10 Best Office Chairs to Reduce Buttock Pain When Sitting
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10 Best Office Chairs to Reduce Buttock Pain When Sitting

|Jul 31, 2021

When you are working in the office for long hours, it is always good that you give some thought to buy an ergonomic chair. Any high-end ergonomic chair is designed in a way that provides you better lumbar support and a comfortable seating surface. One very common complaint of almost every office worker is the buttocks pain that they experience, especially while sitting for longer hours. So, why not spend some bucks to get an office chair for buttock pain?

People often wonder why these little things are important for their evaluation when they plan their workspace. What they don’t get is that prolonged buttock pain can be chronic enough to affect your health and productivity. In such a problematic situation, the butt comfy chairs are no less than a blessing for those people who suffer through this ailment.


Even though most workers end up making their minds to buy an ergonomic office chair to cater to basic health, they don’t know which office chairs for hip pain are the ideal ones. To make this judgment easier for you, we have shared a much detailed guide here that discusses the pros and cons of the best options you can think of going for. So, let’s have a look at them! 

1. ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro is among the best butt comfy chairs that you can think of going for to treat buttock pain. The Autonomous have designed this chair to have a world-class mechanism with all the high-quality features. Since we have used upgraded versions of our foam in this chair, you will find the seating surface softer than the older ones; thus, we are confident to say that this chair is ideal for you.

  • Breathable mesh back
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Adjustable armrest and headrest
  • Efficient lumbar support 

2. ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus

If you think of getting premium comfort and enjoy a work experience without any muscle pain, ErgoChair Plus is one great option. Autonomous has upgraded this chair to address issues like buttock pain so that you can have a better focus on your work. The use of TPE has made the backrest quite flexible and provides you an overall flexible experience.

  • $65/month if you wish to pay over time
  • Multiple adjustment features
  • Weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Highly durable

3. AvoChair


The AvoChair is one such chair that is known for its unique designs. This chair has an egg-like design with a well-cushioned seat. You can recline the seat to provide greater flexibility, so overall, you will have a great work experience.

  • Designed using eco friendly materials
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy frame
  • The weight-lifting capacity of up to 250lbs

4. Hbada Office Chair


Hbada Office Chair is among those mid-price range options that provide you the premium quality features. This butt pain office chair is ideal for treating sore butts that you often have when you sit for long hours. This office chair is a complete delight, having an airy mesh back.

  • Fits your lower back
  • Puts less pressure on hips as you sit
  • Relaxing headrest and backrest 

5. Mastery Mart Office Chair

This is another option for your office chair for buttock pain. The Mastery Mart Office Chair provides you a good work experience overall. This chair has various adjustment options. Thus, the ergonomic office chair conforms itself with your posture, giving you a flexible work experience.

  • Efficient lumbar support
  • Customizable
  • Good for a long-term use 

6. Office Hippo Ergonomic Office Chair

Office Hippo Ergonomic Office Chair is the best office chair for buttock pain as it is designed to reduce the pressure on your lower back. Consequently, there is a lesser strain on your buttock, so you do not feel any soreness or pain while sitting for longer hours.

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Available with a mesh back for a more comfortable experience
  • Soft seat 

7. Mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair


If you look at the Mfavor’s Ergonomic Office chair, it is a gaming chair. However, you can use it as a butt pain office chair that helps you treat buttock pain. The seat has a foamed seating surface that is quite comforting for a long workday. The makers have also added various adjustment features to make this chair customizable as per your requirements.

  • Gaming chair with customizable adjustments
  • Foamed headrest and armrest
  • Comfortable seating surface 

8. KLIM K300 Office Chair


KLIM K300 Office Chair is suitable for tall people who are fighting buttock pain. The chair has nice lumbar support and a high back that ensures you have a great work experience. Although that this office chair for buttock pain is designed to provide a comfortable experience and productive work environment, you get minimal adjustment features with this option.

  • Soft foamed seat
  • Soft headrest
  • Efficient lumbar support 

 9. Cedric Adjustable Office Chair


Cedric Adjustable Office Chair is for office workers with a tight budget. The best thing is, this chair is among those butt comfy chairs that offer several adjustment features to ensure you have a better work experience. Overall, the chair is ideal for your buttock pain treatment.

  • Adjustable headrest and armrest
  • Adjustable tilt and height
  • Efficient lumbar support 

10. Panama Ergonomic Office Chair

If you cannot spend much on your office chair but still want to ensure that you have corrected your work ergonomics, the Panama Ergonomic Office chair has to be your go-to option. This office chair for buttock pain is designed using fine quality foam, so you can rest assured that the seating surface would provide a relaxing experience. However, features like adjustable lumbar support and armrest are not included at this price level.

  • Reduces the pressure exerted on the lower back
  • An economical option to go for
  • Lumbar support is not adjustable
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