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10 Easy and Most Effective Home Workouts for Beginners
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10 Easy and Most Effective Home Workouts for Beginners

|Jan 18, 2023

We have tried to get in shape or be healthy at least once. No matter how consistent we were or failed miserably, the thought of getting into shape has crossed many minds. We purchase effective home workout equipment, pay for a gym membership, or even download an app or two to get the best dose of motivation to work out. This urge increased during the pandemic when we were all stuck within our homes and had to do all we could see within the four walls. But as the pandemic was gone, many people still loved the idea of working out at home.

Working out in your own space as per your own schedule has many benefits, especially when there are tons of ways to find the most effective home workout, that too with minimum or no fitness equipment. If you are also designing the best effective abs workout at home or trying to work on those glutes, here is a list of effective home workout ideas.

Desk Exercises

Is your office desk only for work? Well, it should be, but many researchers suggest other great things you can do with your office desk, and desk exercises are one of those. Time to kill the guilt of sitting all day and not being able to find enough time to work out properly. Especially for busy days, when there is no time or energy for dedicated gym hours, you can perform many simple desk exercises.

From stretches to crunches, abs workouts to body twists, your chair and desks open up several avenues to work out effectively. And if you cannot do it with proper machinery, there is also a list of desk exercise equipment you can buy. This includes under-desk ellipticals, under-desk treadmills, and indoor cycles. Attend meetings and kill those calories at once? Sounds like a great idea.


If you do this at the gym, then why not at home? Sit is the most effective abs workout at home. You only need a space to sit and lie down and a yoga mat. Lay your yoga mat on the floor and lie down on your back with your knees bent. As you lift, engage your abs and use them to provide lifting strength to your body. Lift your shoulders from the ground and bring them closer to your knees. Try to keep the same posture throughout. Each sit-up should be held for a few seconds before you slowly lie back down. Repeat this movement several times. One tip? Don't lift your feet off the ground as you sit up and lie back down.

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Most people perform squats as a part of their warm-up workout routine, but in truth, squats are a complete workout and the most effective glute workout at home. Without zero equipment, you only need strength and a dream to get that perfect booty. Keep your back straight and angle your feet slightly turned out. Move your bottom to knee height and hold that position for a second or two. Start with two sets of 10 and slowly increase the count. As you become a pro, start doing squats with weight to put more toning pressure on your hips and thighs.

Chair Exercise

Did you know you can work out without getting up from your chair? Yes, we are talking about chair exercises for abs, one of the most effective and smart ways to burn fat and activate your energy when feeling sluggish in the workplace. Sit straight on your chair with your knees bent at 90 degrees at the front. Move your thighs up and down until you feel pressure on your abdomen. Make sure to keep the back straight.


Stand with your arms by your sides and your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body into a squat by pushing your hips back. Shift your weight onto your hands and position your hands in front of you, back into a plank position, by kicking your feet up. With your elbows up and your arms close to your body, lower your chest and squat to the ground. From the ground, propel yourself forward by pushing off with your feet. With your hands behind your head, jump straight up, land, and perform the next repetition instantly. Sounds Hard? Wait until you try it.

Vibration Plate

The vibration plate is great workout equipment for multiple exercises without requiring intensive workout routines. Vibration plate exercise machine workouts can include twisting, squats, and lunges. And just when you think you will fall off, well, you won't. The plate is designed to stabilize the body weight and keep you from falling off.

Leg Crunches

This is another workout where your vibration plate will come into use. Place your torso in the middle of the vibration plate and tuck your hips beneath. As you elevate your legs at a 60-degree angle, place your hands behind you. Keep your elbows bent at all times. It allows you to lean back slightly while sitting comfortably on the vibration plate and offering some balance. Additionally, maintain your back straight. The frequency is 14–20 Hz after holding for 15 seconds.



The simplest yet also the most effective. Walking is the best overall workout to lose your body fat, strengthen your heart health, tone the muscles, and increase your activity level. Make sure to use a fitness tracker when walking to track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and motivate as you see the number of calories burned.

High Knees

Stand with your hips spaced apart and your hands by your sides. As quickly as you can, elevate one knee as high as you can, then quickly lower it. Before elevating your other knee, allow your foot to touch the ground. Swing from the front and rear of your shoulders in unison with the opposite arm.

Calf Raises

Easiest yet the best to strengthen your lower leg muscles. Especially if you use a standing desk, this workout can provide you with next-level energy. To maintain balance while doing this exercise, turn towards a wall and place your palms flat on the wall. Reverse the motion by standing on your toes. Twenty times. For an advanced version, allow your child to ride on your back for more resistance.

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