The 10 Best Black Computer Desks with Storage
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The 10 Best Black Computer Desks with Storage

|Apr 1, 2022

Office workers spend a substantial portion of their lives in front of the screen, working and stressing over completing the tasks. Unfortunately, as proven by recent studies, workplace stress is not just mental, but physical stress in the workplace arising from improper furniture and poor posture is a real thing.

Many employees complain about back pain, poor posture issues, and similar physical indicators that their office setup is doing them considerable harm. Not to mention the crowded work desks that affect one's creativity and ability to think clearly in the workspace. Hence it would help if you were consider when choosing the suitable office desk or even the right chair as there are certain factors you should keep an eye on.

A black computer desk with storage is a simple piece of furniture that offers minimalism due to the color black – a leading factor in productivity - and storage that enhances organization in the workplace. Below are our best recommendations for a small black computer desk with hutch and similar storage options.

1. Autonomous Desk DuoSpace

Autonomous Desk DuoSpace black computer desk with storage

This L-shaped desk from Autonomous is designed for corner spaces that are always spare and could be used for some productive time. The intelligent desk corner is an entirely ergonomic desk that makes your life easier and works much more effectively.

This desk comes with an electrically controlled height adjustable system, and the desk also has pre-set memory settings for someone who doesn't want to go through the trouble of setting the height each time they are working. With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, smart desk corner is a reliable desk for multiple monitor setups. Though the desk surface is spacious, there are no storage options; you can easily install a desk drawer or slide a filing cabinet underneath to get the proper storage.

2. Compact Desk by Wistopht

Compact Desk by Wistopht

The compact desk by Wistopht is a digital adjustable standing desk with a drawer. This desk is all about user-friendliness and storage enough for a modern workspace. This black computer desk with a file drawer is digitally controlled with the help of a keypad control system. With a maximum load capacity of 170 pounds, the desk might not be suitable for heavy monitor setups, but it is enough to keep your screen and a few accessories.

3. Wade Logan L-shaped Desk

Another powerful product from our list with ample storage, the wade Logan L-shaped desk, is enough with plenty of storage options. The desk comes with drawers, top shelves, and more than enough work area. It is a black computer desk with printer storage available in other attractive colors. The black metal frame provided strength to the entire structure, and the wooden finish added to the aesthetics of this black computer desk with storage.

4. Flash NAN Gaming Desk

Flash NAN Gaming black computer desk with storage

The Flash Nan gaming desk is a compact structure with a tiny size. The desk doesn't have any storage options, so it is optimal for small spaces. With a sleek frame, the desk fits in any part of the room, and you can keep a storage cabinet underneath.

It is one of the most affordable black computer desks with storage on our list, and you can also buy a magnetic desk organizer to keep on the surface, so none of your stationery items are lost while working.

5. Furinno Computer Desk

We love the Furinno computer desk for its intelligent design. It is built with quality to last and enough size for tiny rooms. The desk weighs 15 kgs, so it is not exactly hard to move around. Also, affordable and friendly, the desk has a wooden top which adds to the aesthetics.

As much as it saves space, it also provides you the option of enhancing storage space. The desk also has a slide-out keyboard tray and a mouse slot for your active work.

6. IKEA Linnmon Desk

IKEA Linnmon black computer desk with storage

Those looking for a sturdy desk with plenty of storage possibilities can go no further than IKEA. Underneath the Linnmon desk, there are drawer units from IKEA.

Each drawer has three large drawers and two small drawers for six-plus four large and small drawers. That's enough space for your miscellaneous items, paperwork, folders, or whatever else you require. At 15 inches wide, the desktop is likewise quite spacious.

7. Zipcode Design Office Desk

The Harris Desk is the appropriate size for any office, and it comes with various features that make it ideal for computer storage. This desk is available in grey or brown, and it provides enough space for you to set up your computer and desk accessories without taking up the entire room.

This desk has a single-door cabinet on one side, suitable for keeping a computer tower, and three soft-close drawers, including a file drawer on the bottom.

8. Mainstay Office Desk

Mainstay black computer desk with storage

If you need a black computer desk with a bookshelf that can suffice as a decorative piece, then the mainstay office desk should be your first pick. The desk has a shiny wooden surface, and its entire structure is made up of wood. Even though it is constructed with wood, you will be astonished to find this piece under $100.

This black computer desk with storage doesn't have drawers or cabinets but offers plenty of storage options in the form of an open cubes-like structure.

9. OneSpace Computer Desk

The OneSpace office desk is just right here with the best compact structure for those limited with the space. In addition, this desk is very affordable although we think you might be able to find better options at a price few dollars more than this. But what we love most about it, despite the tiny size, the desk offers spacious storage. The desk is constructed of medium-density fiberboard, metal, and plastic, and it is an excellent value for anyone working in a small space.

10. JN 2339 Gaming Desk

Nothing tops the KN-2339 gaming desk when it comes to storage. This black computer desk with storages includes an attached pedestal file and an upper-shelf storage area. You can use the upper shelf as a monitor stand if you're tall enough. The frame has a uniform quality throughout, as well as good welds. The black laminate surface offers the appearance of wood and is scratch-resistant.

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