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10 Common Teamwork Mistakes Which Hinder Your Team's Productivity

10 Common Teamwork Mistakes Which Hinder Your Team's Productivity

|Apr 18, 2021

Teamwork mistakes are a common occurrence in the workplace. Whether it's miscommunication or a hostile work environment, you need to solve teamwork mistakes before it negatively affects the team's productivity. Once you address the teamwork problem with accuracy and precision, you can improve the work environment.

Below are ten common teamwork mistakes that hurt the productivity of your projects. Don't let these mistakes hinder your team's progress. Solve teamwork mistakes with proven solutions that get you satisfying results. A team is like a well-oiled machine - if parts start to break down, the entire machine also breaks down. Use this guide to prevent any hindrances in the productivity of your team.

1. Not Providing Feedback

A teamwork problem can go unnoticed if there is a lack of assessment. Make sure to provide feedback to your team. Likewise, make sure your team does the same for you. Feedback allows you to improve on your weaknesses while you build your strengths. Be an active listener so you can think of the best solution to your problems. 


2. Miscommunication

Miscommunication is a major teamwork problem. Make sure to ask for clarifications so you can complete your projects without hitting any snags. You should also use simple language with clear implications. Understand the expectations of your assignments.

3. Lacking a Consistent Schedule

You need to set your priorities straight. Plan your projects in both the short-term and long-term. Without a commitment to goals, teams can lack drive. Overcome this teamwork problem with a consistent schedule. It also lets your team focus on finishing tasks before deadlines.


4. Offering the Wrong Criticism

There is a clear difference between constructive and destructive criticism. If a team member makes a mistake, ask what is wrong and step in to provide a solution. Don't just tell them they're doing it wrong - be diplomatic and find the 'yes' in the 'no.' Assist them to avoid the teamwork problem of mutual distrust.


5. Being Overly Friendly

Don't let other teammates take advantage of you. Ineffective teams often have one member who has to pick up the slack of other members. Remain friendly and approachable, but also hold a firm position when you discuss your team's decisions.

6. Mistrust in the Workplace

One of the major teamwork mistakes is unresolved tension. It can be the result of a miscommunication with other team members or a lack of delegation. You can overcome mistrust if you define responsibilities for yourself. When you work on a project, make sure you know everything there is to know, so there is no confusion. Improve communications with your team.

7. Complacency

One of the most common teamwork mistakes is complacency. Without enforcement of rules and regulations, your team might find itself with a lack of responsibility. Avoid complacency by maintaining hard-working routines. Keep yourself consistent and hold yourself accountable, as well as the rest of the team. Everyone should do their part.


8. Misunderstanding Your Role

Everyone in your team needs a defined role. Otherwise, teamwork mistakes are common. Everyone should work towards a particular goal, but you and your team have different strengths and weaknesses. Let your boss know what assignments you prefer so you can give them satisfactory results. You can build better teamwork as long as everybody has a clear agenda.

9. Bad Workspace Design

Keep in mind your comfort levels. Too much stress on your body results in lesser performances at work. Ergonomic office space requires both standing desks and office chairs. It gives you health benefits such as correct posture and reduces blood sugar levels. The healthier you and your team are, the better the results of your projects.


10. Poor Time Management

If you don't plan accordingly, you might not use your time effectively. It can be a result of procrastination and lack of motivation. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management tool that allows you to break down work into intervals. With the Autonomous Desk 4, you can apply the Pomodoro Technique through the use of time management apps. Through electronics, the Autonomous Desk 4 allows you to set break intervals. You can approach your assignments as a series of small tasks instead of one long one. 


Benefits and drawbacks of The Pomodoro Technique:


  • You complete a series of subtasks, which gives you a feeling of progression
  • Increases motivation to finish due to a lack of distractions
  • Gives you a schedule to stick to for your assignments
  • Lets you manage better expectations of your work
  • Eliminates burnout


  • Be careful of communication interruptions
  • It takes time to set up your work intervals properly
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