10 Best Work From Home Desks & How to Setup an Ideal One
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10 Best Work From Home Desks & How to Setup an Ideal One

|Nov 29, 2021

Many of us have been working from home for longer than we expected. With this new switch, we’ve had to adapt and find ways to work while still being comfortable. However, many of us have become one with our sofas and dining room chairs, but you should really consider switching up your work space with a work from home office setup! Having this can help you differentiate your working space from your home life and this is important because you should still have your boundaries – even while working from home. We have a list of 10 fantastic working from home desks for you to have a look at. Also, we even share with you how to set one up for the ideal working space.

10 Best Work From Home Desk Options

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) work from home desk

If you’re tight on space, then having a work from home table that can easily fit in a lot of rooms is ideal. Also, standing while working has become all the rage, so the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is ideal for a lot of people. This has become essential while working from home because many of us are not moving around as much as we should be. 

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) comes in two sizes, the Classic 53” x 29” and the XL Classic 70.5” x 30”. It doesn’t just end there, you have a variety of designs to pick from if you pick the Classic. There are 18 different designs you can pick for the top and three different colors for the frame. This is great because no matter what your aesthetic is – there is a color to match it. 

When working from a standing desk for home office, you might  need a monitor mount, so your monitor stays in place when moving your desk's height. You want to make sure that your monitor mount is compatible with your desk, so we suggest buying one from the same company. 

With a whopping 1035 reviews and an average 5-star rating – this home office table is sure to be a contender for you when choosing your working from home desk. However, the only downside, some might say, is the price. For the Classic you’re looking at $499 and for the XL Classic you’re looking at $799. 

2. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse work from home desk

Do you have a little more room to play with when it comes to creating your office space while working from home? Then there is another option for you – Autonomous Desk Expanse. Just like the previous desk in this list, the Autonomous Desk Expanse is also a standing desk. However, what sets these desks apart is the size and the shape. 

When you have a standing corner desk your circulation continues to work as per normal. You want to make sure you have an anti-fatigue mat because when you’re standing on your feet in one place for a long time, you want to make sure you don’t tire out or wear out your feet too quickly. 

This office standing desk is only available in two colors, black and white. The frame is black as well, so it’s a good desk if you want a minimal feel to your office space. Even if you don’t want a minimal feel – the color black is a nice neutral color that can be dressed up with smart office accessories, so it has more personality. However, with 161 5-star reviews, what isn’t there to like? 

The price is the last thing you need to know about this computer work desk; it’s $999. It is more expensive than the previous listing, but it is bigger. With this corner office desk, you can have more room for creativity, so you can continue to think outside of the box for your endeavors. 

3. Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka work from home desk

Next up we have the Autonomous Desk Eureka. Standing at 53” x 29” for the Classic version – this computer work desk is sure to be one that you can enjoy time and time again. While it is also a standing desk for your home office, what sets this one apart from the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is that it has four programmable settings and an upgraded electric dual motor. That’s right, it is stronger than the Core. 

If that hasn’t convinced you yet then you’re going to like the fact that it has an improved load capacity of 310lbs. You heard correctly – 310lbs! You can stand safely, knowing that your computer is sitting on a sturdy desk for home office that can hold it. The top comes in six different colors, so there are less options color wise, but definitely not on quality. 

Autonomous Desk Eureka has 960 reviews and a 5-star rating, so we know that people have been enjoying this work from home desk. However, if you don’t want to stand then you don’t have to! This desk has a built-in adjuster on the side, so all you have to do is press a button and set it to the preferred height for sitting and standing. With this, you can enjoy your working from home experience even more with this desk for home office. Additionally, you can pair this desk with an ergonomic chair, for added health benefits. 

4. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo work from home desk

Let’s consider this product to get the best work at home desks. This is for the partners, the teams, and the unstoppable duos who need to share a space, but still want to have their own area. The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo is useful and compact. You and your partner can both work peacefully. It has two spacious desks that only come in one color, white. The height can be adjusted between 29.4” to 48”, so it doesn’t matter if there is a height difference between you two because your working from home desk can accommodate. 

Also, if you and your partner are working in close proximity then you might want to ‘block’ the other person out. By using headphones, you can eliminate the distractions around you, so you can focus on your work instead. 

It can also hold up to 290lbs each! That’s pretty useful because you don’t have to worry about if one computer is heavier than the other. Each desk can hold its own workload. Also, it has two whisper-quiet motors, so when you’re adjusting the height, you won’t be disturbing your partner. With a seven-year warranty, there is no surprise that this work from home desk is one that people are picking up. 

