10 DIY Monitor Stand Projects: How to Build a Monitor Stand
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10 DIY Monitor Stand Projects: How to Build a Monitor Stand

|Sep 28, 2022

Is it so expensive for your woodworker to build you a straightforward monitor stand? Keep it there, please! Have you heard that you can construct a straightforward, less costly display that won't need to be replaced for years? The greatest solutions for raising your pc are the DIY display stand ideas discussed below. Small-footprint items most readily blend in with the area's design. Most significantly, making the stands doesn't require sophisticated carpentry abilities.

DIY wooden monitor stands are easy to construct. Unexpectedly, you'll see that more individuals are using DIY display stands as they appreciate creating unusual and one-of-a-kind items on their own. Below is a list of monitor stands you could manufacture at home. The wooden monitor stands with drawers listed here total more than ten. Browse the selection, select your chosen stand, and then begin construction.

List of the 10 Best Monitor Stand Projects

This article includes the top ten remarkable DIY monitor mount projects you may complete at home. 

1. AOTHIA Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand Riser

The smooth, strong, and sturdy display support legs of the AOTHIA Large Dual Monitor Stand Riser can handle up to 100 pounds and shield the tabletop from scratches. Assembly takes just one minute and has no equipment. The ergonomic raising of this attachment will correct ergonomic issues and effectively assist decrease neck strain after prolonged use. This display stand elevates computer displays to the great spot whereby we do not need to bow our necks or lean over to gaze down displays.

2. The Office Oasis Bamboo Computer Monitor Stand – Last a Lifetime

Even the biggest desktop computers can't match the weight tolerance of the solid wood surface. This riser, like the FinerCrafts Desk Shelf, is supported by strong rubber legs as well as metal legs. The stand won't slide or damage your desk. Most individuals inadvertently spend their whole day staring at monitors with too-low resolutions, which can cause neck strain. You created this stand to give the ideal platform for a twin monitor arrangement, but it works beautifully for many other objects.

3. Enkel Studios Monitor Stand: Natural Birchwood

Enkel Studios strives to offer high-quality items that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Your workstation will look nicer and operate better with this DIY wooden monitor stand. Increasing the display's height will make it easier to watch comfortably. Beneath your monitor, this Ergonomic Birch Wood Monitor Stand offers extra room for storage. It is ideal for storing your iPad or keypad. It effectively lifts your display to the ideal viewing elevation. It reduces shoulder or back discomfort.

4. The Office Oasis Sturdy Bamboo Laptop Stand

This stand's sturdy bamboo top was built to support more load than any of the biggest computer displays. Four strong stainless steel legs support the stand with silicone feet that stop it from sliding and scraping your desktop. This stand, like the FinerCrafts Monitor Arm by FinerCrafts, was created to give the ideal surface for a twin monitor arrangement, but it also works beautifully for many other objects. Put a printing unit on top of it to save area, and keep using the area beneath the stand for more storage!

5. The Office Oasis Dual Premium Computer Monitor Stand – Built to Last

From a little laptop to a 75" Television and anything in between, this dual computer monitor stand can accommodate them all! A 42-inch height provides the area needed for your display stand requirements with 10.5-inch width. It has a fashionable appearance without losing strength or flexibility. The mount lets you put your monitors in portrait orientation, slightly tilted, or lower one display from the other.

6. FENGE Monitor Stand No Assembly with Drawer

This wooden monitor stand riser's overall design and places your head and vision in a relaxed posture while working, reducing workplace stress. The stunning, premium appearance not only enhances the look of your workspace but also adds more storage area. For your diverse desk length demands, you can adjust a standing board in length. You can extend the support legs of this FENGE Monitor Stand No Assembly with Drawer from both sides to obtain a full stand. The device's fully unfurled table surface is 20 inches, and there is adequate room under the tabletop for the keyboard.

7. FENGE Monitor Stand with Drawer: No Assembly – Storage Monitor Stand

This display stand's joints allow various configurations. This bamboo computer monitor stand may be readily arranged in a straight-line configuration or placed on a corner workstation. Anything above a 25 or 27-inch display fits perfectly. It is suitable for gamers or those using numerous displays for business. You connect the platform and connect the two side sections to the center portion using the pre-drilled screws that are included.

8. Dual Display Stands Riser from SUPERJARE

As a simple riser-style setup, this wooden monitor stands for desks. It doesn't have a lot of fancy features, but it does include three different areas that you may customize. Depending on the length of your workstation or whether you wish to use it for one or two display screens, you can adjust it from 25 to 36 inches in length. By angling the two lateral pieces, your displays may be positioned at a more pleasant viewing angle.

9. The Vivo Dual Desk Install

The Vivo Dual Desk Install Wooden monitor stand

IIt is a perfect choice if you require to mount two displays and desire simplicity. Although it is incredibly affordable, it nevertheless has many excellent features. A streamlined, simple design is produced by using a single center pole. A dual-arm configuration may allow for more motions, making those movements appear awkward.

10. Fully Jarvis Raising Arm for a Monitor

People who wish to shift their monitor around a lot or desire to fine-tune its placement should get this monitor mount. It can spin 180° if you require someone else to see your display, and it can tilt 45° to change the field of vision. It can revolve 360° to suit vertical screens. You may extend its arm 23.8 inches, and the foundation rotates 270 degrees. The arm is furthermore gas actuated for incredibly smooth motions.

Bottom Up

Wooden monitor stands for desks are helpful since they correctly arrange a display or laptop. By lowering the distance between your eyes and the screen, positioning your display in this manner may assist you in avoiding back and neck strain. Therefore, it's worth investing in one for your workstation. Now, why don't you pick one option above and start shopping with us!

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