10 Ways For Students To Make Money While Studying

10 Ways For Students To Make Money While Studying

|Sep 15, 2020

Studying in a university is a brilliant opportunity, and many college-goers claim that they’re some of the best years of their lives. Have you ever wonder how to make money as a student? You're given a lot of free time to gain unforgettable experiences, make money while studying and mingle with fellow students.

However, this free time is best experienced when you have some money to spend. Along with that, student life requires you to know how to stretch a buck, and small budgets are popular among most who attend college, and extra money is always good to have. Luckily, there are ways to make money as a student, which provides you with some extra spending cash.  

With that being said, you still need to concentrate your efforts on studying rather than working. Finding a money-making opportunity that accommodates this is exceptionally challenging. Well, there’s no need to fear because we have researched some of the best ways for college students to make money online without having to pull their attention away from studies.

These money-making opportunities need to come with a disclaimer. You shouldn’t expect to earn a bucket-load of money from these money-making schemes. There are some exceptions on this guide to make money while studying list, but generally speaking, this is just reasonable money for very little effort. It’s not a ‘salary’ amount.

How Can I Earn Money While Studying?

Unlike most articles about ways to make money as a student, we have specifically gathered information on opportunities that can be done without distracting you from your studies. We understand that most students want to make money while studying without sacrificing their work.

This makes getting a typical job that needs dedication and effort out of the question. Now, you're asking, "then how can I earn money while studying?" We have found a variety of ways for college students to make money online that aren't technically classified as a 'job' per se. Don't believe us? Just keep reading to find out more about how to make money as a college student.

1. Participate in online surveys

Filling out online surveys has become an increasingly popular way for students to make money in their spare time. Research companies are continually looking for new members globally to test new products and answer surveys. This is an excellent opportunity to make money while studying.

Online Surveys to earn extra money as student

Spending a few minutes filling out a survey can earn you a couple of dollars. This can either be paid out as rewards or cash, and you may be lucky enough to come across surveys that offer five dollars. A good website to earn money through surveys is called Swagbucks.

Pros: Easy money

Cons: Higher paying surveys are sparsely available

2. Search the web

This seems impossible, right? How can you earn money from searching on the internet? Well, it's possible, and it's one of the best ways for college students to make money online. You don't need to commit any time to this money-making opportunity. You simply get paid for doing what you already do. So, how does it work?

Qmee.com created this innovative idea, and all you need to do to get earning is to install an add-on to your browser. Now you can carry on with your searches and make money while studying and searching online. You may find that there are a few results that are sponsored along with your regular search results.

Search the web for money earning opportunityThis is a great money-making platform as you are paid in cash (there aren't any rewards), and there is no minimum cashout amount. Whenever you want to cash out, no matter what amount you are owed is wired into your PayPal account – no questions asked.

Pros: No minimum cashout and it doesn’t take time away from your work or leisure 

Cons: Sponsored search results appear 

3. Review apps and websites

If you’re pretty nifty around a web browser, which most college students are, then this is one of the best ways to make money as a student. All you’re required to do is browse and review different websites.

Review apps and websites help student make moneyThis is all made possible through UserTesting.com. Reviewing a website usually takes 20 minutes and gives you $10 that’s paid through PayPal. Pretty easy money if you ask us, and it fits with any student’s schedule.

Pros: Ability to earn $10 in 20 minutes

Cons: Can disrupt schedule if wanting to make a large sum of money

4. Use “Get Paid To” sites

‘Get Paid To’ sites are another answer to the question, ‘how can I earn money while studying?’ A GPT site is similar to doing online surveys. However, the difference is that you get rewarded in vouchers or cash from completing a variety of activities and offers online.

It isn’t limited to only completing surveys. You can also get paid for playing a game, downloading an app, and many more. The money earned through these sites is straightforward and pretty decent too.

Get Paid To sitesConsidering that you aren't really doing anything to earn this money, it can be regarded as one of the easiest ways for college students to make money online. You're merely completing tasks that you already do anyway – why not get paid for it! Toluna is an excellent GTP site to try out. 

Pros: Easy money

Cons: It takes time to accumulate decent cash

5. Sell your notes

Another great way to make money while studying is to sell your notes. If you're one of those students who doesn't mind sharing their notes, this could be one of many excellent ways to make money as a student.

There are sites that provide you with the best virtual meeting platform to sell your notes. All you need to do is upload your summaries, along with the price. You get paid when another student downloads it.

Many sites, like Nexus Notes, are free for anyone to use. However, these sites tend to take a percentage of the money you earn from your notes' sales. This is to cover costs such as marketing.

Sell your notesYou need to upload PDF, but these notes can be handwritten. Nonetheless, you are more likely to gain an increase in downloads if you type the notes out instead.

Pros:  You can make money off of work you’ve already done

Cons: Not guaranteed that people are going to download your notes

6. Sell course books

Another one of the best ways to make money as a student is to buy other students' textbooks when they are finished with them at the end of the year. Keep them for the new intake of students to come and advertise these books. Students are more inclined to buy second-hand books than new ones because new coursebooks have a reputation for being very expensive.

Sell course booksThis is a way to make money while studying, as all you need to do is advertise these books around your university or on Amazon Marketplace. However, it’s important to note that Amazon takes a commission on book sales.

