10 Aesthetic & Cute Gaming Setup Ideas in 2024
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10 Aesthetic & Cute Gaming Setup Ideas in 2024

|Mar 13, 2022

Do you like the pink color and would like to build a cute gaming setup? Here we have some tips and ideas you may consider useful during the creative process.

Building a gaming setup is always a lot of work. From choosing the right components of your computer to the appropriate peripherals, it can take a lot of planning. It gets a bit more challenging if you’re looking forward to having a determined aesthetic in your gaming room. However, “challenging” doesn’t mean impossible.

Here we have a few ideas if you’d like to build a cute gaming setup, including peripherals, colors and gaming furniture.

Building a Pink Aesthetic Gaming Setup

1. Choose the right chair

Choose the right chair for cute gaming setup

Whether you choose an ergonomic chair or a gaming chair, make sure it has the right colors. It can be either all-pink or white, or perhaps a combination of both colors. As long as you don’t go out of those options, it’ll be okay. However, as good as your chair may look, remember not to prioritize the aesthetic over the functionality – your body will suffer the consequences later.

Make sure the chair you choose is comfortable for you to spend several hours in. After all, your cute gaming room should be comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Invest in a good desk

Invest in a good desk for cute gaming setup

You can choose diverse desk options at the moment. For instance, people with a small gaming setup can take advantage of an L-shaped desk and place their desk in a corner to maximize the space usage in their room. However, there are many other options out there, such as a home standing desk if you’d like to alternate between sitting and standing through your work or gaming sessions.

As for the color, there are diverse options, like white, pink or softwoods, that can help you keep the cute aesthetic gaming setup in harmony.

3. Use the same color scheme

Once you’ve chosen a determined color scheme, stick with it for the rest of your gaming setup. We’re not only talking about your desk and chair. Here we include the decorative items, your peripherals and a cute PC setup. This way, you can make sure that your cute gaming setup looks harmonious.

We’ve mentioned that white, pink and softwoods are a good choice, but there is a whole spectrum of colors that enters in the “cute” aesthetic.  Colors like lilac or magenta are also an excellent choice for a girly gaming setup.

4. Set up the lighting

Set up the lighting

Your aesthetic gaming room needs appropriate lighting so you can play your favorite games comfortably during the nighttime. Here you can choose lamps, as they work as functional items and also pieces of decoration. You can also opt for RGB lighting so you can find the right color scheme and make the lights match your gaming setup.

5. Invest in cute accessories

If you want to build a minimal gaming setup with the kawaii theme, you don’t have to invest that much in accessories, as the whole point of minimalism is to include only what’s necessary. However, that doesn’t mean you can place a few decorative items to set up the right atmosphere in your gaming room.

When it comes to cute gaming accessories, you can choose items like plush toys, pillows, among many other options. Again, make sure that the accessories you choose resonate with the rest of the room.

If you’re an anime fan, it’s also a good idea to start collecting anime figures and place them as pieces of decoration through your cute gaming setup.

6. Use posters

Use posters for cute gaming setup

We’re not talking about posters with real people on them. We’re talking about posters of your favorite video games or characters. While you can keep pretty much any poster you have, it would be best if you opted for those that had a similar aesthetic to the one you’re using in your cute PC setup. You can also include pictures of cute animals, paw prints or even hearts around to keep the girly and kawaii aesthetic in the room.

For instance, if you’re a fan of the Pokémon franchise, the fairy type includes several pokémon that you include in your anime gaming setup to enhance the cute aesthetic.

7. Add your personal touch

If you want to feel deeply connected to your gaming setup, you can include some everyday items you use and keep them there for further comfort. Vases with flower pencils (if you’re also using this setup for your work or homework or simply like to draw now and then) are some of the ideas you can take into account for your cute gaming setup.

8. Keep things ergonomic

Keep things ergonomic

Every gaming setup should be ergonomic. This discipline is all about making it as comfortable as possible for the user. You can start with the tips we’ve mentioned in the beginning, investing in good pieces of ergonomic furniture. Additionally, you can also invest in certain accessories that can help you be more comfortable, such as an ergonomic wrist rest that can help you keep your wrist in a comfortable position while you’re working or playing your favorite video games.

9. Collector or minimal?

Would you like a more minimalistic approach to your gaming setup, or perhaps would you like to include as many items as possible? Both options are good ideas. Again, make sure that each item is in harmony with the rest of the room.

10. Include things you like!

Last but not least, remember that you’re building this room for yourself. Therefore, make sure you include things that you consider cool or aesthetically pleasing. After all, your gaming setup is a reflection of your personality, and you should allow yourself to include your favorite things.


The best aesthetic gaming room is the one that has your personal touch. There isn’t a right way of building a cute gaming setup, as we’re all different and have distinct tastes. However, certain things are quite common within a certain category, and the ideas listed here can help you find those items and build the cute gaming setup of your dreams in no time.

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