The 10 Best Small Garden Office Solutions
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The 10 Best Small Garden Office Solutions

|Jan 11, 2022

Backyard home offices are taking off in a big way. In 2022, as remote working grows in popularity and necessity in many cases, people are looking for new and creative ways to optimize their at-home workspace. 

One of the latest remote working trends is the backyard office. People everywhere are utilizing their outdoor space to create their own dedicated office area, helping them to keep the all-important work-life balance in check. 

You may think this option is only available to those with ample garden space, but that is far from true. It is perfectly possible to build a small garden office that provides exactly what you need without sacrificing your entire yard. 

We have come up with 10 great small space garden office solutions that can work in less generous yard areas.  There are plenty of creative ways to make a small garden office work for you - this list is just for inspiration to get you started. 

What Is a Garden Office?

What Is a Garden Office?

First things first: what is the garden office trend all about? The idea behind backyard offices is to create a contained workspace with all the necessary tools and traits that a workplace should have but condense it into a garden-friendly package. 

Designs vary from reasonably basic shed-like structures to ultra-modern and advanced pods and from tiny setups to self-contained livable studios. Many companies now provide services of this kind, be it a bespoke cabin-building business or ready-made pod. 

Are Garden Offices Suitable for Small Gardens?

The size of the structure and the amount of available space you have are both major factors in picking a design, but a small garden does not rule you out! A small garden office is still big enough to fit a desk, a decent chair, and a good range of movement while you work. 

Some small gardens may really benefit from the addition of a structure, as it can turn it into something of a talking point. Depending on the shape of your backyard, you may benefit from a customized build, but there are plenty of differently shaped designs to choose from already. 

Why Choose a Small Garden Office?

Why Choose a Small Garden Office?

Many people have found themselves forced to work from home over the last couple of years. Now individuals and companies are choosing remote work more and more over a traditional office setting. 

At first, a lot of people had no pre-planned office setup at home, but as time has gone on, remote workers everywhere have acknowledged the importance of having a dedicated space. 

Home office setup or working nooks work perfectly for some, but not for all. Many homes do not have a spare room to dedicate solely to work, and anyone with young children can tell you that there is often no such thing as a quiet corner to concentrate in. 

A garden office, even in a small space, is an ideal solution for someone who needs a place to focus. The psychological difference it makes to step out of your home and into a separate facility is incredible - even if it is only a couple of meters away! 

Rather than blurring the lines between home and work, if you’re struggling to stay motivated and focused you can remove the distractions and give yourself an environment that stimulates productivity. 

Pros and Cons of a Small Home Office for Garden Spaces

Pros and Cons of a Small Home Office for Garden Spaces

Here are a few of the primary benefits of a small garden office for remote workers, as well as some possible drawbacks to be aware of, just in case. 

Pros of a Small Home Office for Garden Spaces

  • A small outdoor office offers much more freedom than a hastily set up nook inside the home.
  • People generally work far more efficiently when they are not distracted by their home surroundings.
  • You get the feeling of heading out and going to work without ever leaving your property.
  • If you run a business remotely, a small garden office can serve as your personal headquarters, which feels far more professional than the kitchen table.
  • Skype calls with a house full of people- even behind a closed door- is a whole new type of roulette. If you often use video chat to communicate with colleagues or clients, a soundproof office pod may prove to be extremely useful.
  • The designs are modern, sleek, and compatible with any home. It is an attractive upgrade for your small garden. 

Cons of a Small Home Office for Garden Spaces

  • As you may expect, the cost of an outdoor office is likely to be higher than setting up inside the house. That said, the price range is vast, and there are some excellent budget options.
  • If you have a very small garden that you like to spend a lot of time in, you may not want to limit it any further, although there are some pretty discreet options.
  • People who live in parts of the country that experience harsh and extreme winters may not revel in the thought of working in their garden, even if the structure is heated and well-insulated.
  • A small outdoor home office may not be big enough for someone who uses a lot of equipment or needs to move around a lot for whatever reason, although they feel much bigger inside than you expect. 


10 Small Outdoor Home Office Ideas

We have put together this list of 10 possible small garden office solutions to help inspire you to upgrade your remote working life. Working from home can be a challenge sometimes, but it is also rewarding- especially if you have the perfect place to do it. 

Take a look at these suggestions and envision how they could look in your own backyard.  

1. Garden Office Pod

Garden Office Pod

garden office pod is one of the best solutions for small gardens. The fully-contained structures offer the complete package, with built-in heating and electricity to complement the modern and stylish shape. 

You can find some super compact styles designed to fit in anywhere. Most natural materials used to build most garden office pods blend seamlessly into the surroundings and are truly excellent additions to the garden. 

