Small-Space Hacks With 10 Small Home Office Ideas in UK
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Small-Space Hacks With 10 Small Home Office Ideas in UK

|Dec 12, 2020

As a remote worker, you may have set up your home office by now and are looking to make it as productive as possible. Chances are you might be struggling with space, and are interested in knowing more about the trending small home office ideas in the UK.

All those remote workers who are either living in a small house or apartment and are eager to learn how to design a small home office in their little space, would be happy to know that we have some valuable information on home office design trends here for you.

Addressing your requirement, we decided to review the most trending small home office designs of the UK to give you a better picture of how you can improve your work experience. It is often tough to stay productive in an utilised small office space as such places are quite distractive. Our simple small space hacks will help you boost your productivity and have a healthier experience overall. So, let's go-ahead to explore more.

10 Small Home Office Designs for UK

1. Corner Desk

If there are no enclosed rooms that can provide you privacy, you can consider creating your own home office corner by using a corner desk. Nowadays, L-shaped desks are one of the common standing desks in the UK and are among the most trending ones that you can use in this regard. Such desks take minimal space and provide you more room for keeping your accessories and PC conveniently.

Corner Desk

2. Small Desk Setup in Bedroom

Since you are short on space, you can even shift your home office to your bedroom. Adding a small desk setup anywhere in your bedroom can enhance your productivity. You can place a standing desk here as well because those desks come in multiple sizes, and you are aware of how a standing desk improves your work ergonomics. Since your bedroom is your resting spot as well, you can easily divide your resting and working time here.

Small Desk Setup in Bedroom

3. Increase the Storage Wall Unit

It is always better to add more shelves when you are short on space. You may hang floating shelves on the wall that is closest to your best home office desk. In this way, your accessories and documents become more accessible. Adding more and more modular shelves is always better.

4. Use the Kitchen

Using your kitchen as a place to set up your home office is among one of the innovative hacks that you can use to create a productive home office. This might sound unique to you, but it helps you keep more focused than you can be in your living room. Common distractions like television, and children, are usually not a concern here, so you can place a desk here to run your work smoothly.

Use the Kitchen

5. Place an Office Desk in Your Closet

You can dedicate your closet to your home office if you have some spare space there. A simple standing desk can be placed in that space, coupled with an ergonomic chair to ensure you have a hassle-free work experience. Your closet can serve as a quiet place away from the chaotic environment that a small house or apartment may have.

6. Add More Lights

Installing a full-spectrum light is always a better idea if you plan to set up a small home office. Since small homes and apartments are usually quite cozy, you must utilize space that is closer to some natural light source, such as a window. However, if that is not possible, a simple light bulb can be added to your workspace.

Add More Lights

7. Choose an Appropriate Color Combination

You can gain some small home office ideas from the modern office design concepts in this regard, as they are planned while keeping a good care of the color combination along with other work ergonomics. It is ideal that you select those colors that complement the color of the walls. Avoid going for a mix-matched color combination, as that will only make your workspace look more chaotic. You may choose a color scheme that is complementary to your home décor and paint the wall next to your table to maintain aestheticism.

8. Use the Garage

This hack is among the least heard yet trending small home office designs in the UK. You can create a DIY home office in your garage by placing your standing desk there. There are usually multiple plug-ins available in a garage, so powering your PC or fan won't be an issue here. However, you will have to install some garage heaters if you are working in winters.

Use the Garage

9. Bring an Ergonomic Chair

If you have questions regarding how to design a small office in the UK, you would know that adding an ergonomic chair is the latest fad. These chairs provide you a comfortable working experience and also help in eliminating back pain. So, having such a chair is equally important to any other home office furniture, as it will eventually enhance your productivity.

Bring an Ergonomic Chair

10. Use Your Small Space for a Dual Purpose

Small homes and apartments often face the issue of a lack of rooms, so dividing a larger room into two can be an ideal plan for small office design ideas. You can even use your guest room, if you have any, as your home office. Such rooms are usually left unused, so you do not get distracted while working there. You can even divide your living room into two and use it for welcoming your clients as well as for arranging your home office. In such places, using a movable desk would be vital.

Use Your Small Space for a Dual Purpose

Wrapping It Up

We believe that our discussion regarding the most innovative hacks will help you manage a small space pretty well. If you know the relevant hacks, you can ensure you are productive even remotely. Without them, it can become pretty challenging to manage your office work remotely, as any distractions directly impact your productivity.

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