The 10 Best Recommendations for an Office Chair for Hip Arthritis
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The 10 Best Recommendations for an Office Chair for Hip Arthritis

|Aug 17, 2021

Hip arthritis is a condition in which head cartilage of the thigh bone loses over time. In this type of arthritis, only the human hips get swollen, and the bone glides inside the joint socket every time you move. Cartilage helps humans move and walk comfortably, and its absence results in bone rubbing against bone that causes severe pain and uncomfortable walk. As a result, you cannot walk freely as it limits you from moving freely.

Autonomous Chair Recline

Hip arthritis gets severe when you sit on the same chair for an average of 8 to 9 hours a day. So, you need a specialized office chair for hip arthritis. And finding a good one is not that big a deal. There are a lot of brands that offer an office chair for hip problems. So, you have a solution for your problem. We have listed 10 of our top-picked and best products that will free you from your hip pain in the following paragraphs. These best office chairs for hip pain are listed below.

10 Recommendations for an Office Chair for Hip Arthritis

We have provided slight details of the 10 best recommendations for an office chair for hip arthritis, which are listed in the coming sections.

1. Autonomous Chair Recline

ergo core

Autonomous Chair Recline by Autonomous is one of the top picks for the best ergonomic office chairs for hip arthritis. With these chairs, you can easily adjust the height, headrest, seat tilt, leg rest, and armrest. In addition, it contains a highly comfortable foam seat. While with its reclinable mesh back and lumbar support, you will be saved from hip arthritis.

2. Steelcase Series 2 Office Chair

When it comes to the office chair for hip arthritis, you will hardly find something that can replace this chair. It has been designed with excellent fabric upholstery and modern mesh. These materials make the Steelcase Series 2 office chair with hip support highly effective for hip pain. So, you can sit and work all day without feeling a slight pain in your hip. Besides, this chair comes with a warranty of 12 years. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

If you are looking for an office chair for hip pain with a limited budget, then the Ticova Ergonomic office chair for hip arthritis makes the best option for you. The unique structure of this chair allows you to have excellent support for your hip. So, you can reduce your hip arthritis and have a comfortable working experience, even for prolonged periods. The Ticova Ergonomic chair has deep seats and a comfortable headrest. While its back is made of metal. It also makes a great addition for those with comparatively taller height.

4. Steelcase Leap


The Steelcase leap is another comfortable office chair that has been designed to provide ultimate comfort with its adjustable design. This chair is also customizable, which is a bonus. Moreover, it is available in a wide range of colors and different upholstery options. So, you can choose whatever option you like. However, it is a little expensive. So, fill your pockets before purchasing this masterpiece.

5. Sidiz T50


The Sidiz T50 has a forward tilting seat that works miracles for reducing hip and back pain. You can angle the seat forward through the lever. This chair allows the hips to come forward, stay above the knees, open the hips, and reduce the amount of force you apply to stay in that region. While using this chair, you can easily sit for 8 hours without any gap.

6. Herman Miller Embody

herman miller

If you are an office gamer, then the Herman Miller Embody will be great for you. This is because it has a very adjustable construction. Besides, with its wide range of color options, you will always find the color of your choice. However, the Herman Miller Embody is a little expensive. That’s why people are normally reluctant to buy an ergonomic chair like this despite its exceptional features.

7. Steelcase Amia

Amia is another great production of Steelcase. It has been designed to offer a premium level of comfort. It is fully adjustable. So, you can easily adjust it as per your choice. Besides, the front seat edge on this chair is flexible, relieves pressure, and makes it super comfortable. While due to the live-back lumbar support, you will be saved from all kinds of back pain.

8. Ergoal One Ergonomic Chair

This desk chair for hip arthritis has self-adjusting lumbar support for the lower back. In addition, it has been made of a breathable mesh seat, headrest, and backrest. So, getting superior comfort from these chairs is guaranteed. Moreover, it also contains a seat depth adjustment system and waterfall design, which adds more to its comfort.

9. Duramont Office Chair


A Duramont office chair for hip pain is another affordable option for many users. You can adjust the headrest, armrest, and backrest as per your need to maximize your comfort. It also comes with a warranty of 5 years. So, your purchase will be saved for 5 years as you can claim a warranty anytime if your chair shows bad signs.

10.  XUER Ergonomic Office Chair

The XUER ergonomic office chair for hip arthritis has lumbar support with an automatic adjustment system. Moreover, this chair also has a wide headrest with adjustable quality that delivers higher comfort.

You will have a comfortable and great working experience with these products. However, along with the products discussed above, you can also search for ergonomic chairs for upper back pain.

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