Top 10 L-shaped Commercial Office Desks
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Top 10 L-shaped Commercial Office Desks

|Mar 27, 2022

If we talk about a corner desk, there are many benefits of opting for such a product while working. A corner desk is a unique concept not many people pay attention to, but having a corner set up for a busy home is a blessing, considering how office desks should be clean and tidy for productivity and how a corner desk offers extra space for you to do so.

This also means that there might be many options when it comes to a modern L-shaped desk; hence, you end up all confused. With the popularity of the concept of an L-shaped commercial office desk, you need to be smart when picking the right desk for you.

Below are our top choices for an L-shaped commercial desk that covers minimum area but gives you maximum productive workspace.

1. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner L-shaped commercial office desk

This L-shaped desk is one of the best choices for busy business office desks, considering the extra workspace you get. The desk might be priced slightly higher than your old conventional office desk, but the benefits outweigh the cost. Smart desk corner is a modern commercial office desk, thanks to its large surface area and a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

You can easily create a dual to triple monitor setup and enjoy the wide range of height adjustability for shorter to the taller crowd. Rate us five stars by the majority of the users; the desk comes in universal colors of white, black and gray.

2. Piranha Reversible Corner Desk

What’s better than a commercial office computer desk? A reversible L-shaped desk. For those who love L-shaped white desks over other choices, the classic piranha desk has a color in the finest white wood grain texture. The aesthetics of this desk are known to elevate the entire vibe, but good looks aren't the only thing you get with this desk.

The robust built and smart design keeps the desk at the top of many L-shaped buying lists. And the metal frame allows you to use it for years to come. The desk can be used both for corner space and elongated to form a long shared workstation.

3. Conner L-shaped Desk

Conner L-shaped Desk

With two drawers and thoughtfully built storage space, the Conner L-Shape Executive Desk in white or black combines functional beauty, simplicity, and clean edges.

We like this desk for various reasons, not the least of which is that it is relatively economical, simple to assemble, and long-lasting. You will also get the cable management system which once for all sorts all of your cable clutter issues. The desk also comes with a five-year warranty.

4. Walker Edison Office Desk

The walker Edison L-shaped desk is a product you will find on most office desk lists. The desk comes with a strong structure and a design suitable for the majority of the corners, whether a room big or small. The desk is wide enough to hold multiple monitors and comes with a keyboard tray to safely keep away your keyboard and mouse when done with work.

5. Tremont L-shaped Desk

Tremont L-shaped commercial office desk

Tremont L-shaped commercial office desk is an affordable choice amongst the many L-shaped office desks. The desk is highly functional and also covers a modern design. You can get the desk in two colors: mystic oak and soft white. Both the colors give a professional look and a calming effect in any home office.

You will also love the under desk storage drawers that are big enough to hold multiple documents simultaneously. The desk comes with grommets to assist hide cords because it is meant for the modern and minimalist professional.

6. Alenna L-shaped Desk

If you want a commercial metal office desk that doesn't take up a lot of space, then the Alenna desk is a compact choice. This desk is lightweight, easy and has a transparent structure. It is easy to assemble and has no elaborate structures. The tall legs make cleaning under the desk easier, and you can also slide in a filing cabinet for some extra storage.

Although that's not going to be an issue since the desk has plenty of over-the-head shelves and storage cabinets, with a white metal frame, the desk is reliable, and the top wooden finish adds grace to the entire structure.

7. Z-line Glass Computer Desk

Z-line Glass L-shaped commercial office desk

Although a wood desk is more conventional, a glass desk can significantly improve the appearance of your workstation. The work surface on this Z-Line L-shaped computer desk is made of 5 mm tempered safety glass. With a 60-inch length on both sides, the L-shaped commercial office desk is spacious. The frame is made of coated metal with strengthened plates on welding connections for further stability. Thanks to instructions, the assembly might take some time, but it is not hard to achieve.

8. Cubiker Office Desk

The Cubiker store offers a high-quality desk with a modern, minimalist style. It has two small drawers and more storage below. With dimensions of 59′′ x 47′′ x 29′′, this desk can easily accommodate up to four computer monitors. The laminated wood desktop is built off. It's great that it's available in six distinct colors. Choose from various styles, including black, rustic, walnut, maple, and more. The prices of the various colors vary slightly, but they are all within reach.

9. VertDesk V3

Vertdesk V3 L-shaped commercial office desk

If you want a height-adjustable stand-up metal desk in a corner shape, then Vertdesk V3 is the best solution. The desk has a motorized frame in black coated metal. The metal looks versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and adds a touch of grace to the entire look. With over 22 configurations and settings, the desk is one of the most versatile options on our list.

Thanks to its ample surface area, this desk will help you solve all the clutter-related problems. The cross support on the legs also ensures you get maximum stability with your work setup.

10. SL13 Office Desk

The SL13 comes in five color options to accommodate most decor needs. Artisan gray, autumn walnut, American cherry, American mahogany, and American espresso are some options. It's made of an inch thick industrial quality laminate throughout, with 3mm matching super edges for added durability. This L-shaped commercial office desk is built to withstand high traffic and demanding business environments.

Other than that, you will get plenty of storage options that are built-in with this desk. The above cupboard has four doors and can be positioned on either side of the desk, providing sufficient storage. Each drawer has full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides for easy access into the drawers.

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