The Best 10 Gaming and Productivity Monitors
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The Best 10 Gaming and Productivity Monitors

|Dec 22, 2021

A PC gamer has a lot on their checklist. Everything impacts the overall gaming performance and mood, from finding the right gaming furniture and getting the best theme for their gaming den to loading up the best gaming accessories. The need for a proper gaming setup for a gamer is much more than we all would have thought, and it is also true that there is a close link between gaming and productivity monitors.

Yes, especially for multi-monitor setups, gaming monitors need to be well researched and picked out from the sea of tons of options available online. As much as choosing the right monitor for gaming and work is tough, it is also equally important to create a gaming setup that allows you to enjoy the monitor performance completely.

Although If you are also worried about choosing the best monitor for gaming and productivity, we are going to enlist the top 10 best gaming monitors for work use by day and wonderful gaming by night.

Best Ultra-Wide Monitor for Gaming and Productivity

Below are some top-of-the-line gaming monitors for your gaming time.

1. PX275C Prime Gaming Monitor

PX275C gaming and productivity monitor

Another one from the Pixio gaming monitor line, this PX275C Prime Productivity Gaming Monitor, is all looks and quality. The 100Hz refresh rate makes most games perform well and provides a fully immersive experience. Another great quality is the smart design, so this monitor saves you lots of space while working. The bezel display also shines in your gaming setup, and the Pixio PS1D dual monitor arm mount makes working or gaming much easier.

2. PX277 Prime Gaming Monitor

PX277 gaming and productivity monitor

With a 165 HZ refresh rate and a slim bezel-less design, the PX277 Prime Gaming Monitor is one of the best gaming monitors in the market. This monitor is also ideal for triple monitor setups, and hence you can get the best of experience, all thanks to the smart feet and stable screen. The 27 inches flat screen allows you to get mesmerized by the finest gaming experience and the 1ms response time is also a perk you will get with this product.

2. Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Monitor

A 43-inch gaming and productivity monitor may be too large for some people, but if you're a competitive gamer, it could be exactly what you need. That 4K quality display awesomeness outperforms a big-screen TV in terms of technical performance, and it includes everything you need on a gaming monitor.

It's one of the greatest ultrawide gaming monitors right now because of its rapid refresh rate, matte screen, game-optimized settings, and 1,000 nits of brightness. And one of the finest perks of this product is the new design that will get many people's attention.

4. Samsung Odyssey

Samsung Odyssey gaming and productivity monitor

This one manages to fit 1440p resolution, a 240Hz refresh rate, and great HDR into the same panel, making it a perfect pick for any professional gamer who enjoys playing multiple game genres at once. It's not flawless, and getting it up and running takes some effort, but the Samsung Odyssey G7 is an excellent pick for gamers who want a diverse gaming library.

5. MSI MPG Gaming Monitor

MSI has been manufacturing top-of-the-line gaming monitors ever since we started making a list of the best gaming monitors. The color performance and the Ultra high display are two main reasons MSI monitors are on every list. And this time there are plenty of other reasons too. For instance, the super-wide aspect ratio makes your experience a thousand times better.

The RGB lights allow you to enjoy gaming to the max and the 34 inches display brings you into the blissful gaming world. This gaming and productivity monitor is heavy on the pocket, but the quality is worth every penny.

6. BenQ Gaming Monitor

BenQ gaming and productivity monitor

Ben Q is a reliable name in the manufacturing line for gaming monitors. This product from Ben Q is no exception. The monitors boast a very ergonomic design with a UHD resolution, a clean color accuracy, and a large screen. You won't need to buy a monitor arm separately with the installed base. The 60Hz refresh rate supports the most complex games, and you will get a wonderful display of colors.

7. LG 27GN950 Gaming Monitor

LG gaming monitors are known for their bright, vivid display. With a response time of 1ms, you get real-time action, closest to live virtual world play. The most remarkable feature is the Nano IPS technology, which provides a larger color range and safe as well as smart viewing angles.

The LG Ultra Gear has a fantastic panel with outstanding IPS visual quality. Despite its limited HDR capabilities, it produces vibrant colors and contrast in your games.

8. DELL DGM Gaming Monitor

DELL DGM Gaming Monitor

If you like a big curved screen without a huge price tag, then this gaming and productivity monitor from DELL is going to land on your bucket list. The 32 inches with a VA panel gives a one-of-a-kind experience, and the 165 Hz refresh rate keeps all your games running top of the quality. However, a drawback for some could be the blur monitor fonts which could be a deal-breaker for office workers.

9. Acer Predator X38

The Predator X38 features a magnificent 38-inch curved screen. It has a 3840x1600 resolution and a not-quite-4K QHD ultra-wide display. The IPS panel looks amazing with a 24:9 aspect ratio, and the size means you have a lot of screen real estate for games. With up to a 175Hz refresh rate, this gaming and productivity monitor from Acer is all talk of the town.

10. DELL P2720 Gaming Monitor

DELL P2720 Gaming Monitor

This professional essential has a wide range of ports, low bezels, WQHD resolution, and ergonomic features while being simple to use and effortlessly compatible with a second monitor. The Dell P2720DC monitor is not only one of the greatest for business but also one of the most streamlined and powerful.

With pre-set window dividers, you can effortlessly tile numerous apps across one or more screens. Not to mention that the monitor allows you to customize up to five windows, which is ideal for multitaskers.


Before you get all excited in the hunt for the best gaming monitor for productivity, you must know that one size does not fit all. A gaming monitor that suits someone might not fit you fully. It also depends on the type of monitor you need and other factors that impact the choice of a gaming monitor. Take a look with all above of the best gaming monitors and pick the one suitable for you!

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