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10 Ways that Company can Support Parents Working from Home
Remote Working

10 Ways that Company can Support Parents Working from Home

|Sep 26, 2021

The new concept of work from home has been a trouble for many people, and we all faced enough challenges transitioning to this phase. While some loved being close to their families and enjoyed improved flexibility, some missed the quiet and professionalism of a proper workplace. In addition, especially for parents working from home, it has been the hardest to focus and manage the children at once with daycares being closed.

They could be peeking during the meetings, or sometimes a kid could have the biggest emotional breakdown while the parent is having the most important meeting of the day. It is true that the best home office setup gives you the required environment to work but parenting while working from home gets hard in many ways.

Thankfully this challenge is widely recognized and understood by even employers; thus, there are many ways in which an organization can provide the proper work-life balance to their employees and also make it easy for parents working from home.

How to Support Parents Working From Home

How to Support Parents Working From Home

As the work from home routine began, the organization paid close attention to the change in productivity and motivation levels. Hence, many workplaces observed a substantial rise in productivity thanks to the flexibility work from home provides. This has made many businesses opt for remote work and thus give their employees the right work from home supplies.

This also means organizations are devising and finding ways to improve flexibility further, so employees feel more valued hence work properly. From learning the performance management definition to the introduction of various ways for things to happen smoothly, here are some good parenting tips for working mothers and how organizations can make this hard time easier.

Talk to Your Employees

Talk to Your Employees

Just because your employee has a hard time managing doesn't mean they won't be able to manage in any way. You can help them by communicating with them and learning about what and how they want things to be done. This will help in finding common ground. For example, maybe they need flexible hours or a few hours break at a time.

Outcome-Based Work

The benefit of remote working is that it is outcome-based rather than work-hours-based. Therefore, there should be some flexibility between work and home as long as working parents accomplish their goals, file their reports, and attend essential meetings.

Support Programs

Support Programs

Maybe work isn't their major problem but managing other things with work is the real issue. Thankfully you can introduce various support programs for the parents to help them out throughout the day.

Working parents will be more engaged and productive if they have flexible work schedules and a solid support program. Working parents may value the option to receive prepared meals or child care assistance through the organization. This will also make your employees feel valued and understood, and soon they will like to work for you.

Identifying the Employees

Maybe some of your employees aren't speaking up because they fear losing their jobs. Make sure you create a platform strong and safe enough so everyone can come forward and speak up about their issues. If the employees are under work pressure and can keep themselves productive, this will only result in mental stress and worsen the condition over time.

Customized Schedule


Don't make the mistake of thinking that one size fits all. Allow for flexibility in the workweek. For some, this may entail a four-day workweek with ten-hour days. For others, three days in the office and two days working remotely may be the norm. Allowing employees to submit a flexible work schedule will foster an empowering culture.

Accepting Flexibility

Accepting Flexibility

Things have changed amidst the pandemic, and there is nothing sad or worrisome about it. However, in modern modes of working, flexibility is a must-have quality. Therefore, employers must collaborate with employees to come up with the most innovative assistance options.

Allow working parents to devote the time they need to their families. Employees are continually working digitally and are productive regardless of the time or place they work. Therefore the typical 9-to-5 workday no longer exists.

Mental Wellness

We are in this together, and sometimes this is all that we need to hear. During the COVID-19 outbreak, employers should provide extra support to frightened, puzzled, or afraid employees. They can also assist parents working from home in assisting their children in dealing with worry and dread. In addition, employers should make certain that only reliable information is disseminated and that all employees have access to psychosocial treatments.

Tips for Moms Working From Home

Tips for Moms Working From Home

Parenting tips while working from home is essential to find the right time to work and maintain a work-life balance. Many parents suffered from depression because they couldn't keep their kids busy nor manage a proper work schedule. This doesn't mean you are bad at parenting or work, but learning to manage things might require time and practice.

So if you see your mom or dad struggling with this change, how about getting them a gift for work from home dad, which will tell them they are doing well and help with work? Besides that, here are a few tips for working moms.

Set up a Routine

Without routine, everything is chaos, whether it's work or life. Even if you have the flexibility to work at any set of hours during the day, the right routine can bring clarity to your life. Setting a consistent routine will seem hard at first, but soon you will feel uneasy without it. So while you allocate some time for yourself, make sure your kids have a routine nearest to their pre-pandemic life too.


No, this won’t make you a bad employee! Inform your supervisor or employer ahead of time that you have children at home and that you cannot guarantee that work calls will be uninterrupted. Also, speak with your children. Let them know that, while it may be a weekend or vacation because everyone is at home, it is a very uncommon situation that requires you to work from home.

Plan Some Activities for Them

Plan Some Activities for Them

Depending on your work schedule and your child's age, plan various activities that require the least parental guidance, such as games, puzzles, exercise boxes, and so on.

You can also let them use some safe applications and watch their favorite shows to keep themselves occupied. If these activities fail to keep kids engaged, have backup activities ready.

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