10 Brass Floor Lamps for Living Room To Create A Cosy Ambience
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10 Brass Floor Lamps for Living Room To Create A Cosy Ambience

|Jan 10, 2022

Lighting in a room brings in much-desired energy and effect.  It can make a room look vibrant, welcoming and create the right mood for an event.  Want a cozy effect for a romantic evening?  Just dim the lights, and you have a special warm ambiance.

Floor lamps can help replace ceiling lights to create special effects in your living room, says Finolex.  Brass lamps are elegant and match well with most living room decors.  Brass is a classy metal and expensive.  Even traditionally, in many countries worldwide, brass holds significant importance when adorned in places of worship.  Now get yourself brass floor lamps for the living room. Forbes identifies floor lamps to be the game changer in enhancing the interiors of your living room.

Here are the best ten modern floor lamps for your living room.

Best 10 Brass Floor Lamps for Living Room

1. Brightech Logan LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Logan brass floor lamps for living room

Your living room is incomplete without this brass Brightech Logan LED floor lamp.  You will love the sleek and metallic arc that this lamp offers that gives an element of flow into your living room.  The elegant marble base holds the entire lamp together. 

Designed contemporarily, a nine-and-a-half-watt LED bulb gives you 800 lumens and helps you save on energy bills.  There are no hanging wires as you turn on the lamp (or off) with a foot pedal.

Enjoy the winters with this Brightech Logan LED Floor Lamp map that makes your living room much cozier.

2. Brightech Luna LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Luna brass floor lamps for living room

Get a complete three hundred sixty degrees lighting with the Brightech Luna LED Floor Lamp.  Use it in a central space to distribute light equally all around, brightening up your living room.  The powerful eight hundred lumens LED bulb gives you a warm and cozy effect for your living room or in any other room. 

The surprise element is that this lamp is compatible with Smart Home with Alexa and Google.  You can easily tune in to switch on the lamp before you, and your guests drive back to the house.  The elegant glazed glass globe throws warm light to welcome you.  The brass floor lamp stand ensures that your lamp does not tip over.

3. Brightech Sphere Floor Lamp

Looking for a bright yet modern and slim profiled brass floor lamp with glass shade?  Look no further than the Brightech Sphere Floor Lamp, which is a conversation starter with your visitors.  You will love the frosted white glass of the lamp, which does not give you a strong glare directly into your eyes.  You will love the warm and diffused lighting it offers.

It is equipped with two powerful LED bulbs that make this floor lamp turn heads.  The expected lifespan of these energy-efficient lights is about twenty years.   Place this Sphere floor lamp at your office or explore our collection of office floor lamps.

4. Hykolity Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Looking for an antique brass floor lamp with shade?  This fifty-nine inches tall swing arm floor lamp has a traditional candlestick base.  It comes with a soft oatmeal shade that spreads diffused light into your home.  You can always decide to extend the swing arm to increase the reach of the lamp.  

5. Safavieh’s Enrica Brass Floor Lamp

Safavieh’s Enrica brass floor lamps for living room

Add this sixty-six-inches tall brass effect floor lamp to any room to adorn your home.  The wooden tripod stand finished with a radiant gold color gives your room a classy look.  Operating it is easy with a rotary switch.   You will love the LED bulb (included) with a 25000-hour lifespan.  The SAFAVIEH lamps are listed at ETL and are certified for UL. 

6. Decor Therapy Floor Lamp

Need a smaller brass lamp for your home?  Choose from this fifty-nine inches tall brass floor lamp for the living room.  You will love the design of this floor lamp that has stacked ball lamps.  This classic-looking lamp is yours for keeping and adds a level of sophistication to your rooms.  The three-way lighting system lights up even the darkest of the space around it.  A hundred-watt bulb (not included) is the best fit for this lamp.  Good Housekeeping identifies that décor and light therapy can enhance your productivity.

7. Montebello Floor Lamp

Montebello brass floor lamps for living room

Here is another choice for your selection of a floor lamp.  Polished in gold color, this fifty-nine-inch traditional floor lamp has a beige light shade.  Use a standard 150-watt LED bulb (not included) to get a warm and cozy feel to your room.  This antique brass finish lamp offers you a candelabra-style arrangement of four lights on the top.

8. Brightech SkyDome Floor Lamp

This seventy-two inches tall brass floor lamp for the living room has a gold brass finish to it.  Equipped with a LED bulb and a dimmer, this is a corded lamp.  This Brightech SkyDome Lamp offers you wonderful lighting of 1600 lumens with a 3000K warm white light.  Now, light up your living room with your heart's warmth as the shades diffuse the light.

9. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Here is another choice by Brightech, the Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp.  This contemporary styled lamp is finished in antique brass and uses a 150 Watts LED bulb.  Get 2190 lumens of 3000K warm white that make your living room warm and cozy to welcome your near and dear ones this festive season.  So go ahead and take your pick!

10. Cora Mid Century Arched Lamp Floor

Cora Mid Century Arched Lamp Floor

Covered in a white shade, this brass lamp is yours to like.  This lamp has a height of six feet and uses one 150 watt standard bulb that is not in the packaging.  You will need the on-off footswitch built into the cord towards the lamp's base.  Get 360-degrees lighting with this Cora floor lamp that offers you an eight-feet of clear silver cord for your convenience.

You may want to explore some more standing lights for the living room.


Adding a brass floor lamp adds value to your living room, making it much cozier and welcoming.  Select one that serves your need for lighting and the décor you have in your house.  Having one with a foot pedal makes more sense after the pandemic, though remember that you will need space to get in and press it for operating it.  The beautiful shining brass adds elegance to your living room, whatever your choice.

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