10 Helpful Benefits of Distance Learning for College Students

10 Helpful Benefits of Distance Learning for College Students

|Nov 18, 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have recognized the importance to maintain safe distances between their students. If you are a college student, you should consider the benefits of online learning so you can stay and home and stay safe. Autonomous Smart Office gives you distance education advantages with your own personal SmartDesk 2 to maximize your work productivity.

Here are ten reasons you should consider distance learning and how the SmartDesk 2 provides your needs.

1. Better Desk Support

The SmartDesk 2 gives your study area a sturdy foundation. School desks tend to have uneven legs, which may cause it to wobble. Thanks to SmartDesk's motorized desk frame, you have a strong base to work on your projects without any wobbles. The steel frame is heavy-duty, so it provides you with resilience while you work. The SmartDesk 2 gives you one of the convenient advantages of distance learning: no desk wobble distractions.

2. Freedom of Range

As a result of the SmartDesk's height adjustment and two-leg design, you can freely move around as you please. Typical school desks have a low height and four-leg standings. It can result in minor inconveniences, such as knee bumps and toe stubs. The SmartDesk 2 allows a free range of motion, so you can move your legs, dance around, and even exercise while you work.

3. Customization

One of the main benefits of online learning is personalization. With the SmartDesk 2 set up, college students can freely customize their individual study area. You can learn more productively while you maintain your creative style. The SmartDesk 2 allows you to stay creative with its easy assembly and approach to the workspace.

4. Time Management

Time management is an important skill to learn, which is what distance learning provides. Since students now have more availability due to schools' closure, they can figure out what schedule works best for them. You can learn at your own pace. Even though you might be on your computer more often, the SmartDesk 2 should give you comfortable support.

5. Productivity Management

Students also learn how to manage their productivity better with the SmartDesk 2. If you place yourself in a work environment free of distractions, you can focus on your projects efficiently. The SmartDesk 2 provides comfort and energy so you can finish your online assignments more quickly. There are ways to boost your productivity at home, which includes separation of personal time from work and break times.

6. Affordability and Accessibility

One of the most significant advantages of distance learning is affordability and accessibility. Due to the recent shift towards distance learning, online education programs now seek to provide alternatives to the current tuition model. The average cost of a SmartDesk 2 also has an affordable price range with sale reductions, so you pay less. One of the many distance education advantages is the cost-cutting measures of online courses. For example, you are more likely to view your study materials online than you are to buy an expensive book.

7. Motivation Through Health

There are times when you might not get anything done due to a lack of motivation. There are ways to overcome it. One of the main benefits of online learning, in addition to the SmartDesk 2, is the ergonomic design of your workspace. You are more likely to focus if you have a good posture, which the SmartDesk 2 provides. An improvement in your mood gives you more energy to do online courses while you receive health benefits.

With the SmartDesk 2, you can increase your blood circulation and reduce blood sugar through the desk's ergonomic design. Most college desks do not provide health benefits, which can result in slouch positions and uncomfortable movement. Health is among many of the distance education advantages you receive, which increases your lifespan in the long run.

8. Stress Reduction

In the comfort of your own SmartDesk 2, you can significantly reduce your stress levels. Schools tend to be stressful due to consistent schedules and travel from one classroom to another. Distance learning allows you to go at your own pace in an environment suitable to you. For example, you can work in complete silence or dance to the beat of your music.

9. Positive Environmental Impact

Since you stay at home with distance learning, you are less likely to use vehicular transport. In turn, it gives fewer carbon dioxide emissions, which ultimately has a positive effect on the environment. Autonomous also provides eco-friendly chairs and desks, with the SmartDesk 2 is a perfect example. They use cost-effective measures to ensure your work furniture is recyclable, durable, and easy to repair.

10. Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Given the current pandemic, it is safer to stay at home to minimize the spread of the virus. One of the key benefits of online learning is it allows you to follow CDC guidelines and stay at home whenever possible. Colleges do take the initiative to promote social distance between students. However, the main advantages of distance learning in a Covid-19 world are critical. It puts you at a significantly lower risk of infection, as it only takes one interaction with an asymptomatic student. Online classes help prevent these potential encounters, so you only need to leave the house when necessary.

Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

While there are advantages to distance learning, there are also disadvantages. You have to be diligent in your work approach so you can maximize the benefits of online learning. Here are the pros and cons:

  • icon checkYou save time and money
  • icon checkThere are various online tools to help you study
  • icon checkYou can study anytime and anywhere
  • icon checkLearn at your own pace
  • icon timesYou lose out on social interaction with students and teachers
  • icon timesThere are hidden costs to online education programs, so be careful
  • icon timesWithout supervision, you may be easily prone to outside distractions
  • icon timesThe technology may be difficult to understand if you are not familiar

Even so, do not let it dismay you. Due to the pandemic's unprecedented times, the benefits of distance learning are more crucial than ever. You need to take into consideration what the SmartDesk 2 can do for you.

Autonomous Makes Distance Learning Easy

As a college student, the goal should always be to get better at your work productivity. It includes an intuitive work environment and distraction management. With the SmartDesk 2, it is much easier to accomplish this goal. Thanks to height adjustability and ergonomic design, you are free to move around in accordance with your preferred settings. With an increase in focus and energy, you can complete your tasks with efficiency.

Hopefully, this guide helps you as you figure out what is best for your learning experience. There are plenty of distance education advantages to consider thanks to Autonomous and their ergonomic design. The SmartDesk 2 is just what you need as a college student to maintain your productivity. If you have a workstation free of distractions, the sky's the limit for your educational potential. With a healthier lifestyle and a productive work environment, you can enjoy the benefits of online learning.

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