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10 Best Smart Scales of 2024: BMI, Muscle Mass, Body Fat & More
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10 Best Smart Scales of 2024: BMI, Muscle Mass, Body Fat & More

|Jan 15, 2022

Your scale should be smart enough to tell you more than just how much you weigh because health is way more than the number on your scale. A smart scale can measure your resting metabolic rate, heart rate, body fat, muscle mass percentages, and more. 

However, not all smart scales are advanced enough to perform all the above functions. While some models have features that you may think are unnecessary or cool, others are better with accuracy and weight validation. 

In this review, we have rounded up the best smart scales of the bunch and provided in-depth highlights of why they are the most favored on the market. After this piece, you will be informed enough to make a wise decision of whether or not to invest in a smart scale. 

Keep reading to find the best fitness intelligence smart weight scales on the market and learn why you need to add one to your home plus workout routine. 

How to Choose a Smart Scale

Your ideal smart scale match may vary significantly depending on the functionality you are looking for and your weight goals. Many different models are designed with various users in mind, so finding the right one may be challenging. 

This review features a host of different BMI smart scales that tick all the essential element boxes. Below you can find some of the most critical things to look out for when considering purchasing a smart scale for your home gym. 

  • Accuracy. Even though most smart scales aren't exact, they need to track your metrics as accurately as possible.
  • Ease of use. It must be simple to use. Stepping on the scale, getting the reading, and stepping off should be all that is required. A person should not need a degree to use a smart scale.
  • User satisfaction. We don't want a smart weight scale on our list if it does not have a lot of love, so when on the hunt for one, make sure to look out for other users' ratings of the product.

10 Best Smart Scales You Can Consider

1. Scale by MyKronoz

smart Scale by MyKronoz

The MyKronoz MyScale has multi-user support and is a powerful fitness tracking device. It can be used in conjunction with a fine-tuned app to control the multitude of options it features. This smart weight scale has won many awards, including a 2021 Red Dot Design Award for its stylish and simplistic stature. 

What's incredible about this scale by MyKronoz is that it has Wi-Fi synchronization making it easy to update the device or upload your information to the app. The built-in heart rate monitor works wonderfully and displays extensive LED color details.  

Including a GoBe 3 smart band with this most accurate smart scale is recommended to add additional tracking options to your workout routine. 

You can get up to 12 months of battery life from this fit scale, and there is an excellent one-year warranty included with this product.

2. Greater Goods Digital Smart Scale

Greater Goods Digital Smart Scale

This BMI scale can sync with various devices, including MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. It connects to the above products through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, plus four AAA batteries power it.  

What's great about this intelligent scale is that it is an all-purpose device that won't break the bank. Being a budget-friendly product is one of the reasons it makes it on this list, and another reason is that it comes in two versions.  

You can choose between a model that connects via Bluetooth or one that syncs to a Wi-Fi connection. Both versions perform the same function, and we have listed them below for your convenience.

  • Water weight
  • Bone mass
  • Lean mass
  • Body fat percentage
  • BMI
  • Weight 

It is super easy to track your fitness progress with this fit scale, and if you encounter any problems, Greater Good's headquarters is only a phone call away.  

Most reviewers love this device's connectivity and typically combine it with an Indoor Home Gym Cycle for added calorie-burning benefits. 

3. Withing Body+

Withing Body+ smart scale

Four AAA batteries power the Withing Body+, and it syncs with a host of devices plus services including, Strava, Lose It!, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.  

It has a weight-bearing capacity of 286 lbs, so multiple people in the household can use the fit scale. There are also personalization options that allow you to create custom profiles for various individuals. 

One of the best things about this fit scale is that it is designed to recognize each user so that you don't need to enter the menu to change profiles. Most people added this product to their office workout equipment due to its small size and outstanding measuring abilities. 

There is a free app included with the Withing Body+, and it can provide insight into your fitness progress and help you set weight goals.  

4. Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale

Omron Body Composition smart scale

This is another best fitness scale for you. This two-in-one device is perfect if you want to monitor body fat through BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis). The process involves sending a low-level electrical current through a person to determine their body composition.  

Different parts in your body slow down electrical current in various ways; these parts include bone, water, fat, and specific tissues. The Omron Body Composition Monitor uses this data to determine particular muscle mass and body fat percentage measurements. 

Many smart scales rely on your feet to send electrical signals to the device. However, the Omron Body Composition Monitors includes an upper body scanner that provides an ultra-accurate reading because it sends electrical signals through your hands. 

5. Garmin Index S2

Garmin Index S2 smart scale

If you want to lose weight, you need to understand it is a marathon and not a sprint. The Garmin Index S2 is your ride and die for your weight loss journey.  

You can keep track of your weight data for up to 30 days, which makes it simple to monitor your progress just by stepping on the BMI smart scale. By logging into the Garmin app, you can keep track of longer trends and more details while working towards your goal. 

6. Tanita BC-533 Glass Innerscan Body Composition Monitor

Tanita BC-533 Glass Innerscan Body Composition Monitor

This fancy-looking device means business and can help you take your fitness seriously. The company uses BIA technology exclusively to give you the most accurate readings possible.  

