10 Reasons Why Should You Schedule Sit-Stand Session
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10 Reasons Why Should You Schedule Sit-Stand Session

|Oct 18, 2020

Traditionally, office workers spent all their time sitting while working. While standing desks made avoiding the dangers of sitting easier, standing all day was also not a good idea. To get the best of both worlds, people need to schedule sit-stand sessions efficiently.  

Of course, this works best when you have an adjustable standing desk in your ergonomic home office. Couldn't you learn how often you should stand up from your desk in a traditional setting? The problem with that is you lose out on the ability to work while you are standing. 

10 Benefits of Scheduling Sessions between Sitting & Standing 

It's an important standing desk tip to schedule sit-stand sessions to get the best out of your standing desk. Below is a collection of the aspects that feed into the benefits of doing so.  

1. Posture Maintenance 

One key benefit of sit-stand session scheduling is correcting your posture or maintaining a good one. Slouching and other poor posture behaviors that come with sitting are not a factor anymore.

Maintain you posture

Of course, you must use the standing desk properly to help, but not being consistently seated is great, too. Once you can maintain natural body positioning as you work, you're on the right track. 

2. Activity Potential 

No matter what shape you're in, the body has daily activity requirements. When you schedule sit-stand sessions, you're more likely to adhere to your unique needs in this regard.  

Of course, standing engages muscles, though it may seem like a passive activity. Additionally, if you are already standing, you are more likely to stretch and move around, contributing to a lack of sedentary behavior.  

3. Increased Calorie Burn 

Another sit-stand routine benefit is the ability to burn a larger number of calories. Is the calorie burn potential significant enough to warrant alternating positions? Regardless of which position you are in; your body has a passive calorie burn rate. 

Increase calorie burn

However, standing increases the burn rate per minute by 0.15. This may not sound like much, but it's still an increased number. It's best to take the advantages where possible, as minuscule as they may seem. 

4. Natural Build Requirements 

The human body is not designed for stationary behavior. Technically, if it were possible to move consistently, that would be the most beneficial outcome. Of course, there are energy and mobility limits that make such a thing unlikely. 

However, moving and standing enough trigger a healthy response from your body. Note that this applies regardless of how much exercise you do. The motion of alternating is a great reason to schedule sit-stand sessions.  

5. Likelihood for Movement 

Switching between seated and standing positions is an act that requires movement to carry out. As indicated before, this small measure of activity should not be taken for granted where your health is concerned. 

Likelihood for movement

Furthermore, whenever you're on your feet, you are more tempted to walk around the office or do a bit of stretching. Therefore, you open yourself to the benefits of movement whenever your intervals cause you to switch to a standing position.  

6. Energy Benefits 

Energy is a key factor where productivity is concerned. Having a greater pool of energy is linked to a better and more efficient office output. Unfortunately, if you are to remain seated consistently, you limit your energy gathering potential. 

However, you can energize yourself with light movements and simple standing desk exercises when you schedule sit-stand sessions. All you need to do is ensure you get in a little activity when it's standing time. 

7. Reduce Musculoskeletal Discomfort 

One key reason that you need to schedule sit-stand sessions is to get the best of both worlds. On the flip side, this means avoiding the potential downsides of being in either position for a prolonged period.  

Reduce Musculoskeletal discomfort

If you are sitting too long, your inefficient positioning may lead to blood flow constrictions and chronic pain. On the other hand, standing too long can lead to unwanted pressure on your joints. Switching positions means that you don't stay seated or standing long enough to deal with any of these problems.  

8. Balance the Potential Need of Both Positions

While the body isn't designed to be seated or standing too long, it still benefits from being in either position. By deciding to schedule sit-stand sessions, you allow yourself to have a positive experience on both sides of the spectrum. 

You need the benefits that come with standing. However, that doesn't mean those that come with sitting aren't important. By working with a schedule, you get to derive both sets of benefits at acceptable intervals.  

9. Better Concentration 

The improved blood flow that comes with using both positions as needed is beneficial to your brain. The blood carries oxygen, and this improves blood flow to the brain. 

Concentrate better with a standing desk

As is the case with any other organ, your brain's functional capacity increases with the oxygenated boost. Therefore, you can concentrate better.  

10. Increased Productivity

Productivity is another important part of the equation. Being seated or standing for too long reduces your comfort level. If you are uncomfortable, you lose a level of focus that allows you to be productive. 

That's why scheduling sit-stand sessions can be so important. Your body maintains natural forms of positioning, which makes it more efficient, comfortable, and productive.  

The Autonomous Desk Eureka 

The Autonomous Desk Eureka is the newest in the line of adjustable standing desks that make it easier and more convenient to schedule sit-stand sessions. Autonomous is known for other efficient designs, such as the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard). 

This adjustable standing desk makes it easy to switch from sitting to standing to work more efficiently and improve blood circulation. It can be raised and lowered smoothly thanks to its robust and noise-reducing desk frame and compact control panel with 4 levels and memory function.

Autonomous Desk Eureka

By having a desk that automatically handles interval switching for you, you can derive every sit-stand routine benefit mentioned above.

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