Top 10 Vintage Brass Standing Lamps
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Top 10 Vintage Brass Standing Lamps

|Feb 21, 2022

It is tough to realize how a tiny smart lamp can elevate the entire look and interior of your home. From the best floor lamp for the office to the best floor lamp for reading, lamps aren't just used for illumination purposes but also give an overall aesthetic vibe. Lamps are great at providing controlled illumination and are cheaper than central lighting.

With a lamp, you can substantially improve your room's ambiance and create a great impression. Considering how our surroundings affect and impact our moods, choosing a few brass standing lamps can bring an overall joyful experience. This article will list the top brass floor standing lamps that suit a home office setup, a reading room, living room, or even a bedroom.

Best Vintage Brass Standing Lamps

Below are some top-of-the-line antique brass floor standing lamps in 2022.

1. Logan Floor Lamp

Logan brass standing lamp

The Logan Led floor lamp from Brightech is available in black and brass. The Logan floor lamp looks aesthetically pleasing and is one of the best floor lamps for the living room and your bedroom. This lamp boasts a contemporary design with a tall slim look that arcs to give the perfect lighting angle.

We love the solid marble base that is not just about looks as it provides the right level of strength and stability to the entire structure. The adjustable arm length also ensures you can vary the angle and the energy-efficient 9.5W bulb lowers the electricity consumption. This Logan floor lamp also has a foot pedal switch which makes it a user-friendly pick for people who have back pain and don't want to bend down to operate the lamp.

2. Sphere Floor Lamp

Sphere brass standing lamp

The Brightech Sphere floor lamp is a modern-looking lamp for modern places. The gorgeous brass finish adds a vintage touch, and the two spheres are made with frosted glass to give off a diffusing action. The long-lasting LED bulbs are low-power, reducing electricity consumption substantially.

Another great thing about this brass standing lamp is the 20-year lifespan; hence this product is a one-time investment. With a five-year warranty, you can rely on it to be a lasting lamp in your home, and the warm light makes every place cozy and pleasant.

3. Luna Floor Lamp

Luna brass standing lamp

Brightech Luna floor lamp is a simple design with a modern take. The lamp has an energy-efficient LED bulb combined with a weighted metal base for extra durability. This lamp is suitable for a home with kids, so you don't have to worry about it toppling over and getting broken.

The foot pedal switch makes it easy to use, and we also love the color temperature of up to 3000 kelvin; hence you get a nice warm glow in your home. The modern design complements various types of home offices and workplaces.

4. Tripod Floor Lamp

If you have a room all about you and the extra things you love, bring in a little glamor with this tripod floor lamp. The tripod floor lamp has a design of the 90s, so there is that vintage vibe that you love so much. This design combines both vintage and modernity, and you will love how this studio-style lamp compliments and sits well in any room of the home.

The lamp comes with a floor switch to bring an easy, user-friendly option, and the best thing is the shutter so you can dim and brighten up the light as you need. This is a lamp that can be used 24/7 and if you want a pretty late night effect, pair it with a yellow light bulb.

5. Antique Style Brass Floor Lamp

Antique Style Brass Floor Lamp

Not only is this brass standing lamp made up of antique brass material, but its design is also completely antique, which is what we love most about it. The lamp brings an instant uplift of vintage to your home with a bell-type lampshade. You will be surprised at asking for this one kind vintage-looking modern office lamp at a very reasonable price.

6. Vienna Floor Lamp

Get a touch of extra luxury with this chandelier-style Vienna floor lamp, as chandeliers are the go-to light design for understated glamor. They're not only stunning to look at, but they also cast some of the most exquisite shadows. This light has an art deco air to it because of its simple cut crystals, and it's slim enough to fit nicely in a corner without taking up too much space.

7. Black Monday Brass Lamp

Black Monday Brass Lamp

It's as basic as that: the Black Monday is a black and antiqued brass column set in a solid marble disc. This is one of those brass standing lamp designs that will never go out of style. This lamp has a vintage-style base and brass leg, but the lampshade is also made to mark a statement of its kind. We also love the sleek round base that keeps the lamp in its position.

8. Threshold Brass Floor Lamp

This brass standing lamp is priced at less than $100; hence how about buying a bunch of them at once. With a 55 inch tall leg, the petite floor lamp would make a perfect partner for your home and even office. You can use it for bedtime reading or even tough work as the light centers to give you maximum focus.

9. Miami

We are probably understated but ready to make a difference; the Miami brass vintage-style lamp is what we love. This lamp is a special gift for offices that want to captivate the impression at first sight but don't want to be too loud either. The 140 cm pure brass exudes class and depicts a vintage look. The tripod base is added for extra stability, so the lamp doesn't topple over and break over minute hits.

10. Eichholtz Floor Lamp

This brass standing lamp integrates baroque design elements into a modern structure with its gilted stand and rich burgundy shade, while the tapering corners and hefty base give it a high-quality feel. It's a beautifully crafted piece that will undoubtedly become a family heirloom.


Lamps are just as important as the artwork on the walls and the carpeting on the floor. When matched with the appropriate lampshade, these ornamental pieces can be a useful focal point in any space where people prefer to congregate.

Although there are tons of online options, one must choose the one that befits their needs. Consider the size of the room, the table, and the lamp's location before choosing. There are numerous options to choose from. Hope those recommended products give you some ideas for your needs.

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