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10 Ergonomics Dos and Don’ts For Your Home Office

10 Ergonomics Dos and Don’ts For Your Home Office

|Feb 14, 2021

Are you one of the thousands of individuals working from home? Why won’t you! It is the best way to stay safe from any viruses or other atrocities affecting your health. However, your home office may not be ideally ergonomic as it should.

Be it a low, hard chair that you sit on or the high table, it can seriously ruin your posture. To provide added clarity, this article brings you 10 ergonomics do's and don'ts that you must follow while working remotely.

You must know that you can create a perfect work station at home itself. However, before getting to the tips and tricks of ergonomics in the office, here is why they are vital.

Why is Ergonomics at Work From Home Important?

Believe it or not, if you do not give significance to workplace ergonomics, you may face some severe losses. To shed further light on this, here are 4 reasons why ergonomics at work is quintessential.

Eliminates Extra Cost

The essential aspect of ergonomics in the office is your health. Sitting in the wrong posture for prolonged hours can lead to some severe health issues. Musculoskeletal Disorders are the most common results of inappropriate postures. If you focus on ergonomics, you can avoid such medical costs and maintain a good posture.

Boosts Productivity

Do you realize the extended time that it takes you to complete a task from your home office? Perhaps, you finished it sooner from your company office. Well, that is because the wrong working conditions make you lethargic. If you choose an office chair, your work productivity can instantly increase. It will help you stay alert, and hence, you can work at your true potential.

Why is Ergonomics at Work From Home Important?

Removes Stress

Sitting in the wrong position for a long time can stress your body, joints as well as mind. You will feel constant pain in your body and, consequently, your mind. If you get an ergonomics workplace, your body and the mind will be relatively more active. With the right body position, your joints will not be sore, and you will have an overall fresh mind.

Ensures Quality Work

An active body and mind will also ensure you provide quality work every single time. The right ergonomics will minimize restlessness, giving you an attentive as well as a happy state of mind. Resultantly, a well-rested body, active mind, and cheerful mood will result in nothing but quality work!

Ergonomics Do’s and Don’ts

Now that you know the essence of ergonomics workplace, here are some significant ergonomics do’s and don’ts.

1. Do Ensure a Straight Seating Posture

The foremost vital aspect of getting ergonomics right is ensuring a straight seating posture. For example, if you sit on a couch for prolonged hours, you will end up with a hunched back. Getting the best ergonomic chair is the best solution for this. It will let you recline backward for breaks, provide lumbar back support, and prevent neck and shoulder pains.

Do Ensure a Straight Seating Posture

2. Don’t Use a Desk Which is Not Optimum for Your Height

The correct desk height is as vital as an appropriate chair due to multiple reasons. Your elbows will naturally fall on the desk, ensuring wrist alignment, and you can easily access the keyboard and mouse. Plus, the monitor screen will be at your eye level, preventing neck strain.

3. Do Move Frequently While Working

Sitting in the same position, even if a correct one, will automatically cause uneasiness. Another superb way to do this is by getting an office desk. It will help improve your blood circulation, improve focus on work, and reduce spine pain.

Do Move Frequently While Working

4. Do Keep the Monitor at the Right Distance

Did you know that your monitor’s display screen should be at an arm’s distance from you? Positioning the screen too close or away from your body may result in straining your eyes. The best solution for this is to keep your desk clear and placing the desktop at the optimum distance.

5. Don’t Skip Meals

If you choose to keep working while skipping your meals, your fatigue level can considerably increase. Plus, you will resort to munching on junk food, leading to an unhealthy body. Make sure you take your meals on time and increase your nutrient intake.

6. Do Take Frequent Breaks While Working

If you work for hours, you may get distracted by your phone or something else due to a ruined concentration level. Taking frequent breaks to move around will freshen up your mind and keep your focus on your work. Plus, it will also help stretch your body parts and improve circulation.

Do Take Frequent Breaks While Working

7. Don’t Stare at the Screen for Too Long

You need to focus on your work, but that does not mean you need to stare at the screen continuously. The best way is to look outside or close your eyes for a short while every 20 minutes. Doing this will help reduce eye strain and give rest to your eyes.

8. Do Maintain a Position Balance

You may choose to sit or stand while working, according to your comfort level. However, you must not stick to one of these options. Make sure to switch between sitting and standing at short intervals to keep your body active. It will also improve your concentration.

ergonomics in the office

9. Don’t Position your Screen at a Low Height

If you keep the laptop at a lower level, you may end up sitting in a hunched position. You can choose to get a laptop raiser or a monitor arm to get the best ergonomics workplace setup. It will also eliminate the chances of ergonomic injuries in the neck.

10. Do Keep Your Desk Clear

A cluttered workplace is a big turndown while working. It will not only distract you but also make up for demotivation. On the other hand, a clear desk will help you focus. Plus, you will have all the essential items within reach.

ergonomics do's and don'ts

Summing Up

Maintaining adequate ergonomics in the office is not only good for your health but also your work. You may have reasons to work from your home office, but that does not mean you cannot get the right working environment.

In this article, you get 10 ergonomics do’s and don’ts for your home office. A few tools like an ergonomic chair and desk are enough to keep you from ruining your body posture. Not to mention, they can considerably boost your work productivity and mental health!

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