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10 Home Office Tips That Remote Workers Design to Peak Productivity

10 Home Office Tips That Remote Workers Design to Peak Productivity

|Feb 26, 2021

The idea of a home office has appealed to people since forever, and with good reason. There's no doubt it brings a torrent of positive potential with it in terms of productivity and mental peace. 

It is up to you to reap all these benefits and make the most of them- a feat achievable only in an ideal home office environment. Here, you will find some helpful home office tips as you dive in! 

While several roles have had professionals working from home, the concept has gained substantial traction spanning the last decade. The past year, especially, has seen a shift from traditional offices to home offices like never before. The situation of working from home is a change that may be permanent for many. 

Some Distractions At Home Reduce Productivity 

One of the banes of working from home is the implicit presence of distractions. It can be challenging to create a comfortable space and concentrate.

Here are a few common causes of distraction that reduce productivity:

  • The impulse to multitask 

  • Ineffective prioritization 

  • An uncomfortable or disorganized workspace 

  • Less than ideal light 

  • The arrangement and aesthetics of your home office 

If you can pin down your preoccupations on any of these reasons, you could use a home office design tip- or ten!

Some Distractions At Home Reduce Productivity

Home Office Design To Peak Productivity: Home Office Tips  

A handful of elements come together to constitute a productive workspace. 

1. Maintain a Good Posture with an Appropriate Chair

When spending hours in front of a screen, you are bound to be vulnerable to neck and shoulder pains. It can be particularly disastrous for your spine. People overlook the vitality of an appropriate chair in their home office, even though it forms the foundation of comfort and productivity. 

An ergonomic office chair can create an enormous difference in your overall posture and physical health. It is best to use a comfortable and supportive chair with an adjustable height. A flexible chair would be excellent since it is advisable to sit with a faintly reclined posture.

how to design a home office

2. Place an Ergonomic Desk in Your Home Office

A critical home office decorating tip is to make an ergonomic desk the heart of your workspace. Your desk must be at a suitable height concerning your chair or vice versa.

Your screen should be at eye-level, freeing you from pressure on your neck or the need to bend your head. The latter can add almost 50 pounds of unnecessary stress on your neck, disrupting mood and breathing. 

You could also try using a DIY adjustable standing desk if you feel fatigued or bored of continually sitting. It allows you to curate your adjustable workstation, boosting the efficiency of your workspace. People who use an office standing desk can vouch for its benefits! 

home office design tip

3. Ensure Plenty of Light

It is critical to create a bright and light environment for your home office. The best kind of light is natural light, so try to make sure your home office receives plenty. The artificial lighting of the room must not cause strain- it should be bright enough. 

You can add some lamps to your workspace to enhance the illumination. Incorrect brightness can cause eye strain- to prevent it, set your screen's brightness to match the room's light. 

Ensure Plenty of Light

4. Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is the devil of all home offices. You must have a well-organized and neat workstation in your home to avoid distractions and prevent the onset of mental fog. Your desktop must hold only those items that are critical to your operations. 

You should be able to use your computer or work on other projects without feeling restricted. Your primary workstation should ideally be clear at all times, with miscellaneous items like pencil-stands and photo-frames elsewhere in the room. 

Get Rid of Clutter

5. Use a Positive Color Palette for the Room

Did you know that colors can psychologically impact you in your daily life? Yes, colors can influence your state of mind and productivity. Shades of blue and green are best for remaining focused and working efficiently, while yellow fosters optimism. 

You can use a motivating color or a blend of several to create a room with positive effects on your mind as per color psychology. 

home office decorating tip

6. Liven Up the Area

Plants are an excellent addition to your home office, often a top home office design tip. Plants will liven up the area while aiding your health and improving the quality of air.

You can also consider an aquarium since watching fish swim is a relaxing experience for the mind. 

7. Tend to Your Senses 

While productivity is generally reliant on your mind, your senses also have a role to play.

Similar to colors, scents and aromas also have psychological effects. You can adopt some scented candles for your home office or use a diffuser. The smell of cinnamon can sharpen the mind, peppermint can lend a hand in concentrating, and citrus can rejuvenate you. 

It may be wise to buy a pair of noise-canceling headphones to eliminate unwanted background sounds and lower distractions. 

Tend to Your Senses

8. Personalize Your Home Office

Personalizing your home office is essential when understanding how to design a home office. Your workspace should feel like your own- aligning with your aspirations, goals, and aesthetic preferences.

Make sure you integrate your character into your home office to give it a personality! It will help eliminate stagnancy and boost productivity. You can also add smart office accessories in this context.

9. Take Eye Breaks and Exercise Your Vision 

Breaks are undoubtedly necessary when it comes to overall productivity. The same goes for your eyes, which may suffer if you don't let them rest.  

It is also essential to exercise your vision when you stare at a screen for too long. A good idea is to pick a wall and put up an eye exercise chart or image. 

Take Eye Breaks and Exercise Your Vision

10.   Boost the Comfort and Make It Homely 

The best part of a home office is that it does not need to follow a professional institution's rules! Most home office tips revolve around your lack of restrictions on comfort and coziness. Keep cushions, blankets, or a comfy couch in your office.

A warm, comfortable, and homely workspace can help you reach the peak of productivity. 


Your workspace dictates your level of productivity with a critical magnitude. The furniture you use, the colors you surround yourself with, and numerous other factors affect it. With these home office tips, you will definitely be closer to unlocking your full potential when working at home.

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