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10 Most Popular Workplace Trends in 2024
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10 Most Popular Workplace Trends in 2024

|Apr 29, 2021

These past years have brought a lot of challenges for everybody around. With the world continuously hit by the pandemic, the workplace and the work environment are continuously changing. It has transformed how employees do the work, workforce behavior, the way they get the work done, and the overall workplace. Organizations are under continuous stress due to the ongoing pandemic.

Businesses are adversely affected due to the lockdowns around the globe. This has pushed employers to bring innovations and change the working environment by improving employee safety. But why has improving the workplace become necessary? 

Improve Employee Productivity

improve productivity.jpg

The pandemic has adversely affected the productivity of employees. The majority of the employees have suffered from the COVID’19, which has made working in the office quite difficult. Moreover, this reduction in employee productivity has also impacted the profitability of companies around the globe. Companies are continuously suffering from productivity losses. That’s why transforming workplace trends has become necessary for companies to improve employee productivity.

Increase Engagement and Profitability

Transforming workplace trends is also important for increasing engagement and profitability. If organizations have a positive work environment, employee engagement and profitability will automatically increase. A good work environment can increase profitability up to 21 percent. Especially due to the COVID’19, changing workplace trends have become vital for employers.

To save organizations from the impact of a pandemic, employers have changed their workplace trends, and some major trends are discussed in the texts below:

Top 10 Future Workplace Trends You Must Know

1. Transforming office purpose

transforming office purpose.jpg

Many employers have moved towards distant working. One of the recent surveys showed that employees are demanding work flexibility more than ever. Employees want to have a hybrid working situation like working in an office for a few days a week, while on the other days, they prefer staying home and working from home. Hybrid is becoming one of common workplace technology trends. Employees no longer want to just sit on their ergonomic chairs from 9 to 5. But they demand more than that. 

2. Going Digital

going digital.jpg

Digital is one of most popular workplace technology trends in recent years. Employees all over the world are exposed to the deadly virus. That’s why employers should consider their safety, security, health, and efficiency. To cope-up with this, employers are going online. One of the reports provided by McKinsey stated that around 85% of the employees have gone digital and have implemented various technologies to ensure employee safety while increasing their productivity and ultimately profit.

3. Transforming HR Leaders Roles

Along with the work environment, COVID’19 has also changed the executives, leaders, and especially the human resource team. HR’s prime concern from recruiting skillful employees has now shifted to increasing employee safety, healthy and making them happy to increase their productivity. HR now treats the employees more like people rather than just workers. This transform creates new office trends. They listen to employee needs and concerns and try to resolve them in a much better way than before pandemics. Moreover, HR also needs to adopt a higher flexible working environment and become more resilient to support the employee and address their needs.

4. Employee Wellbeing and Health

employee wellbeing and health.jpg

Of course, employee health and wellbeing have always been one of the most important aspects in organizations and workplace trends; that’s why most offices also provide health insurance to the employees. However, with the COVID’19, this concern has taken new heights. Now, employers focus more on the wellbeing and health of their employees. Wellbeing also includes employee comfort, which requires following modern office furniture trends, getting high-quality standing desks, etc.

5. Introduction of Touchless Techs

To reduce the effect of pandemics and increase employee safety, employers are introducing touchless technologies. These touchless technologies include QR code scanning, face recognition techs, and much more. It reduces the need for human interaction. Instead of putting their fingers for attendance, employees just scan their QR code or use face recognition and get their attendance done. They are really fantastic future workplace trends. 

6. Prioritizing Data Privacy

data privacy.jpg

Data privacy is extremely important and it tends to be more attended in workplace trends. Not just in the pandemic but also in other scenarios. However, the pandemic has increased the concerns related to this, especially with the world moving to work from home, threats related to data-stealing have increased. That’s why employers are giving higher priority to this issue. They are taking higher care of employee’s sensitive information and push them to have the right use of data through the implementation of the right techs.

7. Agile Working and Flex Spaces Call

This global pandemic has left the organizations with an agile working environment. It has enabled the employees to work from anywhere they want. It has provided maximum flexibility to them and has enabled them to work the way they want at any time, not just from 9 to 5. Many employers have designed activity-based works that maximize workplace experience through remote working, optimizing the workplace, and much more. Moreover, many experts are predicting to see more increase in this work flexibility.

8. Design Trends in Workplace

home office design.jpg

Putting plastic shields will not be enough for saving your employees from getting affected by the deadly virus. Employers are changing home-office design trends. They are introducing long-term solutions to save employees from future diseases. It has been an office trend for a long time.

9. Cross-industry and Role Collaboration and Cohesion

Companies are moving towards cross-industry collaboration and cohesion to boost profitability and reduce the impact of a pandemic. This also includes the collaboration of roles in inter-business areas. Organizations are forming new and more enhanced communication between departments in the same business and other businesses, even industries. This does not only benefit one firm but industries as a whole.

10.  Improved Personalization and Better Choices

better choice.jpg

With the transformed workplace trends, employees now have much better personalization and a list of work flexibility choices with flexible office designs. This has a positive impact on the productivity of employees throughout the world.

Though this pandemic has brought a lot of challenges for businesses worldwide, it has also opened new doors of opportunities and has boosted up the workplace environment as a whole. It has not only increased their productivity but has also provided them higher flexibility to work the way they want.

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