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10 Pieces of Remote Working Equipment That Change Your World
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10 Pieces of Remote Working Equipment That Change Your World

|Nov 5, 2021

Until the pandemic hit, did we ever have to worry about not having the proper office set up for us? Professional workspaces are well-equipped and offer one-of-a-kind technology to make things work for you. But remote working equipment is far more advanced than office work because it has to break all the communication barriers and other remote work challenges.

Remote work has its unmatched benefits – probably a reason why it is considered the future of the majority of workplaces – but the challenge of achieving the right work from home equipment has been reported as one of the major issues. Without the proper home office tools, it is not only hard to achieve productivity, but not having a home office kit can also result in frustration and employee burnout.

Sure, this also gives rise to the concern of heavy costs of completing the remote work checklist, but not having proper home office essentials can cost you a lot more in the long run. Hence, this article will cover the essential home office equipment needed to work at home efficiently.

Working from Home Kit Checklist

Working from Home Kit Checklist

Many factors impact the right work from home requirements for your business, and you must focus on the ones that meet your job requirement and description. Since the remote work stipends depend on the quality of the job and as the competition in this field is highly fierce, to achieve a competitive edge, you must have the right home office tech essentials

Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm remote working equipment

Here is the first remote working equipment on the list. If you don't know what a poor screen level does to you, then neck cramps must be your constant partner in everyday life. Adjusting the screen to the safe work level is important as it keeps the eye level steady and maintains the workplace ergonomics. This issue is common with people who use multiple monitors or don't own a standing desk.

monitor arm is an ideal solution to uneven screen levels as it allows the user to elevate and lower the monitor level according to the safe limits.

Standing Desk

Standing Desk remote working equipment

A common desk might tire you out, but a standing desk will make your work much more productive. Standing desks are ergonomic pieces of furniture that allow you to work while standing. Standing desks help fight obesity, unregulated blood sugar level, and other diseases such as laziness and fatigue in the workplace.

Standing desks can be a game-changer for remote workers as they help you boost energy levels and look more efficient and productive during meetings. It is the must-have remote working equipment you should consider.

Timing Clock

Encourage your personnel to stick to their regular routines, regardless of whether they're reacting to consumer requests. This will prevent your staff from feeling like they're experiencing daylight savings time all over again, and everyone will be online simultaneously.

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair remote working equipment

While working and standing are good, switching between sitting and standing positions is recommended to achieve optimum efficiency and desired productivity. An ergonomic chair is the only solution for people who work for hours at a time.

An ergonomic chair offers complete adjustability for the user due to its multiple features. With this remote working equipment, you can wave that back pain goodbye and get good support for your entire body posture.

Mats and Cushions

Foot cushions can assist relieve fatigue from standing on a hard floor. Especially with a standing desk, it is important to get an anti-fatigue mat to prevent your feet from getting too strained. Anti-fatigue mats encourage tiny micro-movement, which prevents the nerves in the feet from getting tired.

Also, if you don't own an ergonomic chair, getting yourself a seat cushion that supports the lower back and lumbar region is a must-have. Finally, if you cannot invest in an ergonomic chair yet, get yourself an ergonomic cushion to prevent your back from harmful strain levels.

Mobile Hotspots

Mobile Hotspots

Reliable internet access is essential for remote work. If you work mostly from home, you almost certainly already have the best speeds you can afford. Everyone on your team, however, should have a mobile hotspot just in case.

Mobile hotspots aren't just for accessing the internet on the road; they also act as a backup if your power or internet goes down. This can help your team remain connected and not lose call or internet issues during important work meetings.

Desk Pad

Desk Pad remote working equipment

Probably not the most essential remote work equipment, but desk pads are important in keeping your workplace clean and tidy. Since clutter is the enemy of efficiency, you can keep your gadgets safe from dirt and dust and work anywhere with your expensive laptop with a desk pad.

Team Chat Apps

If you work remotely, you'll want to be able to talk with your colleagues asynchronously rather than having to schedule a call every time you have a question. Of course, you could send an email, but that isn't the best method to have a regular, human chat.

Slack is one of the most popular tools for this purpose. However, we all know that different programs work for different teams. Having team chat apps also encourages employees to remain connected and prevent feeling overwhelmed and socially isolated. These team chat apps can also discuss non-work-related meetings and have some fun imitating the water-cooler break in physical offices.

LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp

Here is another important remote working equipment. Lighting might not be considered the most important thing in the workplace, but poor lighting can do a lot more damage than one can imagine. Therefore, it is important to have a home office setup that is well lit, so there is no negative impact on the mind and strain on the eyes. Unfortunately, remote workers could take a lot as most of our homes are not well lighted for work requirements. Hence, buying a LED desk lamp seems the suitable solution.

Screen Sharing Software

It's sometimes easier to show than to tell. For example, you may show others your desktop, as well as the files and apps you have open, and they can watch you work on your computer using screen sharing. As a result, virtual team members can effectively peer over one other's shoulders without being present in the same room. This is also important when virtual meetings are being carried out, and you want to connect with a client miles apart from you.

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