10 Tips for An Interesting Small Waiting Room Design
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10 Tips for An Interesting Small Waiting Room Design

|Jul 6, 2022

Is your work the only thing that will impress your clientele while you can relax about all the other things? The answer seems straightforward, but our workplace design, professionalism, and how we deal with our clients are some factors that can make businesses loved and admired by the clients.

And businesses with in-house meetings and interactions with prospects and clients need to pay special attention to the design, office layout, and professionalism of their workplace. This means that the office layout should be able to speak volumes and depict professionalism, which will create the first big positive impression.

Hence, before you start speaking about your values and success and get onboard with promises, your clients will first come across your waiting room. Whether you have a large space on hand or a tiny place, the right small waiting room design and ideas can make a positive impact. You can embed various modern professional office décor and pair it with modern furniture and smart, impressive office lighting ideas.

While you could invest in multiple accessories to create a modern office design, it won't pay off until your small waiting room design ideas follow certain rules to build a harmonic relaxing space. This article will cover some small office waiting room design ideas that can be modified and scaled to any office waiting room design.

Small Waiting Room Design for Small Space

Here are some ideas to build an impressive small waiting room design.

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable Seating small waiting room design

If they are waiting, they probably need to sit, and if they are not comfortable, they cannot sit for more than a few minutes? So what do you get? A client who is already frustrated by a wobbly chair or a poking back seat dreading up each second spent in your office. For the waiting room, the seating plan looks aren't the only thing you need to pay attention to, but comfort is equally important.

Invest in ergonomic seating options like ergonomic chairs and ergonomic stools. If you want to make things more fun, opt for multiple designs of seating options that will provide both variety and comfort. Consider investing in modern furniture through the employee purchase program and lavishly decorating your waiting room.

Plan Enough Space

Figure out how busy your office is on its busiest day, and ensure enough available seating to handle that number. Avoid placing chairs so clients and visitors will have their backs to the door and instead use some end tables to break up the space. Poor seat arrangement causes anxiety in many people, especially in those areas where they already feel most vulnerable.

Your space should also speak about your type of work and professionalism. Invest in an industrial office design if your clients need to peek into your commitment to work.

Reception Desk

Reception Desk small waiting room design

Even if your visitors are sitting on a cloud, they will still get worrisome about the waiting time. Hence it would help if you were attentive and responsive to their precious time waiting. Having a reception desk with someone who responds to their queries is a good idea so they will not feel ignored or unattended. You can also use a digital token system where visitors can get their waiting number and be called for a meeting. A receptionist who communicates the reason behind their waiting will also be a positive impression.

Invest in Lighting

Bright fluorescent lighting will give your guests the impression that they are about to undergo questioning. Please give them a soft, brilliant light that feels a little cozier to calm their eyes and anxieties.

Try to incorporate some natural light wherever you can, as studies have shown that people respond favorably to it. Don't rely just on overhead lighting; also, add some delicate lamps to your end tables. Just be careful not to go too far in the opposite direction and create an uncomfortably dark waiting area.

Make it Fun

Make it Fun

Is it a doctor's office for kids or a place for intellectuals? Try to make your waiting room fun based on the likes of your visitors. Adding some board games, magazines, newspapers, or even a television sounds like a great idea.

Allow Tech Solutions

What's the first thing that pops into our minds when we sit idle? Our cellphones, right? After all, who would mind a little me time when they are relaxing? Provide your visitors smart access to the internet or charging ports, so they feel free to get lost in the virtual world.

Storage Options

Including the correct kind of storage near your business's entrance, such as coat hooks or storage benches, will make it simple for customers to leave coats, umbrellas, and other things behind when they enter and pick them up quickly when they depart.

Encourage Transparency

Encourage Transparency

Waiting and trying to figure out what's going on might be irritating. What on earth might everyone be doing behind those doors? Glass doors are sometimes used in waiting room office layouts to divide the waiting room from the back of the building so visitors can see you and your staff entering and exiting. Your visitors will know that you will reach them eventually if they see some activity.

Provide Snacks

A little table with a box of pastries, tea, and coffee is required to make the waiting area more tolerable. Place a mini-fridge with some bottled water and something to freshen up nearby.

Let Them Participate

Shouldn't they feel like an important and valuable asset to your organization? After all, that is what brings a client back. Ensure you encourage your visitors to speak about their experience with your brand. Please give them a feedback form or encourage open communication to learn about their experience.



Waiting is one of the worst things you can do to a human being, and it frustrates us beyond no measure. But in professional spaces waiting and being waited for are very common. Since you cannot eliminate your clients having a little time in the waiting room before you meet up with them, you must accept the fact and work on building a smart first impression through a killer waiting room design.

Thankfully for your waiting room to work and impress your clients, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars but a relaxing, calming waiting space is easier to achieve with just a simple investment and a few tips above. Now, let’s start!

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