Get Organized with These White Desk with Drawers and Shelves Ideas
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Get Organized with These White Desk with Drawers and Shelves Ideas

|Apr 2, 2022

When searching for the best office furniture, there are many factors you should keep in mind. Especially when it comes to office desks, factors like comfort, strength, storage options, and flexibility impact the final choice. And when it comes to working from home setup, you must have a work desk with storage options, so your home office setup isn't a huge mess instead.

A white desk with drawers and shelves is a dual benefit idea because white, being a universal color, brings minimalism and calmness into your workspace, and secondly, the storage option keeps the mess at bay. In this article, we will cover some basic white desks with drawers and keyboard trays and similar ideas to make workplace organization a priority in your setting.

1. Buy An L-shaped Desk from Autonomous

Buy An L-shaped Desk from Autonomous

An L-shaped desk may or may not come with storage in the form of a hutch, drawers or cabinets. But an L-shaped desk is itself a place where you can set up large monitor setups and keep all the accessories organized. The white L-shaped standing desk from Autonomous is a height-adjustable desk made for ergonomics workplaces. Thanks to its tall and sleek frame, though this desk doesn't have storage options, you can easily slide in a filing cabinet underneath.

2. Home Office Standing Desk

Home Office Standing white desk with drawers and shelves

If you love yourself a compact desk that can make do with a filing cabinet or two underneath, then we love this compact home office standing desk. Measuring 53 by 29 inches, the desk is ergonomic, height-adjustable and has a programmable touch keyboard.

The desk comes in three options for black, white and gray, and the tabletop can be chosen amongst the 8 different options. This white standing desk is made up of a solid steel frame so that you can rely on it for strength, and the 270 pounds weight capacity tends to lift to three monitor screens at once.

3. Compact Desk by Wistopht

Compact Desk by Wistopht

This adjustable standing desk with drawer, also known as the modern white desk with drawers by Wistopht, is a digital desk for advanced workplaces. The desk is built with a tempered glass top and has a digital display with touch control keypads. The top surface isn't just glass for show purposes, but you also get a built-in wireless charger for everyday use.

The desk covers a height range of 28 to 45 inches making it suitable for taller to the shorter crowd. You can also rely on the trustworthy 5-year warranty of this product.

4. Realspace Office Desk

The Realspace white desk with drawers and glass top is constructed with a powder-coated metal frame. The desk is known for its durability and elevates the office décor to various degrees. The desk comes with a sleek glass surface, a modern design keyboard tray, and sturdy metal legs for due support.

Even though this desk does not have a storage drawer or a filing cabinet, you can easily up the organization game with the help of a magnetic desk organizer, thanks to the large desk surface.

5. Nathan James Computer Desk

Nathan James white desk with drawers and shelves

This modern Nathan James white desk with drawers and shelves gives your home office a minimalist feel. Its neutral tone makes it a great addition to any room.

This desk, which measures 40"x30"x19", is ideal for any modest location, such as an entryway or corridor workstation. The reclaimed wood desk surface adds to the elegance and life of this product, and the front open drawers storage is enough to keep your tiny to medium-sized stationery organized.

6. Convenience Concepts Office Desk

If you are looking for a white desk with drawers on the right side, this desk perfectly meets your description. The desk resembles the design of a trolley, but that's because it offers more than enough storage space.

The stainless steel rods on this home office furniture are also a nice touch. These poles provide this desk extra support, preventing it from wobbling as you work at it. Furthermore, its gleaming surface gives your home a modern feel.

7. Kings Brand Home Office Desk

Kings Brand home white desk with drawers and shelves

This white desk with drawers and shelves depicts elegance and class in an office space, just as the name suggests. The small computer desk has a chic design made for contemporary workplaces. The desk offers you wonderful stability because of the cross-legged structure. The chrome finish paired with the white accent is a timeless design. We find this desk suitable for office spaces and an elegant pick for home office setups.

8. Monarch Office Desk

This Monarch white metal computer desk instantly adds volume and beauty to any area. Its glossy white surface, as well as its gleaming criss cross legs, offer it a contemporary appeal that will complement the design of your room.

The legs' crossing shape provides a stable foundation for your workplace. You won't have to be concerned with this desk swaying while you're working. Other than a stable structure, the desk has strong metal legs for extra support; though this one doesn't come with any storage options, you can install a portable desk drawer to organize your stationery items.

9. CubiCubi Computer Desk

CubiCubi Computer Desk

The CubiCubi 32-Inches Computer Desk is an ideal alternative if you're looking for a tiny, modern, fashionable yet simple white computer desk for your home office at a very inexpensive price. It has a sleek appearance with a smooth and glossy white surface and robust black steel legs that will easily offer your office a distinctive office design.

Other than that it also comes in different sizes hence you can choose the one that fits your needs. The storage space might be very less, but the side hanging bag is enough to hold your charger, headphones, cables or similar tiny accessories.

10. Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Desk

Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Desk

You might be visiting across this white desk with drawers and shelves in many of the best desks' lists because this is a universal product available in many colors. The first commendable feature of this product is the corner shape which is compact enough to fit any corner of any room.

Its bright and attractive desktop would look great in any office. It may be used as a writing desk, a home office desk, a gaming desk, a studying desk, and more. The big workspace can comfortably handle at least two twin monitors while still leaving enough room for a laptop, computer or gaming equipment, and other items on the work surface.

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