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10 Best Standing Light for Living Room

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 23, 2021

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The best standing light for the living room can change your perception of a place. For instance, a place that has good lighting will look welcoming, and the one with bad lighting will look the opposite. Floor lamps can work well with your overhead lighting, and they create a cozy vibe for your living room. Benzara floor lamp is one of the best in this regard.

However, choosing one becomes difficult as we wonder whether to focus on its appearance or its function. You can find some of the best standing lights from our list below. They can upgrade the look of your living room. In addition, they will also make it look more inviting.

Best Standing Light for Living Room

Here are a few of the best standing lights that you choose for your living room to make it look more elegant and classy. Check them out now.

1. Brightech Floor Carter Lamp

Brightech standing light for living room

The Brightech Floor Carter Lamp is the best standing light for living room. It is affordable, sleek, and versatile. It combines both retro and modern design with its metal base, fabric shade, chain pull switch, and walnut finish. You can further assemble it easily.

In order to fit the parts in a small box, the manufacturers fold them. Later, you can unravel it and attach it to its base. The entire process will not take much of your time. And you will have a stylish and well-made lamp.

2. Adesso Arc Bowery Floor Lamp

Adesso Arc Bowery Floor Lamp

If you need a standing LED light for living room, go for this lamp. It will not take too much of your floor space. However, you have to be careful as it can fall down easily. To prevent this from happening, you have to give it a strong base like the Swoop LED Floor lamp by Brightech.

It has a marble base that is a major selling point for this lamp. This also makes it quite sturdy. If you decide to keep it in an open bedroom or living room, it will look great. It has an affordable price and is available in two different finishes.

3. Teen Harrison PB Floor Shelf Lamp

In case you are a teenager looking for a standing light lamp for living room with some storage, look no further. Teen Harrison offers the perfect lamp that comes with some shelf space. You can keep your essential items on these shelves when you are not using them.

It has three shelves in white color along with a gold frame. There are two USB ports for you to charge your office accessories and your phone. Thus, you can also use it as a nightstand.

4. Wood Tripod LEPOWER Floor Lamp

Wood Tripod LEPOWER standing light for living room

A wood floor lamp can offer warmth to any living room office even when it is switched off. It is a budget-friendly option that is suitable for people who are looking for something that is efficient and cost-effective. Besides, it is functional and adds visual texture due to its tripod construction and linen shade.

This tall light stand for living room can go with rustic decor and an industrial design. There is a long cord that makes it easy for you to place it anywhere you want without much inconvenience. It also comes with a footswitch that enables you to turn it on hands-free.

5. Majorna LED Bulb Floor Lamp

Majorna is the best standing lamp for living room. It is a unique and affordable lamp. This paper lantern brings a texture of airiness. Since it is perforated, it is capable of emitting diffused light.

6. Delavan Project 62 Tripod Floor Lamp

The Delavan Tripod Floor Lamp is another best standing light for living room. It is easy to style, classic, and sleek. The floor lamp has a big footprint in comparison to a one-legged lamp, but you can use it in different spaces. This tripod lamp is also quite versatile for you to use as one of your desk lighting ideas.

You can get the classic Lucite and black lamp with minute gold details. It will go with any interior style and decor. So, don’t miss out on this exquisite lamp.

7. Matte White CB2 Task Floor Lamp

Matte White CB2 Task Floor Lamp

This CB2 Task Floor Lamp is as good as the Logan LED Floor Lamp by Brightech. Its iron frame is slightly angled with a white matte powder coating. You can tilt the shade to brighten up any space. The base diameter of this standing light for living room is over a foot, making the lamp ideal for small spaces and nooks.

8. Gen 3 Lumens’ Z-Bar Floor Lamp

Gen 3 Lumen’s Floor Lamp is one of the most adaptable and flexible standing lights for living room. It has an understated minimalist design that makes it unobtrusive. You can put it into different positions for certain kinds of uses. For instance, you can lower or raise it for a light reading or directional lighting.

The lamp comes with cool and warm lighting conditions. So, you can adjust it accordingly during the winter and summer months.

9. Nelson Floor Lamp

Nelson standing light for living room

This is a minimalist standing light for living room from Nelson. It has a slim rod, but its cylindrical shape makes it stand out. Hence, it enables it to look like a part of your living room decor even when the lights are switched off.

There are small hitches in the construction, like the wobbly base. However, most of the customer feedback is quite positive. People like how bright it shines and looks like a piece of art.

10. 3-Arc Hampton Bay Floor Lamp

It is different from the other floor lamps on our list because of its three hanging lights. The lamp produces sufficient light, and the simple shades make it comfortable to work with. It helps in accentuating the living area.



We have listed the ten best floor lamps that can upgrade any living space and your home office setup. They not only have premium quality features but also a unique design. You can use them to make your living space look more comfortable. Therefore, you can easily transform your living space as per your requirements.

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