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10 Best Standing Desks Converters in 2021 (Experts Review)

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 21, 2020

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You may need to find the best standing desk converter you can more than you may think. The phrase "sitting is the new smoking" has been floating around where the office context is concerned. When you are working in a traditional office or at home, you need to have the perfect desk setup or workspace conducive to your productivity.

What does that have to do with sitting? Well, research continues to emerge on the downsides of sitting at a desk, especially when long hours come into the equation. Therefore, many people have taken to alternating between seated and standing positions and adjust how often should you get up from your desk.

Of course, you can't make such a radical shift without having facilities to do so. Thankfully, adjusting your setup to promote your good health doesn't necessarily need to be a chore. So, how do you make this change without breaking the bank? You could opt to do this by finding yourself an adjustable standing desk converter.

1. What Is a Standing Desk Converter? 

A standing desk converter, also known as a desk top standing desk, is an adjustable mechanism that you place on a traditional desk to allow you to work while you stand. Of course, the adjustable nature means that you can set the unit to the height of your normal seated position when you are ready to sit. 

Getting a cheap standing desk converter is not hard, which is one of the main upsides for people who already have a desk. The most optimal solution to the oversitting debacle is to swap out your current setup for a standing desk. However, not everyone can afford to do that, and some people are not too keen on the idea of throwing out the perfectly good office desk. 

Standing Desk ConverterTypically, the converter is a small unit that provides you with a desktop surface. An additional keyboard tray is also usually a part of the mix. One of the good things about looking for a converter is the sheer level of available variety. You can find the best standing desk converter for your budget, size, design preferences. 

Don't forget to consider factors, such as your height, space constraints, and the equipment you need to place on the unit's top. You don't want to end up having improper posture, nowhere to put the converter, or having no space for all your desktop implements. 

Opting for a standing desk converter allows you to transition to a modern and health-conscious workspace without much strain. 

2. Standing Desk Converter Types 

When looking for the best standing desk converter, you can choose between six general types. Therefore, you get more control over the functional and aesthetic requirements of your office needs. 

2.1. Corner Standing Desk Converters

This adjustable standing desk converter type is not necessarily a true category like the others are, as they make use of design features from the other categories.

Corner Standing Desk ConvertersHowever, this option is specific to those with an L-shaped desk or corner desk who wish to optimize that kind of space.

2.2. Post and Base Converters 

Are you looking for the best affordable standing desk converter? If so, you may want to look at the post and base converter. You can identify it by the post at the back that houses both the keyboard platform and your monitor's bracket. Typically, they don't require much space, and are very suitable for small home office ideas

2.3. Z-Lift Converters

Are you wondering what the most popular converter type is? Purchases and standing desk reviews would indicate that it's the Z-lift. This option usually is incredibly sturdy and easy to use. Adjusting one is as easy as squeezing the brake release paddles and moving the platform to the height you desire.

2.4 Hover Converters

Depending on your office needs, the hover option could be the best standing desk converter for you. The name comes from its positioning, as it sits at the back of your desk and extends a large arm linked to a platform over it. The best part is they're usually highly customizable and movable across three dimensions. Note that while they are space-efficient, the surface is not the most stable.

2.5. X-Lift Converters 

X-lift converters are like Z-lift converters, and each gets its name from the look of the adjustable architecture. However, based on the X-pattern, this type gives the advantage of moving vertically during adjustment instead of outward towards you. Therefore, they offer increased stability. 

2.6. Electric Converters 

This converter type bears similarities to the post and base architecture. The difference lies in the electric lift mechanism that allows you to effortlessly transition between seated and standing positions with the press of a button. 

3. Standing Desks to Consider

What if you want some standing desk options along with the converters? Well, Autonomous has a catalog of a few of the best standing desks you can get your hands on. Here are the best alternatives to consider if you have the budget or wish to look at both converters and full standing desks.

First, the Autonomous SmartDesk Core (Home Office) has a sturdy build quality and supports people who range from short to very tall. Assembly is straightforward, it comes in standard and large sizes, and an impressive warranty is included. 

Standing Desk To ConsiderYour next option is the SmartDesk Pro, which takes things step up from the Home Office version. You get more significant height adjustment with the same smooth functionality, it's still easy to assemble, comes in two sizes, and includes a fantastic warranty.

Finally, you can choose to go with the Autonomous L-shaped SmartDesk if you want a spacious corner option. You get straightforward assembly, even greater motorized function, lots of space, great functionality, and a great warranty.

Of course, deriving the benefits means you need to know standing desk tips to use the desk properly.

4. Top Rated Standing Desk Converters

4.1. Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit-stand Converter 

This option from Ergotron could be the best standing desk converter for those looking for a good offering under the hover category. Some describe this unit has an acrobat based on its excellent ability to alternate between seated and standing positions and move toward each side. 

The base is small, it sits freely, can effortlessly be moved out of the way, and its small footprint gives you tremendous space to work with. However, note that it's not as sturdy as some other options, which means this standing desk converter is not the most durable. 

Ergotron WorkfitBe that as it may, it serves its purpose as a reliable option for those looking to accessorize an office desk. 

4.2. iMovR Cadence Express™ Standing Desk Converter

The Cadence Express™ standing desk converter is one that brings you tremendous adjustability and beauty. It is another hover converter, and it doesn't require you to break the bank to acquire it. 