5. Autonomous Desk Connect

Autonomous Desk Connect work from home desk

If you love apps that control your environment then this is the perfect desk for you. The Autonomous Desk Connect has a convenient app feature that allows you to save your desk height preferences. 

This computer work desk comes with three colors for the top and three for the frame, so you can create the perfect look for yourself and your space. You can also set up timers for your desk, so if you want to stand at a certain time every day then you can with this feature because it does it automatically! That’s right, your desk can get into position without you needing to ask. Also, no need to worry about your desk hitting anything because it has anti-collision sensors above and below, so it won’t hit any obstructions. It does not come in a wide range of colors, but that just means you can create a minimalist desk setup for your space. 

6. Office Hippo Professional Cantilever Desk

The Office Hippo is a classic work from home desk for all. It’s known to be well-built and sturdy, so that is why many people have bought it over the years. When it comes to assembly, it is fairly easy no matter what size you get and the price is reasonable as well. The largest model is 180cm wide, so two people can comfortably sit next to each other while working at this home office table. The smaller sizes are 80cm or 120cm, so if you need a desk that is just for you – then they have a size for that. 

Cable management holes are also available with this desk and they’re on either side, so it’s easy to organize those pesky cables. You can get a hold of this desk in the US as well as the UK, so it is easy to get your hands on if you need a desk quickly. 

7. Furinno Computer Desk

Furinno work from home desk

Furinno has made a lot of desks, so this work from home desk tends to be a contender for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money. However, don’t expect the best quality from this product because it is at a bargain price, but you do get a solid enough product. It is also relatively easy to put together, so you won’t have to worry if you’re not the best at furniture building. Also, this does have a compact computer desk, so if you’re a space-saver then this is a good option for you. 

This desk comes with a few different compartments, one area for your PC, a slide-out tray for your keyboard and mouse, and a bonus drawer. While saving money on your desk make sure to get a good quality keyboard. This can help you help you with speeding up your work process, so you can stay on top of your work. With so many ways to save space – this desk is clearly ideal for those that are on a budget, but still want a decent quality product. 

8. IKEA Linnmon

No furniture list is complete without one IKEA mention. The IKEA Linnmon is good for those who need a solid desk that has storage. It comes with Alex drawer unit’s underneath, either one or two on either side. If you need that extra space then we suggest getting the extra drawer units. This working from home desk comes with three large drawers and two small drawers each, so that’s a total of 10 drawers respectively. That’s some pretty good space. 

All in all, this is a good work from home table if you don’t want to spend loads of money and the build quality is definitely IKEA quality. However, there have been people who say that the top of the work from home desk is prone to getting chipped, so be careful with that. The chipping could also be down to carelessness, because there are also a lot of people happy with their Linnmon. It really depends on you! 

9. IKEA Thyge Desk

IKEA Thyge work from home desk

Another IKEA mention, this $100 desk is perfect if you don’t want to break the bank. It is still stylish and is small in size, so it can be placed in any room. The height is adjustable between 23 5/8” to 35 3/8”. This is good because you’ll be able to find the perfect height for you. The tabletop of this work from home desk is also deep, so ample workspace is available for your working from home needs. 

Warranty is always a bonus because the warranty for this desk is 10 years. That’s great to know because you could even give this desk to someone in need if you end up going back to the office. It also happens to be stain-resistant, so if you’re a coffee spiller then this might be good for you. However, reviewers have agreed that the screws become loose easily, so keep an eye out for loose screws. The last thing you want is to have a desk that breaks. 

10. Salina Desk by Bush Furniture

Organization is key for some people and if that’s you then the Salina Desk is perfect. The hutch has open shelves, so it’s a great place to keep your binders and books for easy access. There is also a built-in cabinet that can be used to hide away anything you don’t want people to look at. This is good if you have some confidential documents. Also, there is a sliding tray for your keyboard. 

The Salina work from home desk comes in multiple colors, so you can find the color that best suits you. However, it does not come in multiple sizes, so it might be a bit too small for bigger people. Also, the installation can be difficult and sometimes need two people to build it. Before you buy this desk, make sure that it is what you want and that it is the correct size for your space because you don’t want to have to return it. 


Finding the perfect working from home standing desk is important, so you can have the best desk setup for your needs. Have a look at your space and see which of these desks best fit your area.

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