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Best Studio Desk Chair for Your Home Production
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Best Studio Desk Chair for Your Home Production

|Nov 26, 2020

A studio desk chair must provide the user with enough comfort for the prolonged hours of work they often have. So whether you're a graphic designer or a music producer, it's necessary to equip your workstation with a desk and a chair that allow you to sit throughout your whole workday without feeling pain or discomfort in any body area. Setting up your own home studio involves a lot of planning. You have to consider music production equipment, furniture, space constraints, noise limits, and more.

Next up, we’ll discuss all the features that a home studio chair needs in order to meet your expectations and keep you comfortable at all times

In this article, you can find some great ideas about how to pick the right studio desk chair for your studio, as well as some good options to look into.

What Are the Home Production Essentials?

Home production essential

There are pros and cons to having your own home studio. On the positive side, you can create a space for you to produce music at your convenience. The studio is going to be accessible to you whenever you need it, instead of you having to rely on a recording studio where you might have to pay or book a slot. In your own production studio, you get to decide what goes, and you can set it up however you see fit. 

The challenges with having your personal studio can vary, including space limitations and noise restrictions, depending on where you live and with whom. There can be quite a considerable cost associated with the setup, but this pays off in the end. You can also keep your costs at a minimum by sticking to just the essentials for home production.

In terms of equipment, you are probably going to need a laptop or PC, a digital audio workstation (DAW), a MIDI controller, an audio interface, a microphone, headphones, studio monitors, an external hard drive, acoustic foams and panels, adaptors and other studio accessories. In terms of furniture, you need a good desk, a home studio chair, and shelves and cabinets if you need storage space.

Best Features of High-Quality Studio Desk Chairs

Studio Desk Chair Design

It’s up to you to choose the office chair design, but it’s never recommendable to overlook the elements we’re going to present in the following sections if you want to make sure you’re making a safe investment.

Most office chairs have a neutral, serious design that suits most home offices. Although many people love to play with this aesthetic, other individuals would like to purchase a recording studio chair that “fits” the aesthetic they’ve chosen for their workspace.

Here, you can take gaming chairs into account as they often have ergonomic features but have varied designs that you can often combine with any aesthetic.

Still, please don’t sacrifice comfort for aesthetics; you’ll regret it in the long term.


There are several comfort-related aspects to take into account for your chair if you’re trying to build a graphic design workspace. You'll get a detailed insight into how each aspect affects your choice.


Studio desk chair Size

First, let's discuss the chair's size. Most reclining ergonomic chairs cater to the average user, but there are also big and tall or petite and small that were designed for those with a height or weight above or below the average.

Most manufacturers and stores will tell you detailed information about the chair’s dimensions. Hence, if you’re in the demographics described above, please don’t overlook this information as it is vital for your comfort.

Lumbar Support

Most music production chairs emphasize the lower back area. This way, they keep your back supported at all times, preventing you from feeling pain and discomfort. Although some chairs come with pre-adjusted lumbar support that you can't adjust, other options allow you to modify it easily. You can also find chairs with intuitive features that adapt easily to your spine.

Curvy Backside

Curvy Backside of Studio desk chair

If the chair has lumbar support, it likely has a curvy backside as well. These backrests are designed so the user's back remains comfortable, supported throughout the whole work session.

Don’t worry that much if the chair you like doesn’t include a curvy backside. These often include tilt tension or reclining features that make it possible to keep your back 100% supported at all times.


Headrests aren’t vital features, but it’s a nice addition to a chair for a music studio as it allows you to keep your head and upper back area supported. Many office workers are prone to developing ailments in the mentioned areas. Thus, if you suffer from neck pain or shoulder pain too often, we recommend purchasing an ergonomic chair that includes a headrest.


Studio desk chair Armrest

Most office chairs, regardless if they're ergonomic or not, include armrests. These elements allow you to keep your arms in a comfortable position at all times. Plus, it's important to maintain your arms at a 90-degree angle to avoid feeling pain in certain areas, like the upper back and your shoulders.

Leg rest

Some people struggle with leg or knee pain, especially those that remain seated for prolonged hours. Hence, the best studio chair for someone that suffers from these ailments is the one that includes a leg rest. Not only do they help you maintain your legs in the correct position, but they will also keep them supported throughout the whole workday while allowing you free movement simultaneously.


Studio desk chair Padding

A chair's padding is another essential aspect to take into account. But, again, there are plenty of options as of now, such as leather and mesh.

Mesh is the preferred option by most users as of now, as it allows them to keep their bodies fresh throughout the whole workday, even during the hottest summer days.


Not all office chairs are adjustable, but all ergonomic chairs include adjustable features. Hence, it is essential to take into account how many features you can adjust in your potential new acquisition, such as seat height, armrest height, and lumbar support.