The design lends itself to immense durability when compared to others in the price range, thanks to a series of sturdy components used in its creation. Note, however, that if you are looking for a standing desk converter to benefit from an independent keyboard tray, it doesn't have one. 

iMovR Desk ConverterYou are going to have to make do with the single tray, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem, since there is ample space for your keyboard and mouse. Furthermore, it's a hover converter, which means that the real estate of the desk underneath should be great. 

4.3.Winston Sit-stand Workstation 

This Winston converter is the next option on the list for those looking to derive a standing desk's benefits without throwing out their existing furniture. It's a post and base converter that offers the fundamental features of the design. There's a hand lever in the work surface's underside, which allows you to switch positions as you desire.

Winston WorkstationThe converter is surprisingly sturdy, holds a lot of weight, and can even accommodate four monitors. Thanks to a locking air cylinder, the work surface never moves out of place, even though it stands freely on your workstation. 

Unfortunately, there is a small sense of freedom missing because you cannot adjust the monitor height setting like you can with the rest of the desk. Still, it remains an excellent desk top standing desk option. 

4.4. Electric Kangaroo Standing Desk Converter

This electric kangaroo option is an upgrade to the standard Kangaroo standing desk converter. It is one of the sturdiest options you can find for your needs, which means you don't have to worry about the equipment you place on it. How much weight can it support? Well, once the items you're putting on it total less than or equal to 150 pounds, you have nothing to worry about.

Electric Kangaroo Standing Desk ConverterThe heavy-duty electric motor allows you to change your position quickly and conveniently by simply pressing a button. However, you should know that the design is not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it's also not the worst. 

Additionally, the built-in leg stabilization prevents shaking from almost any stimulus. This could be the best standing desk converter under the electric umbrella. 

4.5. FlexiSpot Classic Standing Desk Converter

This option from FlexiSpot falls under the category of X-lift standing desk converters. The unit is recommended for those who want a spacious work surface in a standing desk converter. Of course, the X-pattern contributes to implicit sturdiness with its ascending and descending motion. However, the build quality of this converter only reinforces its structural integrity.

FlexiSpot Desk ConverterThe design lends itself to more than the structure, though, as the consistent color scheme and finish make it pleasant to look at. You get an independent keyboard tray, which means that you can fit quite a bit of equipment onto the assembly. Adjusting between standing and seated height isn't hard, and the price tag is very competitive. 

4.6. Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter

The Fully Cooper standing desk converter is another one that falls under the X-lift umbrella. Therefore, it benefits from fantastic sturdiness, and it includes an independent keyboard tray, which makes your equipment placement options a bit more flexible.

Fully Cooper Desk ConverterOne of the standout features is its beautiful bamboo top that commands attention if anyone even looks in its direction. While its performance is undoubtedly above average, some design choices, such as the non-tilting keyboard tray and the noisy lift mechanism, make some people reconsider getting one.

Despite those drawbacks, however, it's still one of the best standing desk converter options available.

4.7. Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter

You may have noticed that many of the standing desk converter options are not very large. Do you want something bigger? Well, this option from Eureka may be the best standing desk converter for those who want a little more space. It has an incredibly spacious 46-inch wide surface. 

Eureka Standing Desk ConverterIf you want to put that into perspective, there is enough space for two large monitors and other standing desk accessories atop the converter. Additionally, the design features a deep and wide keyboard tray that can comfortably fit a whole laptop.

This is a Z-lift converter with a very silent lift mechanism. Additionally, the stop points are continuous, so you don't have to work with preset alternatives. It's also very attractive looking, which makes it the complete package. 

4.8. iMovR ZipLift+ Sit-stand Converter

This converter is another stellar option that falls under the Z-lift category. It includes an independent keyboard tray that is optimized for adjustability. Therefore, the unit sits as one of the top ergonomic options where standing desk converters are concerned. 

Sit-stand converterAdditionally, it features an efficient lifting mechanism that provides the benefits of complete silence and an unlimited number of stop points. There is even support for mounting an ergonomic monitor arm, which means that your multi-monitor setup is more than possible. Even at the height of its extension, it maintains its stability level, while still managing to look amazing. 

Note that you get an EverMat™ portable standing mat free with every purchase of an iMovR Ziplift+ standing desk converter. 

4.9. TaskMate Executive

The TaskMate executive is another electric standing desk alternative. Note that it is by no means a budget option, so be prepared for a substantial price tag. Do you want to know something interesting? The TaskMate Executive was the very first electric desktop riser.

TaskMateEven as a pioneer, it's not outdone by its newer counterparts. It uses a switch mechanism for adjustments, and the electric motor responds to your commands in a very satisfying manner. The one downside is where the assembly is concerned.  

One look at the desk is enough to give you an idea of the level of sophistication behind it. That complexity feeds into the arduous assembly process. Even so, it's one of the best standing desk converter options on the market. 

4.10. Winston-E Desktop Riser

Another superb candidate for the best standing desk converter is the Winston-E Desktop Riser. It's one of the manufacturer's original designs, and it continues to be a favorite among those looking to add standing functionality to their traditional office desks. 

Winston Desktop Riser

The electric lift mechanism is highly optimized, which makes it one of the fastest on the market. Additionally, the product lends itself to an ergonomic design. it's also hard and somewhat unfair to discuss this product without mentioning its beautiful and somewhat futuristic aesthetic.  

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