7. Rent your car parking space

A lot of student accommodation comes with a parking space. If you don't use this parking space and live in a busy area, it's a great chance to make money while studying. There are lots of people who probably have to drive to the city center to work and pay a daily fortune for parking. You then have a market to rent out your parking space.

Rent your car parking spaceAlthough this may seem very strange, it actually is quite common, and there's a variety of people who do it. You can advertise your parking space on many different platforms, such as JustPark.

Pros: Passive income that doesn’t require any work

Cons: No guarantee that people are going to use the parking

8. Become a freelance model

If you're comfortable in your body and don't mind taking off your clothes, then doing life modeling may be an option for you to make money while studying. All that is required of you is to sit there and let artists draw, sculpt, or paint pictures of you. There are many sites that are available all over the internet, which specialize in this kind of exchange.

This is a very different way to make money as a student. Nonetheless, it can also be a great experience. You're in college and making a lot of memories – this could be one of them. It could also end up being a great story one day. You never know, you may really enjoy doing life modeling, and you get to meet some pretty cool people at the same time.

Become a freelance modelParticipating in clinical trials is also one of many great ways to make money as a student. However, be sure to understand the risks that are involved with each trial and make the decision to see if the money is worthwhile. These can be great ways to make money while studying.

However, it's imperative to remember that you shouldn't do anything you aren't comfortable with just for some extra cash, even if you're desperate.

Pros: Very good money that’s easy to come across

Cons: May not be something you’re comfortable with doing

9. Watch videos

This is another way to make money from doing something you already do in your normal day-to-day life. There are a variety of sites that provide you with the opportunity to sit back, ways to relax after work, and watch videos that are trying to go viral.

By doing this, you can make money while studying – literally. You can put these videos on, mute it, and continue studying. Let the money roll in while you remain doing what you would already be doing anyway. It’s a win-win situation.

Watch videosSome of these videos that you can watch include adverts, music videos, tutorials, and many more.

Pros: Can continue to study while earning money

Cons: A limit is usually set on how much you can watch each day

10. Entering contests

This comes without saying, but we're mentioning it anyway – contests don't come with any guarantee of winning. However, this is still a pretty good way of getting some money if you do win, and if you're somewhat of a lucky person, then why not?

Entering contestsWhat contests are worthwhile entering? The Autonomous Friend Referral Contest is an excellent one to enter.

Pros: Chance of winning a large sum of money

Cons: Money isn’t guaranteed

10.1 How about entering our Autonomous Friend Referral Contest?

We have an excellent contest that you shouldn’t miss. This is the Autonomous Friend Referral Contest. There is no entry fee involved when entering the contest. All you need to do is refer a friend to Autonomous, and you're automatically eligible in the race to win the prize money.

10.2 How much is this prize money?

Autonomous is offering a whopping $2,000 to the winner. This can keep many students going for quite a while, and there aren't any hidden agendas. All you need to do is refer to as many friends as possible, and you're entered. 

10.3 How can you win?

There isn’t anything else required from you other than referring friends and driving them to  Autonomous. The person who refers one or more friends to Autonomous and acquires the highest total value from these friends purchasing Autonomous products wins.

11. Participate in Autonomous DIY Campaign

If you’re creative, love painting and design, and have some spare time on your hands, look no further than the Autonomous DIY Campaign to make money while studying! This limited campaign from Autonomous could get you a free SmartDesk Core (valued at $499), and for the winners, a grand prize of $2,000 cash!

Autonomous is looking to refresh its SmartDesk customization options with all-new designs created by its customers. The Autonomous community has always been a DIY haven, with our highly adaptable desk frame suitable for nearly any kind of table top. Beyond customizability, Autonomous SmartDesks come with a variety of color and finish options, including black, white, bamboo, white oak, and walnut. 

Now, Autonomous is taking things to the next level with custom painted designs. The winning entries will not only receive a $2,000 cash prize, but their table top designs will be mass produced and sold on the Autonomous website! 

Interested? All you need to do is submit your portfolio to Autonomous campaign for review. The team will review all entries, and qualified applicants will immediately be shipped a completely free SmartDesk Core

Do you have what it takes? Enter now and get creative. You could win big, and share your art with your custom table top design purchased by corporate offices and households around the world. Then, how to earn money as a student is not a big problem any more!

Participating in Autonomous DIY Campaign

What is Autonomous?

Autonomous is a company that specializes in offering its consumers ergonomic and automated office equipment. This business is well-known for providing some of the best standing desks on the market. Its height adjustable standing desks are best-selling and are designed with the ability to boost your productivity, health, and mood.

Don’t believe that a desk can do that? Well, scientifically speaking, increased standing improves your overall health in a multitude of ways. Autonomous is simply the middle man and provides you with an excellent quality device that aids in increasing your standing each day in an organic manner.

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Why Do You Need an Autonomous Workstation?

As mentioned before, standing is extremely good for you. However, many people are limited to the amount of time they spend standing. For example, college students are usually in lectures or at a desk. This is their normal day-to-day and takes up more of their hours within the day. This leaves very little time to stand, which can be detrimental to your health.

Back problems decreased productivity and mood, and increased blood sugar can all result from standing too little and sitting too much. So, how do you fix this? That's where Autonomous' brilliant sit-stand desks come in. These desks provide you with the ability to stand comfortably while working at your desk. Thus, increasing your standing and improving your overall health.

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