2. Small Garden Shed

Looking for a budget-friendly building? A small garden shed is a great DIY project for somebody who enjoys a little renovation. You can pick up a good quality shed for a very reasonable price then spruce it up with insulation and electricity by yourself (or with the help of someone handy). 

Upcycled garden sheds for a variety of purposes are Instagramable projects, but they are also genuinely useful. Once you get through the renovation stage, you have a fully functioning DIY small garden shed that fits perfectly into your small garden. 

3. Privacy Pod

Privacy Pod for small garden office

An office privacy pod is a variation of a normal pod, but with added privacy and security. Privacy pods are soundproof and often come with tinted or reflective glass so that nobody can disturb you. 

They are best for people who need to stay focused and free of distractions and also for those with nearby neighbors that they don't want to see what they are doing all day. 

4. Prefab Mini Office Pod

Yet another take on the garden pod (can you tell how much we love work pods?) is the prefab office pod. Prefab basically just means that all the pieces are ready-made and simply slide together like a puzzle. 

Prefab pods are great in small gardens because they can be taken up and taken down if you decide to move it to a new spot and perhaps expand the garden eventually. Again, most of these designs are very compact, making them great home offices for small gardens. 

5. Mini Office/Storage Combo

Some jobs require a lot of stuff. Maybe you run a business from home and have a lot of files, tools, or products to store somewhere. Using the broom cupboard just isn't going to cut it anymore, and you need a solution. 

There are some fantastic dual designs that combine a small office with storage space for an outdoor office setup. Without taking up too much area, you give yourself a quiet place to get things done, and you keep all your necessary “stuff,” whatever it may be, right beside you. 

6. Small Log Cabin Office

Small Log Cabin Office for small garden office

Log cabins are extremely popular in colder regions because of its incredible natural insulation and stunning appearance. A cabin is not just for a retreat to the wilderness- it is also a possible option for a small garden office. 

People who live in colder climates may enjoy the cozy vibes of working in a log cabin office. You can easily find a small log cabin to fit your property then hook it up to electricity to convert it for office use. 

7. Greenhouse-Style Office

Greenhouses are not just for plants you know - they also make very pleasant workspaces. We are not suggesting you set up shop in an actual greenhouse, but you can take inspiration from their style and design. 

Think floor to ceiling windows for maximum light, which helps a small space to feel much bigger. Also, this style fits in well with garden vibes, helping it blend in and not overpower the area. 

8. Mini Extension

Mini Extension for small garden office

If you have the time, money, and planning permission, you could build a small extension onto your property. It may seem like an extreme solution, but this type of sun house add-on is actually very popular in the US. 

Building an extension using predominantly glass paneling and similar materials to a greenhouse, you can maintain the outdoor feeling but have a direct connection to your house. If you are short on space, this could be beneficial. 

9. Alfresco Desko

Okay, so this may be a little extreme, but doesn't every person dream of working with the sun on their back sometimes? If your weather permits, why not set up a little workstation in the open air- although it is probably best to leave the computer elsewhere! 

People who don't work remotely full time and predominantly use a laptop may love the alfresco desk idea- especially if they have minimal garden space. An outdoor desk can even be set up on a porch, patio, or balcony. 

10. Small Eco-Pod

Small Eco-Pod for small garden office

The last type of outdoor work pod we recommend looking into is an eco-pod. They are excellent options for people who want to think green and limit their energy consumption for the good of both the environment and their wallets. 

You may not get the same level of heat or lighting in a fully-fledged eco-pod, so they are better in pleasant climates that get long sunshine hours. Eco-pods tend to be smaller than a lot of other garden offices, so they are ideal for gardens with a bit less room to work with. 

The Autonomous Pod: All You Need to Know about the Best Outdoor Office

The Autonomous Pod: All You Need to Know about the Best Outdoor Office

Our Autonomous Pod is the very best in outdoor working design and innovation. The heating, cooling, and lighting are all expertly fitted and woven in the core of the design, so you are never left in the cold or dark. 

Its sleek design and no-nonsense finish give it a professional and modern feel that remote workers are sure to love. There is enough space to set up everything you need for the workday, but it is compact enough not to overpower the entire garden. 

Contact us today to book an Autonomous Pod tour to get the experience of what it could be like to operate your working life from this futuristic pod. 

Final Thoughts

A small garden office is the ultimate remote working solution for anyone who runs a business from home or simply needs the space to zone in and focus on work. You don't need to own acres of land to enjoy this new trend- just get a little bit creative and shop around to find the one for you. 

These small outdoor home office solutions offer a range of tactics to suit every garden and every worker. Now it is up to you to implement one and level up your remote working game!

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