Receiving results from the Tanita BC-533 is similar to hydrostatic (underwater) weighing, which is the gold standard among intelligent scales. 

There have been many positive reviews regarding this product, and it has weighed many happy customers over the years. 

7. Eufy by Anker Smart Scale

Eufy by Anker Smart Scale

If you are looking for a BMI smart scale to add to your fitness equipment, the Anker smart scale may be the perfect fit. This device can sync to various products via Bluetooth, including Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health.  

It uses three AAA batteries to power the device, and on average, you can get around six months' use from a single pack. The scale has a weight capacity of 390 lbs meaning that it can work for an array of different human statues.

If you want a scale that checks all the measurement boxes, investing in the Anker smart scale by Eufy may be one of the best things. 

8. QardioBase2 Wi-Fi Body Analyzer and Smart Scale

QardioBase2 Wi-Fi Body Analyzer and Smart Scale

What's fantastic about the QardioBase 2 is that it gets its power from a USB rechargeable battery that can last for up to 12 months. The fact that it is rechargeable makes scratching through your cupboard, searching for AA batteries a thing of the past.  

If weight numbers stress you out, the device can be set to Smart Feedback mode to display faces to reflect progression towards your goal. This model is loved among reviewers and is one of the primary reasons this smart scale has made this list.  

9. Withing Body Cardio Scale

Withing Body Cardio Scale

A strong heart is a part of every fitness addict's journey. The Withing Body Cardio scale has a heart rate monitor built-in that checks your pulse every time you step on the device.  

The BMI smart scale determines your vascular age because it uses an algorithm to estimate the age of your arteries. That is not all it measures, so we have listed some of its measurement features below for your reading pleasure. 

  • Water percentage
  • Bone mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Body fat percentage
  • Weight 

This product is rated as one of the best fitness scales. This fit scale helps people track their fitness goals and keeps them on track regarding weight progression. Another great thing about this device is that it includes a rechargeable battery, which in our opinion, is an essential part of any intelligent scale.  

10. RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale

RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale

This is a BMI smart scale with the more budget-friendly individual in mind because it costs less than takeout for two. There are over 120,000 five-star reviews on this product, and rightfully so.  

It has a ton of measurement options, plus it can track the progress of your fitness or weight goals. Below we have listed some of the tracking options offered by this incredibly affordable device. 

  • Protein
  • Subcutaneous fat
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Visceral fat
  • Metabolic age
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Body water percentage
  • Bone mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Lean body mass
  • Body fat percentage
  • BMI
  • Weight 

That is a whole lot of features for such a well-priced smart scale! You can also use the app to track your progress or set your goals. You can pair this fit scale with a Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) from Autonomous to create a more well-rounded fitness orientated office space. 

How to Choose the Best Smart Scale for Your Office

How to Choose the Best Smart Scale for Your Office

You want to make sure your choice is as intelligent as your fit scale because smart scales tend to cost more than your average scale. Below we have listed some tips for selecting the best one for your modern remote office

  • Be aware of your number. Pick a scale that tracks all of your most critical metric data and delivers it to you seamlessly.
  • Sync up. If you like tracking your progress and prefer using apps such as MyFitnessPal or Fitbit, ensure that you select a scale that can share information with an application. 
  • Check your connection. Before opting for a scale that connects via Wi-Fi, please check the signal strength wherever you plan to store the most accurate smart scale. 
  • Sharing is caring. Choose a scale that can accommodate multiple user profiles if you plan to share your smart scale with other people in your household.  

How Do Smart Scales Work?

Bioelectrical impedance analysis is the function that smart scales use to measure various bodily outputs. It sounds super complicated and science-related, but do not fret; we will explain it in more detail for you.  

A tiny electrical pulse is sent through your bare feet and travels through your body when you step onto a smart scale. You can't feel the vibration because it is so minuscule. The impulse measures how much resistance it must go through along the way, and by doing so, can deliver accurate measuring results.  

These results are calculated in a complex formula that considers your sex, height, and age. It then provides a detailed report that includes more than just what your body weighs. 

Pros and Cons of Smart Scales

Pros and Cons of Smart Scales

Pros of Smart Scales

  • Information driven. The data you receive from an intelligent scale is way more than you will ever receive from a normal one. 
  • Progress tracking. Standard scales can do one thing, and that is measuring your weight. You can sync smart models with applications like MyFitnessPal and Apple HealthKit to track your progress. 

Cons of Smart Scales

  • Accuracy issues. Sometimes the bioelectrical impedance analysis system can be a little dubious. 
  • Signal problems. Depending on where in the house you place the smart scale, you may have some issues with connectivity. If you choose a Wi-Fi smart scale model, make sure to put it somewhere close to the router. 


Using a regular scale is old-fashioned, and nowadays, smart scales are the preferred measuring solution for office workers worldwide. The information that an intelligent scale can provide far outweighs traditional models.  

If you are serious about losing weight, being healthy, and monitoring your journey, it is crucial to own a smart scale. Incorporating desk exercises into your daily work routine is essential to remain fit and healthy in the most critical years of your life. 

By allowing users to connect to various apps to track their progress and focus on trends instead of digits, these smart scales are changing the way people focus on weight loss.

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