10 Best Orthopedic Lumbar Supports for 2024 Office Use
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10 Best Orthopedic Lumbar Supports for 2024 Office Use

|May 6, 2022

On average, you spend 7-8 hours at work as an office worker. Have you ever wondered how much stress prolonged sitting would put on your back? Back pain is a grave concern of many office workers, and it is vital to use the right equipment to treat it. Hence, orthopedic lumbar support becomes essential for office workers.

If you don't know the details about lumbar support, you can learn more by clicking what lumbar support is . The job of an orthopedic lumbar pillow is to provide the utmost comfort to your lower back. A lesser pressure on the back helps you have a more comfortable work experience where you do not encounter the common muscle strains.

It is noticed that most of the muscle ailments that office workers usually encounter are due to poor lumbar support. So, getting an orthopedic lumbar support cushion curbs the occurrence of all of them collectively.

One thing to clarify here is that not all chairs come with lumbar support. That's why you need a lumbar support cushion or pillow and overcome the need for one.

Every office worker wishes to get the best back support for office chairs or, more precisely, lumbar support, but a lack of market knowledge makes them confused. Nevertheless, the good news for you is that we have shared our top picks from the market in this article.

So, it will become easier for you to pick a medical-grade lumbar support pillow for your office use.

Now, without delaying any further, let’s have a look at them. 

1. Autonomous Thermal Comfort: Personal Climate Control

Autonomous Thermal Comfort: Personal Climate Control

The Autonomous Thermal Comfort: Personal Climate Control is a unique heated lumbar support for your office chair. This lumbar pillow comes with six levels of temperature control and can be used as a massage therapy if you feel muscle soreness or back pain. It is designed in a way that it comes with adjustable temperature controls that will help you have a comfortable work experience.

  • Made using a breathable washing fabric
  • The temperature control system comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Expensive for office workers with a stiff budget

2. ErgoFoam Lumbar Support Pillow

ErgoFoam orthopedic lumbar support

The ErgoFoam Lumbar Support Pillow is the most economical option that you may think of as an orthopedic lumbar pillow. Since this lumbar support pillow is slightly larger than the average lumbar support pillows, it covers a larger area of your back and provides you with back support for both the upper and lower back. It also has an additional belt that helps you fasten it around your seat's back so that it stays in place while you work.

  • Its ergonomic design contours your back
  • Features a breathable mesh cover
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty 

3. ErgoActive Lumbar Support Pillow

ErgoActive orthopedic lumbar support

The ErgoActive Lumbar Support Pillow is another economic option that you can think of going for. This orthopedic back support for the office chair has a high-density foam that enables it to cushion your back. Thus, this pillow comes in handy when it comes to eliminating strain and pressure from your lower back.

  • Features a breathable and washable cover
  • Comes with adjustable straps that can fit any chair
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty 

4. Easy Posture Mesh Lumbar Support

The Easy Posture Mesh Lumbar Support is designed to provide you with breathable lumbar support for multiple occasions. Its adjustable straps make it easier for you to put it around any seat's back, whether your office chair, dining chair, or car seat. It has a unique 3D double mesh system that ensures your back gets the full support that it needs.

  • It supports both the lower back and middle back
  • Made using a lightweight, breathable mesh fabric
  • The strap is slip-resistant to ensure the lumbar support stays in place. 

5. Samsonite Lumbar Support Pillow

Samsonite Lumbar Support Pillow

The Samsonite Lumbar Support Pillow is a budget-friendly orthopedic lumbar support that you can use for both your office chair and car. This lumbar support pillow's design is such that it supports your lower back and middle back. Since this orthopedic back support mattress is one of the most affordable options, people with a stiff budget can think of going for it. However, it might be firm enough for heavy users.

  • Lightweight
  • Features a comfortable memory foam
  • Comes with a single strap that holds it around your chair 

6. LOVEHOME Lumbar Support Pillow

LOVEHOME lumbar support pillow is yet another orthopedic lumbar pillow that you may think of going for if you are looking for adaptable lumbar support. This lumbar pillow is made using memory foam and features a washable cover, so it can prove to be a good choice.

  • Features a medium level firmness
  • Made using memory foam
  • Available in multiple color options 

7. ComfiLife Lumbar Support Cushion

ComfiLife orthopedic lumbar support

ComfiLife Lumbar Support Cushion is designed to offer you the utmost comfort. This lumbar support pillow comes with adjustable straps so that it stays in place even if you move in your chair more frequently than normal. Overall, this lumbar pillow's memory foam makes it one of the most used orthopedic lumbar pillows.

  • Features a breathable mesh exterior
  • Its firmness level varies between soft to medium
  • Budget-friendly option 

8. Vertteo Full Lumbar Back Support

Vertteo Full Lumbar Back Support is an orthopedic lumbar support cushion that provides you with full-length orthopedic support. The size of this lumbar pillow is such that it covers both the lower and upper portions of your spine. Thus, it ensures a proper spine alignment overall.

  • Durable enough for an extended use
  • Features a memory foam
  • Can fit any seat’s back 

9. Go Lumbar Back Support

Go Lumbar Back Support

Go Lumbar Support Cushion is a mesh lumbar support. The unique thing about this back support is that it does not have memory foam like most of the other options in our listing. Instead, it has a durable mesh fabric that is known to offer you flexible lumbar support overall.

  • Features a breathable mesh
  • Crafted to reduce strain on the lower back
  • Offers a medium-low level support 

10. SOFTaCARE Lumbar Support

SOFTaCARE Lumbar Support is orthopedic lumbar support that is designed to provide relief in lower back pain. Since this seat pillow also comes with adjustable straps, it is pretty convenient to fit it around any desk chair. Overall, its high-density memory foam provides you with immense comfort that any office worker would ever desire.

  • Features non-slip backings for a better grip on the seat
  • It comes with a built-in handle to enhance portability
  • Some users may find this lumbar support too soft for its job
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