10 Productivity Mistakes Costing You Thousands

10 Productivity Mistakes Costing You Thousands

|Nov 5, 2020

With everyone working from home, productivity has become the name of the game. Whereas the office is designed for ultimate work efficiency and to avoid mistake in productivity, your home is not. 

While this isn’t inherently a bad thing, it can cause major issues when you start working from home. 

We’re going to run through 10 productivity mistakes that are potentially costing you thousands of dollars every year.

10 productivity mistakes

10. Wrong Desk

Using wrong desk

Using a subpar desk is the main productivity problem that people face. They think that shelling out $50 dollars on a glorified plank of wood is good enough, but it really isn’t. 

You should really be looking for an ergonomic desk. Not only are these desks designed to help you work better and faster, but you can also stand with them. 

Let us elaborate. Standing desks are proven to result in more productive work. You don’t always want to work while standing, though, which is where this next mistake comes in. 

9. Not Switching up Your Position

Not switch up your position

The key to keeping your mind active is to regularly switch up your position. It’s partially why the Pomodoro technique is so popular.

While you can stretch yourself out every 30 minutes or so, a much more effective strategy is to switch from sitting to standing every hour. The Autonomous ergonomic desks cater to this extremely well.

You’re able to switch between standing and sitting at a button press thanks to the desk’s built-in motor. This lets you keep your mind and body engaged instead of falling into a stupor.

8. Not Getting Quite

Not getting quite

When you’re working from home, you need to be free from distractions. Get away from the kids, the partner, housemates, or anyone else liable to distract you from your work. 

Dedicate a specific time and place for you to not be disturbed, and you should notice your work rate flow. 

7. Working in Clutter

Working in clutter

A cluttered workspace equals a cluttered mind. 

If you’re working in a messy room and at a messy desk, you’re going to struggle to work to your optimum level. Even if you don’t notice it, it’s having an impact. 

Just keeping your space tidy is enough to avoid this mistake in productivity. Five minutes every week to give the place a quick clean is all you need. 

6. Using Bad Chairs

Using bad chairs

Similar to desks, people tend to drop $40 odd dollars on a chair and call it a day. While you can sort of get away with it when it comes to your desk, you really can’t with a chair

You’re going to be sitting down more than you’re standing in your office, so using the right chair is everything. 

You need an ergonomic design that’s going to keep you sat up straight. This is both for your mental productivity and for your physical health. 

5. Multitasking

You’ve got a million and one things to do; we get that. Unfortunately, if you want to be doing productive work, you need to separate everything. 

You can’t work at your maximum level if you’re not focusing on one task. 

4. Not Working to a Schedule

Perhaps the biggest shock that new home workers experience is having to work to their own schedule

It takes an extreme level of discipline and motivation to work from home on your own timetable, but it needs to be done. 

Otherwise, you run the risk of pushing things back. You tell yourself, “I’ll do it in an hour,” while you sit watching your favorite show on Netflix. 

Using a schedule helps to negate that and maximize your earning potential. 

3. Too Much Decoration

Too much decoration

Clutter isn’t just in the form of trash, believe it or not. 

If you’re a fan of keeping your place decorated, then that can be killing your productivity, too. 

Using a minimal design in your office is the go-to fix for that. Get rid of unnecessary knickknacks and only keep the important bits that mean something to you. 

2. Light, Light, Light

The importance of light on your productivity cannot be overstated. 

If you’re working in lowlight conditions, your brain goes into sleep mode. 

Combat this by letting in natural sunlight or even using sunlight mimicking bulbs. 

1. Get Some Exercise

Keeping active is vital when it comes to avoiding productivity mistakes. You don’t need to become a gym-head; even 15 minutes of yoga in the morning is typically enough for this. 

Keep your body active, and your mind is going to follow suit. When moving, you’re producing the chemicals that your brain needs to keep itself awake. 

Pros and Cons of a Productive Office


  • You work better and faster. 
  • You maximize your earning potential. 
  • You’re going to feel better about yourself.


  • There’s a lot of theory involved. 
  • Getting the right equipment can be expensive.
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