10 Best Studio Desks Ideas for Musicians
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10 Best Studio Desks Ideas for Musicians

|Nov 24, 2020

As a musician, your studio is our place of creativity and inspiration. Personalizing your studio involved picking the right furniture and the suitable music studio desk. In this article, find out what you need to consider and the best studio desk for musicians like you.

How to Design Your Ideal Home Music Studio

Creating music and producing great work comes through a unique process for every artist. The importance of inspiration is a common theme, nevertheless. Many creative people speak about the importance of location and having space where their creativity can flow unimpeded. This could be anywhere from a special room to a park or a spot out in nature. If you want to create an environment where you can do your best work, consider designing or redesigning your ideal home music studio. 

The pros of doing this far outweigh any cons. While it might require some time, resources, and reconstruction or rearrangement, you can personalize the final product to maximize your music, creating and producing time. 

One of the key furniture items that you are going to need for your studio is a home music studio desk. It would be best if you also had a suitable office chair to go alongside this. The next section looks deeper into it. 

How to Design Your Ideal Home Music Studio

10 Studio Desks Ideas to Consider

1. Standing desk

Standing desks are gaining in popularity and for good reasons. They are adjustable and flexible. They cater to people in unique work environments, such as home and business offices and studios. Many people use them to multitask and exercise, and they are great benefits for your posture and overall well being. Consider one of the three options from Autonomous below for your music production desk.

2. The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

If you are looking into a standing desk for the first time, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) might be just what you need. You can adjust this desk's height to four different heights, depending on whether you want to stand or sit and how high your chair is. This is available in black, white, bamboo, and white oak desktop finishes. Frames can be black, white, or grey.

Autonomous Desk 2 Home

3. The Autonomous Desk Eureka

Another great standing desk option with a more business feel is the Autonomous Desk Eureka, which is similar in some ways to the previous choice.

Autonomous Desk 2 Business

4. The Autonomous Desk

The latest standing desk in the Autonomous series is the impressive Autonomous Desk with new and improved features for standing desk lovers. You can expect more personalization and plenty of great perks if you decide to add this studio desk for musicians to your workspace. You can even pre-schedule your sit and stand sessions!

Autonomous Desk 4

5. Unique desk finishes

Consider a desk with an exceptional finish. You could go with a plain and clean metallic or plastic, or go for something like a wood finish.

6. Unique color desk

Adding color to your studio can set the tone. Consider white, black, grey, brown, or another color that you like.

7. Unique style

There are so many desk styles available, so you should not limit yourself to just one. Some artistic like classic styles, while others enjoy modern or futuristic styles for their desks. This is only one other avenue for your artistic expression.

Unique desk

8. Custom-made

If you can’t find exactly what you need on the market, consider building a studio desk. If you are skilled in woodwork and carpentry, this could be an exciting DIY project for you. For most other people, it could be worthwhile talking to a custom desk maker. You can outline what your dream desk looks like. Once you have described the shape, size, and features, the desk maker can draft up a feasible solution for your custom desk.

9. Spacious for your music studio

When picking a desk, it is always important to think about space constraints. You likely have a lot of different musical and electronic tools and gadgets that you want to fit on your desk. These could include speakers, computer accessories such as your mouse and keyboard, as well as amplifiers. Make sure you choose a desk that can comfortably accommodate everything you might want to use.

10. Repurposed desk

You might not always need to buy a brand new desk to radically improve your music studio. Consider repurposing an old desk. You might be able to find a unique wooden desk from an antique shop, for example, and having a carpenter make some changes to make the desk your own.

custom desk

Benefits of a Standing Desk

If you are still undecided about which type of desk to use and whether a standing desk is a good option, here are some of the key benefits:

  • Lowered risk of obesity and weight gain as well as lower blood sugar levels. These are just some of the dangers that come with a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Reduced back pain: When you stand at your desk, this can improve your posture and reduce your back pain very quickly.
  • More energy: When you spend less time seated in one position and can change it up by standing and even exercising at your desk, you can expect to have more energy.
  • Improved mood:The standing desk is a joy to own and a guaranteed mood boost. You can also expect to have a lot of fun playing around with different settings to see what works best for you.
  • Increased productivity: When it all boils done to it, a desk is somewhere you go to do work. The more work you can complete at your desk, and the better productivity you have, the better the desk. All the factors above combined, the unique ergonomic design of a standing desk, and the flexibility it affords all go towards great productivity.


All the tips above can help you as you venture into building a studio desk for yourself. A DIY desk is great in that you can have fun assembling it.

You also have the added advantage of customizing the settings and features to suit your preferences and space requirements. Have fun as you create your ideal studio complete with a recording studio desk.

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