pedestal File Cabinets You Should Know
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The 10 Best Mobile Pedestal File Cabinets You Should Know

|Jun 4, 2022

In an office space where work is happening all day, having a mess is inevitable. A messy workplace seems natural and cannot be avoided, but did you know the mess is a huge killer of productivity? A messy desk frustrates employees, hinders creativity, and makes them feel mentally tired after a few minutes of work. Hence many researchers promote active cleaning and organization in the workplace.

While it is hard to manage the mess and keep organized in a workplace, with the help of tools like shelves and a storage cabinet, you can help yourselves and prevent clutter. Similarly, a mobile pedestal file cabinet is even better than a stationary fixed cabinet because it is ergonomic. You can place it anywhere you like with the help of installed wheel casters. A mobile office cabinet is also made in a tiny yet spacious size, so one can easily slide it under the desk when done without increasing the covered area. This article will cover the top mobile file cabinet with lock.

1. Autonomous Filing Cabinet

Autonomous mobile pedestal file cabinet

This mobile file cabinet on wheels is a simple solution to your MacBook monitor setup because it will keep the tones of accessories at bay and organized that you need with a MacBook. Since connectivity is a considerable issue with Apple devices, this filing cabinet has two spacious drawers with bottom wheels. You can slide this mobile pedestal file cabinet under the desk and easily reach all of your accessories. The upper drawer also has a lock to keep your precious belongings safe.

2. 2 Drawer Mobile Vertical Cabinet

Do you need a stylish mobile cabinet that walks with you wherever you go? Maybe you are learning how to set up a MacBook air; hence you have multiple accessories that need to be with you. Thankfully the Autonomous 2 drawers vertical filing cabinet is the simplest solution. It has a flat top surface where you can keep your accessories, such as a USB-C docking station triple monitor, which needs to be nearby, and two different sizes of bottom drawers for your gadgets and physical paper files. The cabinet has wheels underneath that move freely and can be locked to avoid movements.

3. Lorell Two Drawer Filing Cabinet

Lorell Two Drawer mobile pedestal file cabinet

The Lorell 2-Drawer File Cabinet is an excellent choice for a simple two-drawer vertical file cabinet at a reasonable price. While it may not be the most fashionable piece of furniture, this cabinet is large enough to hold all of your paperwork, and each drawer is secured with a lock to protect critical information. It has two drawers that are easy to open and close with a smooth glide suspension. Besides spacious, deep drawers, you can also use the hooks to hang your keys, ribbons, and other stationery items that may be easily lost in a pile.

4. Xavier Natural Wood Cabinet

Natural wood offers a class on its own, and this Xavier natural wood rough cabinet has many reasons to be liked. Firstly it improves the aesthetics of your home office. Secondly, it has a fresh wooden appeal with many space options, both covered and transparent. You can store smart accessories like a 2-in-1 USB-C hub dual-monitor docking station. You can use this 3-drawer mobile file cabinet with lock both for work and storage purposes. The top surface is sufficient for a Mac mini setup, and the cabinets are old-style but very durable for years to come.

5. Cyra 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Cyra 2 Drawer mobile pedestal file cabinet

This mobile pedestal file cabinet is a lovely addition to any room, whether a home office or a workplace where design matters. Self-close drawers with packed ball-bearing slides provide a smooth opening and close in the Cyra file cabinet. Other than looks, the cabinet is very functional thanks to its large size, which can withhold both legal and letter-sized documents. However, one limitation is that this cabinet doesn't have wheels on its base.

6. Wooden Filing Cabinet from Kevinplus

Not exactly the best choice if you need to buy it for a compact office, but for a professional and busy workspace, this cabinet is hands down the best option on your list. Because of its smart design with both covered and uncovered shelves, this mobile pedestal file cabinet is an all-in-one solution. It can hold your heavy items such as printers or fax machines at the top, while the lower shelves and drawers are made in various sizes to meet all the size standards.

7. Wistopht Filing Cabinet

Wistopht Filing Cabinet

The Wistopht filing cabinet from autonomous is modern and ergonomic. You can purchase it through the employee purchase program because this metal cabinet might otherwise cause a blow to your budget, but that's what you need to pay to buy an expensive high-quality filing cabinet.

The Wistopht filing cabinet has a convenient design; it is multi-purpose and saves space because though it looks tiny, the drawers are very spacious from the inside. You can use the lockable wheels and drawers to keep your belongings safe. The best part about this mobile pedestal file cabinet is the customizable divider; hence, you can easily adjust the height and distance between the two drawers.

8. Harbor Filing Cabinet

This mobile office cabinet will undoubtedly come in handy! The great mobility of the vertical file cabinet can be moved quickly and safely in the workplace, workstation, or home study, and the lockable casters can also let the cabinet stand stably in any corner, which can bring you great convenience.

9. Slim Filing Cabinet

Slim Filing Cabinet

slim filing cabinet such as this from autonomous covers all your needs. This cabinet allows space for your many accessories and has a wide spacious top surface to place your mobile phone, chargers, and even the 12 in 1 USB-S docking station 3 monitors. The lower cabinet and drawers can be locked with a key, and the four-wheeled base allows quick movement. This cabinet is a universal solution to clutter in the workplace because it has a modern yet compact design.

Slim Filing Cabinet Wistopht

10. Sauder Steel Filing Cabinet

A vintage and modern design that catches your attention. It works as a home office storage cabinet and pretty side tables for your bedroom. Its large top drawer glides open and closed on smooth metal runners for convenient access to office materials, including notepads, pens, and folders. Letter-size hanging files can be stored in the bottom drawer with full-extension slides, keeping all of your paperwork organized and safe.

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