10 Light Wood Office Desks for A Modern Workspace
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10 Light Wood Office Desks for A Modern Workspace

Autonomous|Apr 23, 2022

Working on a home office setup project is both fun and challenging. You get to choose everything from the theme to furniture, the best colors for your office, the right choice of office chair, and the location for your desk. Still, it is also challenging because you have to set up a desk and chair and make sure that your home office setup is full of productivity. Especially for remote workers, achieving the right motivation and efficiency in a home office is a huge challenge since one doesn't feel the office-y vibes in such a setting.

Hence, it is important to realize that you don't have to invest in the most expensive furniture to make a home office setup win, but you have to choose the right one for you. This comes down to personal preference and what you like, and in this article, we will talk about wooden furniture for home offices. Yes, a light wood office desk is a classic choice of all times, and with a pick of wooden furniture, you can never go wrong.

A light wood home office desk is also highly associated with productivity because wood depicts minimalism at best. Hence below, you will find all you need to know about a light wood office desk, from the type of best office desk for you our top recommendations to finding the best wood to make a desk.

1. Home Office Bamboo Standing Desk

Home Office Bamboo Standing Desk

Bamboo desks are associated with the best possible way to bring the look of nature to your home office. This bamboo standing desk from autonomous is a 53 by 29 inches office desk with a natural bamboo finish desktop. It is suitable as a light wood desk modern because it has both the element of natural wood to it paired with a steel frame and a digital control keypad.

The desk moves up and down with the touch of a keypad installed beneath the surface, and you can enjoy multiple height settings in this ergonomic workstation. The bamboo desktop is available in more than eight colors, but we find the natural bamboo finish most adorable.

2. White Oak Standing Desk

White Oak Standing Desk

Standing next to the bamboo wood desk is the oak standing desk because oak is equally gracious and attractive when it comes to finding the best pick for your home office. This oak office desk is also a spacious workstation over 50 inches long hence it is suitable for a dual to triple monitor setup.

The light oak wood desk can lift to 270 pounds and works with the power of dual electric motors. The two-stage frame provides strength and keeps the entire structure well supported.

3. Natural Wood Desktops

Suppose you feel the sudden urge to transform your workspace into a natural, minimalistic design but don't want to invest in a whole new desk. In that case, replacing the tabletop can be equally refreshing.

For people stuck with a dark wooden desk or a metal desk, getting a white oak desktop or a bamboo desktop instead of your old one will create a whole new work desk for you. These desktops from autonomous are made from a high-quality, reliable finish and can be paired with any desk frame. They are available in matte and standard finish, and the scratch-resistant bamboo surface will be the star of your home office for years to come.

4. Branch Standing Desk

Branch light wood office desk

One of the best light wood office desks, the Branch Standing Desk, is great for people who like to switch between standing and sitting, and they also allow you to choose the perfect height for an ergonomic workspace.

5. AuAg Office Desk

Protecting a wood table is a huge challenge, especially for the natural wood finish, but this AuAg office desk is made with a smooth and scratch-free tabletop. The modern L-shaped AuAg can be a great pick as a light wood executive desk, and it also has a metal frame to support the entire load. The desk has a smart design to last long, and the incredibly strong steel legs will ensure it can bear up to three monitors and a bunch of accessories at once.

6. Kendal Office Desk

Kendal light wood office desk

The Kendal Desk is 32 inches wide and equally deep, and it can be folded flat for convenient storage if you're short on room. This compact desk features metal legs and a manufactured wood top, and it can sustain up to 90 pounds despite its diminutive size. It features a small ledge shelf on which you may display decorations or work equipment such as a phone or speaker, and it comes completely assembled.

7. Eave Desk for Office

As opposed to office desks with motors, features, and multiple functions involved, this wooden eave desk is a simpler design for your home décor and office needs. Though highly-priced, a desk is a great option for people who love all wood furniture in their homes. It has a natural light wooden color which makes it refreshing to glance at once, and the desk is suitable to work with an ergonomic chair at an average height.

8. Pottery Barn Wood Desk

Pottery Barn light wood office desk

Pottery barn is known for its classic take on home and office furniture, and this tiny corner desk is no less. This light wood office desk is priced high because of the natural wood involved but is also a great design for an ergonomic work set up by a window. It comes in many color options and has a tiny storage drawer. The desk also has a spacious surface despite its compact design.

9. Tribesigns Office Desk

The Tribesigns light wood office desk answers clutter and organization in your home office. Thanks to its sturdy construction and natural wood tabletop, this desk is one of the best, most versatile, and long-living desks. The desk has two-tier storage and enough space for your laptop, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories.

10. Cubiker Writing Desk

Cubiker Writing Desk

Writing desks should be as natural as possible because minimalism is important for writers to feel productive. This Cubiker writing desk is one of the best finds for a wooden desktop. The design is made from MDF boards and a steel framework for stability and utility, and there is plenty of room for writing or gaming. The desk's simplicity also makes it easy to put together.

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