10 Delightfully Girly Office Ideas to Décor
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10 Delightfully Girly Office Ideas to Décor

|Jun 10, 2022

If you’re a woman looking for girly office ideas, this article is for you. Many women are working from home now, and that means that most (if not all) of them are looking forward to creating a comfortable, familiar, and stylish space where they can spend their work hours without feeling too drained by the end of the day.

You can try different things to stay motivated. For instance, some people start a bullet journal, others listen to instrumental music, and so on. However, not everyone pays attention to their surroundings, especially if you consider that it has a considerable impact on your productivity and overall mood.

For that reason, today, we will be describing several girly office décor ideas for work that you can try at home and turn your office into a space that reflects your personality and style.

Inspiring Girly Home Office Decorating Ideas

1. Find a feminine desk

Find a feminine desk girly office ideas

It can be quite challenging to find an office desk that doesn’t follow the typical shape or is too neutral. Considering that it is your office's main piece of furniture, you probably want to reflect your personality.

There are tons of female office décor ideas that you can take into account in this regard. For instance, you can choose a desk with rounded corners and curvy legs, or perhaps an option that has a particularly feminine color palette, such as gold and white or even gold and pink. A monochromatic desk is a good option too, be it white, pink, or any other color that you like.

2. Choose the right chair

If you take a look at some professional office décor ideas, you'll find that this style tends to use black-leather executive chairs. It's possible to find a "softer" version of these equally intimidating chairs. 

Even if the chair that draws your attention looks good, pay attention to the comfort. It may be a fancy-looking chair, but if it isn’t suitable for long hours of work, maybe you should consider other female office décor ideas.

3. Pink rug

Pink rug in girly office ideas

This is one of the cute office decor ideas for work. Even if you’re looking for cubicle office décor ideas, including a rug in your setup can be a game-changer. There are tons of beautiful models out there that you can consider including in your office. It can help accentuate the atmosphere and enhance the overall décor effortlessly.

For those who don't like the color pink, you can consider many other feminine colors, such as yellow, gold, and fuchsia, among many others. Remember to keep all the office accessories you use in syntony with each other!

4. Keep the colors in harmony

All your accessories, including those you found looking for girly office décor ideas, but be coordinated with each other. Your desk, containers, and chair, among many other items you may have in your setup, should all be in sync so you can obtain the desired effect.

As for your workstation, you can try choosing a soft color, like pink or yellow, for the desk and its accessories. Then, you can combine it with a black chair. These feminine office décor ideas can help you turn your desk into the “focal point” of your home office setup, allowing you to draw the attention of everyone who enters.

5. Use floral artwork

Use floral artwork in harmony in girly office ideas

This is one of the interesting girly office ideas. Although flowers are a recurring element in green office décor, you can also use floral artwork in your home office, as they are an essential part of feminine interior design. How many times have flowers been utilized as metaphors to describe women throughout history?

You can play around with the artwork, too. You can create a floral gallery on the wall, put your desk against it, and voilà – now you have a feminine space where you can work all day comfortably!

6. Please, keep it simple

Minimalistic office décor is quite popular, and for a good reason. A bloated desk can make you feel overwhelmed, preventing you from giving your best while working. Therefore, it's highly recommendable only to include what’s necessary.

Being minimalistic doesn't mean you have to give up your creativity. There are tons of ways to embrace minimalism without necessarily making things seem dull!

7. Place a good-looking desk lamp on your desk

Place a good-looking desk lamp on your desk

Keeping your workstation illuminated at all times is quite important. That's why it is recommended to build your home office in a space where there is plenty of natural light. However, it's also recommendable to keep a desk lamp on your desk. As it is an office accessory, try to choose one that combines the rest of your feminine home office layout.

8. Gold metal accents

Throughout the article, we've mentioned that gold is quite a feminine color in girly office ideas. Gold metal accents can be an excellent way of boosting the feminine energy around your office, especially if you combine them with other soft colors, like white or pastel pink. You can also try out black if you want to bring a different vibe to your home office.

You can include it on your picture frames, desk, or even chair. Try playing around with the shades. Who knows? Maybe you can come up with some interesting combinations!

9. Bookshelves

Bookshelves in girly office ideas

Bookshelves are important in vintage office décor and many other types of décors. It is also part of feminine interior design, so you can play around with the colors of the books and the piece of furniture itself to boost the aesthetic of your room.

10. “Pink” doesn’t equal “feminine”

Any color can be feminine if you're creative enough. Although we've used pink and other soft colors as references throughout the article, remember that choosing colors that make you feel comfortable is up to you. After all, remember that it is you who will use this office!

There are tons of beautiful and feminine combinations with black, white, red, blue, and many other "stronger" colors that may not seem too "girly" to some. That's where you can use your creativity to create a space where your feminine energy fills up the entire room!



Above are our 10 attractive girly office ideas for every woman wanting to work in an interesting workspace and uplift their mood during working hours. Let’s note them down and start your decorating plan with us now!

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