Rustic Industrial Style L-shaped Desks
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Rustic Industrial Style L-shaped Desks

|Mar 30, 2022

L-shaped desks have several benefits over rectangular work desks. They maximize the floor area, provide more surfaces to work on, and let you set up your workstation in the corner and often-ignored space. Corner desks are also great at giving you the privacy you need when working, and for people who work with multiple monitors, a corner desk is the most versatile option.

An industrial style L-shaped desk is the best fit for workplaces that use large monitor setups. Unlike a basic corner desk, an industrial wood L-shaped desk is great at bearing the load and keeping your monitor setup stable. An industrial L-shaped office desk is made with strength in mind and is usually a wooden platform combined with a steel frame. Hence, if you are looking for a spacious industrial desk setup, our best industrial L-shaped computer desks are below.

1. Autonomous Desk DuoSpace

Autonomous Desk DuoSpace industrial style l shaped desk

One of the most versatile and all-rounder desks for an industrial masculine home office, the smart desk corner is a modern L-shaped desk from autonomous. This desk is suitable for work purposes and does a great job for a gaming setup. You can easily flaunt an RGB gaming setup because the desk comes in black and white colors to maintain the theme effortlessly.

About the features, this desk is height adjustable and controlled by dual electric motors' action. The desk operates at a quiet decibel to not create any disturbance. You will get a load capacity of 400 pounds making the desk suitable for two to three extra-large monitor setups.

2. SHW Corner Desk

If you don't like a corner desk that takes up the entire room, the SHW desk is a compact office. The SHW Vista Corner Desk may appear to be a traditional L-shaped desk, but it disassembles into three components to fit into a small space.

Its smoked tempered glass top is stunning, and it even has a footrest bar to make sitting more comfortable. You'll have to put in some time to screw the components together, but the end product is well worth it. For designers with limited room, this is a great-looking industrial style L-shaped desk.

3. Bush Furniture L-shaped Desk

Bush Furniture industrial style l shaped desk

We all know industrial office furniture mainly depicts strength and power, and the vintage dark design is perfect for that. The bush L-shaped office desk is a perfect pick for executives and higher authorities. The desk has storage options on either side, so even two people can share the workspace.

Available in multiple dark hues, the desk maintains your home office's theme and plays a major role in providing you the comfort needed. Although this desk is not height-adjustable, it goes well with multiple ergonomic adjustable chairs.

4. Key West L-shaped Desk

Bringing the vibes of nature into your home, this smart desk is all wood and style. The desk has a wonderful sturdy design backed by stylish hues and smart colors. You can choose amongst the multiple dark colors, and the desk also offers more than enough working area.

Even though this industrial style L-shaped desk doesn't come with additional storage, we love the large surface that is enough to stack up against your files at one end while your laptop and screens accommodate the other end. Pretty from front and back, the desk will be the star of your room because of its exquisite design.

5. Earthsign L-shaped Desk

Earthsign industrial style l shaped desk

Consider incorporating a simple object into your workplace. If you desire an airy, streamlined look, the Earthsign v is a perfect addition to your computer corner desk. It features ample room for your printer, files, books, and other peripherals, as well as enough space for multiple displays if you're up to multitasking.

6. Ameriwood L-shaped Desk

If you think industrial design is all about wood, then wait till this desk changes your mind. The Ameriwood office desk marks perfect elegance and a blend of looks with this latest design. We love the metallic frame, which looks sleek and stylish but in no way is weaker in strength. The tempered glass is also made with high durability and can withstand enough load.

7. Sauder L-shaped Computer Desk

Sauder L-shaped Computer Desk

The Sauder L-shaped Computer Desk is a multifunctional and well-sized L-shaped computer desk that helps you keep things organized. The desk has a smart storage solution with two drawers of different sizes. You can assort your important documents and paperwork.

Because the desk is finished on all sides, including behind the drawers, you can use either side of the L-shaped desk as your primary workspace or place it in the middle of a room. You can choose between white and black, but there is no option for a wooden finish.

8. Bestier L-shaped Desk

The Bestier L-shaped desk is a rustic industrial L-shaped desk with enough storage options. The dark espresso shade bodes well to a rustic office design, and the desk is made with a steel frame and wooden desktop. You will find two bottom shelves on one edge that are spacious to keep books, gadgets, and your printers.

The desk surface is large enough to hold multiple screens, and you will find the average depth much larger than the usual. The anti-scratch desktop keeps the work desk good and new for the years to come.

9. TBfit L-shaped Desk

TBfit L-shaped Desk

The TBfit L-shaped desk gives a great impression as a modern industrial office desk. This desk is full of wonderful features and offers multiple storage options. You will get a cable port to organize all the wires, spacious storage shelves, and USB ports to ensure fast and reliable charging. One of the best things about this desk is the shape is fully adjustable to become a long desk instead of an L-shaped one.

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