10 Home Office Organization Hacks to Get You Tidy
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10 Home Office Organization Hacks to Get You Tidy

|Oct 19, 2021

Home office organization is a serious challenge, especially when you are all set to work remotely now. To organize an office desk is one thing, but to take up the challenge of home office organization ideas that too the affordable ones, well it's fun and overwhelming at the same time. Not to mention the challenges of office desk organization ideas, but the importance of proper home office organization is often ignored.

As much as a clean office desk improves your productivity, some elements of fun and creativity should be added to it. The right way to organize home office supplies is to be minimalistic yet not too dull, so you don't feel sleepy as soon as you sit on that chair. This article will cover some easy ways to organize a home office desk, and guess what? They are affordable too!

10 Home Office Organization Hacks for Your Workspace

1. Set up A Separate Work Zone

Set up A Separate Work Zone Home Office Organization

Working from home means many-many challenges that come your way. One of the biggest obstructions is the unavailability of a quiet, focused corner. Especially for working parents, remote work has been nothing less than a challenge. It is pretty understood that when working from home, it's easy to become distracted.

To increase work efficiency, you must create specific work zones. Have a designated work area and a separate area where you do spend your free time. Pick a peaceful spot in your house. Being able to close the door on distractions can help you focus and be more productive.

2. Eliminate Clutter

When you start your home office organization by organizing and cleaning up the desk, you will automatically experience your home office setup changing for good. Before adding more supplies, it is important to declutter or eliminate mess in the workstation. You can start with the most important task to organize wires behind the desk.

The wire clutter can damage the whole look of the workstation and seriously impact productivity too.

3. Organize the Desk

Organize the Desk Home Office Organization

Once you eliminate or organize the clutter, the next step is to get on board with desk organization. Make your workstation the first item you organize in your office. It will make you feel a lot better if it appears to be well-organized. The easiest approach is to spend wisely on work desk accessories that will help your workplace to be more comfortable and productive.

4. Organizing Accessories

With a cup for pens, a magazine holder for folders and little diaries, and a piled drawer unit on the far left that blends in perfectly with the desk and wall to keep documents and other small items out of sight, or better to get a filing cabinet, so no papers are in sight.

The second step is to get a desk organizer, so all of your desk accessories are aligned and kept tidy. The desk organizer also makes it easier to reach the required accessory without much hassle.

If you work with many papers and post-its, get a tiny dustbin right below your work desk. Throw the trash periodically, so a big mess doesn't greet you.

5. Shelves

Shelves Home Office Organization

Whether it’s a study or a workplace, shelves are your best friend. They are the most effective solution to bring tidiness to your workstation. To organize and design a home office, use open shelves. To give a splash of color and life to the home office arrangement, use different colored platforms as shelves.

6. Wall Calendar

How imperative is it to stay ahead of the game when you have multiple things to manage? Human minds aren't just the best friends of stress; hence we tend to lose basic ability under stressful situations. This results in workplace burnout. A little organization can help a lot.

Placing a calendar on the wall allows you to keep track of your planning requirements. What's the result? You'll feel more productive and in command of your time. DIY calendar system offers matched and personalized splendor to an office with other gold accessories. You can also get erasable calendars and use the same board over and over.

7. Emphasize on Lighting

Emphasize on Lighting Home Office Organization

As much natural light as possible should be available when setting up your desk. Because you spend so much of your time indoors, sunshine might help you stay motivated and productive. According to Harvard's studies, natural light decreases headache and tiredness by up to 63 percent and 56 percent, respectively. And you can be productive when you're feeling good and don't have a headache. If you, unfortunately, are unable to get a corner near the natural window, get a LED desk lamp that gives an experience closest to the natural light.

8. Comfort over Anything

When it comes to workplace furniture, always go for the most comfortable option. Unfortunately, few individuals think about comfort while selecting chairs, tables, and workstations for their home office. But how will you get everything done and stay productive if you're suffering from eye strain or bodily aches while you're at work?

In the long term, poor ergonomics can reduce your productivity. Keep in mind that you'll be spending a lot of time in your home office. As a result, make sure you invest in comfy devices and furnishings.

We recommend you get an ergonomic chair with lumbar support that offers support for your spine. A great buddy that goes with an ergonomic chair is an adjustable standing desk for maximum energy levels.

9. Organize Virtual Files

Not only doing home office organization with your physical items, but also the virtual one. Your filing cabinets and desk aren't the only areas of your office that need to be decluttered. A nice cleaning might also help your PC. If you keep putting programs and documents onto your hard disc, it will soon become so congested that you will be unable to locate what you require or will run out of space.

10. Tiny Plants

Tiny Plants Home Office Organization

A hack to eliminate inefficiency, this simple change will bring a lot of positivity in the workplace. Start by getting a tiny potted plant right beside your workstation. The proximity to nature will make you feel happy and positive at all times. Moreover, many studies also relate nature to productivity.

Or, if you aren't too eager to bring a plant, get a feel of nature in your workstation. You can paint the wall besides green or even set up your workstation where you can peek into nature now and then.

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