The more adjustable features the chair has, the better!

How Do You Find the Right Recording Studio Chair?

Producers’ chairs come in all shapes and sizes. What should you be looking for? One of the key features of a great chair is comfort. You might find yourself stuck in the studio for hours on end, so you need a chair that is going to be comfortable for long periods of sitting. An adjustable and ergonomic chair is best for this purpose. Without a good studio desk chair, you can fast develop back and neck aches. You can learn more about finding the best chair for your height and your current studio desk.

Now, you can find the perfect studio desk chair if you take into account the advice given above. However, if you’d like to have some ideas of chairs that compile some or all the features mentioned above, here we have three options you can take into account.

Here are 10 of the best studio desk chair ideas for your home production:

1. Ergonomic chair

An ergonomic chair is tailored for the user and has the right combination of function and form. A chair for music studio that cannot be adjusted often does not cater to individuals of different heights, so the more you can change the settings on your chair to suit you, the better it is.

ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair 2

For a high-quality ergonomic chair, try the ErgoChair Pro from Autonomous. This best studio chair is fully customizable and provides great back support. You can expect your posture to improve in no time. The chair is easy to assemble to match your requirements and is available in all black, cool grey, evergreen, black and white, red apple, and baby blue.

ErgoChair Plus

Kinn Chair

Another great product from Autonomous is the ErgoChair Plus, and this could be the best studio chair for your home studio. It is made of advanced TPE material and has a special fishbone design. The chair promotes optimal support and back health. The ErgoChair Plus is available in a range of color combinations between black, gray, white, and blue. The setup is also relatively simple.

ErgoChair Recline


For a smaller and simpler chair with great ergonomics and back support, consider the ErgoChair Recline. Available in all black and cool gray, this chair has an affordable price point and is also fully adjustable for your comfort.



One other recording studio chair from Autonomous that you should consider seriously is the AvoChair. This eco-friendly desk chair has a sleek look and is perfect for the minimalist’s recording studio chair. It is available in evergreen, baby blue, all black, and suntan. The unique design is inspired by nature.


Ergo Stool

Perhaps an alternative sitting arrangement might be ideal for your studio. It’s always good to have options, so you might want to consider having an ergonomic stool as well as a chair. Autonomous produces some cozy and attractive stools that could be a nice touch to your workspace.

2. Reclining chair

While you are probably going to do most of your recording work sitting upright, you might have moments when you think to take a rest or process some thoughts. Having a reclining office chair can be a bonus, especially when you have to work long hours or feel a little stressed.

Not all reclining chairs are ergonomic, but some of them reunite enough features to keep you comfortable throughout your work session. Some of them even allow you to adjust the tilt tension for a better effect.

SIHOO Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair


This chair from SIHOO is the perfect example of a reclining chair. It allows you to recline your chair within a 180-degree angle as well as a 20º retractable footrest for more comfort.

3. Classic wooden chair

Classic wooden chairs can be found anywhere. Although they can serve to solve a need for a while, they're not suitable for long-term working as they often lack ergonomic features. Instead, they're meant for sitting for short periods.

If your desk is a fixed height and you can find a wooden chair that fits well ergonomically, consider this music production chairs option initially as well, especially if you are on a budget. Perhaps you have a sentimental chair in mind or want to go for an antique look. It must be noted, however, that you are more likely to face discomfort and body aches when your chair is not adjustable at all, so be sure to make use of foot mats, cushions, and other accessories to make your studio time comfortable.

4. Bean bag chair

Have you considered placing a bean bag chair in your studio, in addition to a proper studio desk chair. If you have room available, a bean bag chair can be a great stress reliever. There are many benefits to sitting one, which could radically improve your studio time as well. Expect to feel better, more productive, and less stressed when you make a bean bag chair a part of your home production studio.

Beanbag chairs are an excellent alternative to the typical chairs you find in your workstation. Combining it with a black studio desk will make your workspace more interesting. Although they’re not recommendable for long working periods, they can serve as a way to relax for a while if you’re at the studio. It can be a nice addition, but it isn’t meant to be your main seat as you continue working.

Moon Pod Bean Bag

Moon Pod Bean Bag

This option is a good bean bag chair for adults. It’s easy to store and move, so it’s an excellent addition to any studio as an extra option for seating.

5. Skip the chair

Skip the chair

If you have a standing desk from Autonomous, it could be time to skip the chair altogether. Standing desks are a great productivity booster, so you can give these a try. Eventually, however, you are going to want to sit down, so explore all the great ergonomic music production chairs that are on offer. Autonomous chairs come with free shipping in the United States, a 30-day trial period, and a generous warranty period in case you need it.


It’s highly recommended to take into account the factors mentioned above if you’d like to get the best studio desk chair for your workspace. This way, you’ll be able to feel comfortable during long work periods.

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