10 DIY File Cabinets That Will Inspire Your Makeovers
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10 DIY File Cabinets That Will Inspire Your Makeovers

|Sep 19, 2021

If you ever wondered how to get rid of paper clutter, consider getting a file cabinet. You might already have one, but it doesn't seem very interesting when you do not get a little creative with renovating such accessories. It is always better if you invest some time stylizing a DIY file cabinet or give a makeover to an existing one. Doing so gives a unique and attractive look to your office, making you like your workspace more.

However, this is not as simple as it might look. When we say that you must get creative, we mean that you should think out of the box and come up with some unique DIY file cabinet plans. This might be a tough task for some of you; that's why we have shared some DIY file cabinet ideas that will surely help you here. So, without any delay, let's have a look at what we have for you. 

10 DIY File Cabinet Ideas For You

1. DIY Industrial File Cabinets

DIY Industrial File Cabinets

Having a vintage industrial file cabinet can give your office the aesthetic touch that every artsy office worker would love to have. Think of using some old wall studs and barn wood to create a set of DIY drawers to store any paperwork or smaller accessories that might create clutter on your desk. You should learn the right ways of placing and removing filing cabinet drawers so that you design your DIY file cabinet drawers the right way. 

2. DIY File Cabinet Out of Wood Crates

Turning a wood crate into a filing cabinet can be a unique way of using available equipment to design decent storage in your office. You may think of painting these crates to match them with any other standing desk accessories

3. Built-in DIY File Cabinet

Built-in DIY File Cabinet

If you have a lot of woodworking equipment, you may think of designing a DIY built-in file cabinet divider. This will ensure that you get adequate space for storing a wide range of accessories and paperwork. 

4. DIY Metal File Cabinet Makeover

Thinking of a makeover is always a great idea when you have a metal file cabinet. Test your artistic side and paint file cabinets or put some unique printed stickers to make your cabinets look different. 

5. Flowered Chalk Painted Stenciled DIY File Cabinet

Flowered Chalk Painted

If you are one of those office workers who like having a bright spring vibe in their office, you may think of giving a floral print to your DIY file cabinet. In this case, it is better that you have a metal filing cabinet as it is easier to print flowers and paint this material. You may think of using different stencils to print flowers to make this task easier for you. 

6. Stackable File Cabinet

You might have a lot of paperwork that you would have been thinking of stacking up. The best way to do so is by designing a stackable file cabinet where you have various compartments for stacking your documents and files. Once created, you can keep this sort of file cabinet on top of any pre-existing file cabinet or desk. 

7. Shelf Transformed to a DIY File Cabinet

Using pre-existing modern office furniture pieces as storage places is always a great idea. If you have a shelf, you can add drawers in the vacant spaces or attach a door to make it your file cabinet. 

8. DIY File Cabinet Using Milk Crate

DIY File Cabinet Using Milk Crate

Do you have milk crates that you haven’t been using? Well, use them to stack paperwork and files. You can use any old milk crate to create such a file cabinet if you are short of budget. 

9. DIY Filing Chest

Having DIY file cabinet drawers might seem too mainstream to you, so you may think of creating a DIY filing chest. This sort of filing cabinet won’t only look great but will have adequate space for plenty of office accessories

10. Spray Painted DIY File Cabinet

Spray Painted DIY File Cabinet

Spray painting your filing cabinet can be one more amazing way of giving a revamped look to your file cabinet. Some of you might be aware of how you can spray paint your file cabinet, but for those of you who aren’t aware, we have shared some useful tips below that will help you with this. 

Tips for Spray Painting

The following tips will help you spray paint your file cabinets in the best way possible:

You should sand your filing cabinet then wipe off sanding dust.

  • The surface should be free of any dirt or rust as that would result in uneven painting.
  • Never overspray, as that will make the paint drip and create a lot of mess.
  • If the surface is too worn, it is better that you apply a paint primer beforehand.
  • Always spray paint in an open environment as paint particles can cause breathing problems when done indoors.
  • If you have to apply a double coat, wait for the first coat to dry out completely before applying the second coat. 

If you still have any queries, go through our FAQs section below to have a much clearer mind. 



What kind of file cabinet paint should you use?

Rust-resistant spray paint is ideal for painting file cabinets, especially if you have metal cabinets. 

How to avoid dark and dull spots while painting a metal filing cabinet?

You can avoid uneven spots easily if you move your spray paint bottle back and forth constantly while spraying. Do not spray paint on a particular side for a comparatively extended duration. Once your filing cabinet is dried out, lightly sand it with a fine-grit sanding block. 

How many coats of spray paints should be applied?

The best coverage is usually obtained upon applying two coats at intervals. However, you might spray the third layer at some angles to ensure you cover the entire filing cabinet evenly. It is always better to have around two light coats than one thick coat as a thick coat gets crackled easily. 

How long should you wait before applying the second coat?

Usually, the DIY file cabinet dividers get dry to touch in around 30-minutes and need 8-hours to dry out completely; however, this depends upon the surrounding temperature as well. If you are working at room temperature, you may think of applying the second coat within an hour or two.

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