Top 10 Cool and Unique Playing Card Designs for NFT Lovers
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Top 10 Cool and Unique Playing Card Designs for NFT Lovers

Autonomous|Feb 28, 2023

Playing cards have always been a popular game enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Over time, playing card design has evolved, with designers creating unique and visually stunning decks that are more than just a tool for gaming. 

With the rise of NFTs (Non-fungible Token), designers are now creating aesthetic playing card decks that are not only functional but also a piece of art, with limited edition NFTs that make them even more special. In this article, we will showcase 10 cool playing card designs for NFT lovers. 

From the simple and elegant Autonomous Nouns Playing Cards to the edgy and rebellious Contraband Playing Cards, these designs demonstrate the creativity and diversity of playing card design. Whether you are a collector or a player, these designs are sure to add an extra level of excitement to your next game night. 

The Best 10 Playing Card Design Decks in 2023

As the world continues embracing the convergence of art and technology, playing card design decks have become a canvas for creative expression and imagination. Here are some cool playing card designs: 

1. Autonomous Nouns Playing Cards

Autonomous and Nouns worked together to create this art-playing card deck. Players can enjoy the NFT design while playing with friends thanks to each card's prominent display of the pixelated layouts that have come to be linked with Nouns. 

These Autonomous Nouns Playing Cards  improve the traditional design to a higher level of luxury. They have a smooth matte finish that gives them a premium feel, are 100% water-resistant, and are made of incredibly durable plastic-coated material. 

2. Contraband Playing Cards

This aesthetic playing card deck stands out thanks to its distinctive personality and eye-catching design. It has a rugged yet attractive appearance that perfectly fits the term "booty," and its appearance is symbolic of something you might discover on a sinking pirate ship. 

Grab a deck of Contraband cards right away to take your card playing to a new level and ensure you don't miss out on experiencing this masterpiece. 

3. Prohibition

The Prohibition Collection began as a simple idea: to design vintage-themed playing card decks that were influenced by the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s. 

Moreover, the collection provides both players and collectors with a wholly immersive experience, with each deck expressing a different alcoholic beverage. 

To complete the experience, a wooden prototype box was created to store the decks. The collection has a vintage and rustic feel to it because the box was made using a fence board from the backyard.

Prohibition - playing card design

4. Mystery Box

The Mystery Lockbox is a must-have for the ultimate playing card collector. This art-playing card deck was made by hand from 100-year-old reclaimed wood and contains 12 decks of the highly sought-after Mystery Box Playing Cards.

Furthermore, the lockbox is a piece of art in addition to being useful. An alphanumeric combination lock is used to secure each box, guaranteeing the security of its contents. Mystery Box's logo is iron-branded on the box's lid, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the package. 

5. Charity: Water

You're not just receiving a deck of cards when you decide to buy charity: water-playing cards; you're also changing someone's life. This nonprofit is committed to giving people in developing countries access to safe and clean drinking water because water-borne illnesses claim more lives there each year than any other form of violence, such as war.

Charity: Water - playing card design

6. Bruce Lee Playing Cards

This memorable aesthetic playing card deck includes 52 of Bruce Lee's most famous quotes in remembrance of his legacy, providing players with a singular opportunity to engage with the knowledge of one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. 

Each card is exquisitely created and presented in a satin-finish tuck package printed on both the inside and the outside. The Jeet Kune Do symbol that seals the box contributes to the deck's overall good looks. 

7. AVES Playing Cards

This deck of cards, which is made from abundant Bicycle card stock, is both functional and a beautiful piece of artwork. Karina Eibatova, a gifted Russian artist now residing in London, hand-illustrated the deck. 

Additionally, each card in the deck features a distinctive illustration that highlights Karina's sensitive and thorough style, and the deck's fantastical design draws inspiration from birds all over the world.

8. MailChimp

With custom court cards and incredibly thin borders, the MailChimp aesthetic playing card deck is the ideal fusion of natural elements and iconic imagery. 

The deck is a true work of art thanks to its two exquisite colors—vibrant red and deep black. Moreover, the MailChimp playing cards will dazzle you whether you're playing a game of poker or just looking at the artwork.

MailChimp - playing card design

9. The Design Deck

Look no further than The Design Deck if you're searching for a novel and useful way to learn graphic design and play with cards. This art-playing card deck serves as both a functional tool and a helpful manual for those new to the field of graphic design. 

Each of the deck's 52 faces includes a useful nugget of knowledge about graphic design, ranging from color theory and typography to design methods and history. The information is accompanied by stunning visual illustrations that carry each concept to life. 

10. Glitch

Due to its distinctive and appealing design, the Glitch aesthetic playing card deck was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The deck uses a traditional layout and gives each card a glitch effect to give it a unique appearance that is sure to impress. 

Despite the concept's undeniable awesomeness, not everyone may enjoy it. It might be a little irritating to play with the glitches if you have a propensity for OCD. On the other hand, the Glitch deck is a fantastic option for people who value style over perfection.

Glitch - playing card design


Playing card design has come a long way from the traditional designs of the past. With the advent of NFTs, designers are creating playing card decks that are both functional and visually stunning. The 10 designs showcased in this article are just a small sample of the vast array of cool playing card designs available in the market. 

Whether you are a collector or a player, there is a playing card design out there for everyone. These designs are more than just a tool for gaming – they are works of NFT art that are meant to be appreciated and enjoyed.

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