10+ DIY Wooden File Cabinet Project for Your Weekend
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10+ DIY Wooden File Cabinet Project for Your Weekend

|Sep 25, 2021

Working in an office means you have a lot of paperwork and accessories to manage. Since this can make your workspace cluttered, a filing cabinet is the best solution that you can think of. Although many of them are available in the market, have you ever wondered how cool it would be if you could design one on your own? When you think of designing your own filing cabinet, a DIY wooden filing cabinet is the most lauded one.

Wooden filing cabinets give that aesthetic touch to your office that anyone would desire. So, it won’t be wrong if we say that having one such fancy cabinet would give a new life to your office.

Being an excited office worker, who is ever ready to give a vibrant new look to his office, you must be interested in learning some DIY wood file cabinet plans. But before that, you should know the details of the tools that you will need for designing a wooden cabinet. Let’s learn how to make a wooden file cabinet.

What Tools Do You Need to Build a DIY Wooden File Cabinet?

What Tools

The good part here is that you don’t need a lot of tools to build a wooden file cabinet, and most of them might be already there in your garage. These tools entail:

  • Circular Saw
  • Drill Machine
  • Driver
  • Wood Cutter Machine
  • Miter Saw
  • Pocket Hole Jig

All these tools are easily available on any online store, so you can fetch them pretty easily. They tend to make your DIY project successful and help you have the best cabinets. Once you have them, the next step in line is to get the desired size of wood planks and make your move to design and build your own wooden file cabinet.

For now, you have a slight idea of how to build a wood file cabinet, so now you're ready to learn about some cabinet designs and plans that you might be interested in adopting for your wooden file cabinet. Therefore, without any delay, let’s have a look at them. 

The Best DIY Wooden File Cabinet Plans

Below, we have shared several DIY file cabinet plans that you can think of using for building your own wooden filing cabinet. 

1. Industrial Filing Cabinet

Industrial Filing Cabinet

Choosing an industrial filing cabinet design to craft your own wooden file cabinet would be a great idea. The good thing about this sort of filing cabinet is that you can recycle barn wood and screw it with old studs to have a unique reclaimed wooden cabinet. 

2. Filing Chest

Think of removing file cabinet drawers and creating a wooden chest that would rest in the corner of your office room. This will not just look different but will give you more space for more accessories. 

3. Wood Trimmed Filing Cabinet

If you’re not into designing an entirely wooden file cabinet, you may think of using wood trims to rebuild a met file cabinet. This design is all about recycling a pre-existing metal file cabinet. You may replace the top with a wood plank, as that would give a different look to your cabinet, which you might like. 

4. Built-In Wall File Cabinet

Built-In Wall File Cabinet

This design is usually better if you’re working from home and want to alter your interior to have an office feel. You may think of creating a built-in wall file cabinet that extends to the ceiling and use it to put books, paperwork, collectibles, and any other home office accessory

5. File Cabinet Desk

If you have a simple desk that is of your height, you may replace its legs with a couple of wooden file cabinets. Having file cabinets at each end will give you plenty of space to place files and accessories. 

6. Revamped File Cabinet

If you have a wooden file cabinet already, you can get more creative with it by decorating it using stencils and stickers if you choose. In addition, you can also revamp it by giving it a fresh polish to look all shiny. 

7. Wood Crate Filing Cabinet

Wood Crate Filing Cabinet

Those of you who have a couple of wood crates lying in your attic can now use them to create their aesthetic wood crate filing cabinet. This DIY wooden file cabinet involves minimal tools. You may think of stacking a couple of crates or using one single crate for creating your cabinet. 

8. Painted File Cabinet

Another great way of giving a unique look to your file cabinet is to paint it with a color of your choice. You may paint file cabinets with a color that goes well with your mood or compliments your office décor. 

9. Swivel Drawer File Cabinet

Swivel Drawer File Cabinet

You can increase the number of drawers and the common look of any filing cabinet by replacing its traditional drawers with wooden swivel drawers. It is easier to slide your accessories in these drawers as they provide you a unique functionality by swiveling 360-degrees along with a pivot. 

10. Walnut Cabinet

Often your office needs a unique look with a polished cabinet. Think of designing a walnut cabinet that has smooth and fine wood grains, which range from deep chocolate to light reddish-grey, brown shades. If you particularly like these shades, a walnut cabinet would be a suitable choice. 

11. Stackable File Cabinet

This isn’t a DIY wooden file cabinet that you usually place next to your standing desk. Instead, it is kept on already existing cabinets or desks. Such a sort of cabinet provides you more room for storing paperwork while taking minimal space in your room. 

12. Shelf Transformed to a File Cabinet

Shelf Transformed to a File Cabinet

You might have a shelf that you’re not using lately, so thinking of using it as a file cabinet can be great. Be a little creative by attaching doors to the shelves to increase the safety of your documents. 

Final Words

Once crafted, you can place these cabinets next to corner desks too. We hope that all the above DIY wood file cabinet plans have pitched some unique and creative ideas in your mind, too, and will help you create your own DIY wooden file cabinet. Use the right tools that we mentioned to make your tasks simpler.

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