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10 Ways To Get Value For Money With Your Online Office Chair Purchase

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 10, 2018

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Is online office chair purchase going to give you the right chair for the job? Many people think this is not the right way to go about getting an ergonomic office chair. Well, we cannot blame them.

After all, many people want to test office equipment to be sure they are perfect for them. However, you can still order a chair online, save money and at the same time, get the very best ergonomic chair for your needs.

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If you have an office job, you are in line for chronic back pain in future, even if it will happen in your senior age. Not to ring any alarm bell though, but sitting is the new smoking. It has come to a time where any chair cannot be used as an office chair. Everyone should get a chair that is designed to enhance the natural alignment of the spine as much as possible.

When we say an ergonomic office chair, we mean a chair that is ergonomic in every way possible. This chair should be comfortable, of the right height and of the right width. It should also have the right fabric for breathability and most of all, it should not make you feel tired in any way.

The most important features in an office chair include the height, the headrest, the armrests and the firmness or softness of the seat. You also consider the recline angle of the backrest. That way, you are assured that you will be ok even if you spend many hours at work.

Considering all these things, is it possible to buy a good office chair online, and get all of the features? Apparently yes, as you will see in this article.

When choosing an office chair online, you will see that there is a chair for just about any budget. The more the features in an office chair, the more features that a chair has, the more money it is going to cost. Remember, what you will get is what you will pay for.

Since this is likely to be a one-off purchase for a long time, it is better to spend a little more money and get as many features as you may need than to pay just a little money and get fewer features.

Why order an ergonomic office chair online?

Yeah, why buy online when you can walk into any furniture store and get what you want? In fact, the question should be: Why buy anything online at all? But there are more reasons than just saving time, or ordering from the comfort of home.

How to get value for money with your online office chair purchase

Create a good shopping plan

Just as you make a good plan when you are buying anything else online, you need a good plan for buying office chairs.

You have to find out what form of office chair would be good for your needs. For example, if you work in a hot and humid area, then you would probably need an ergonomic office chair with a meshed back. That would allow good breathability and airflow. You need good air circulation to avoid sweat buildup on your back.

If the office is in a cool area, then you do not necessarily need a chair with a meshed back. A closed fabric back could be great, but you have to ensure that it is also breathable. A little air circulation on a chair never hurt anyone.

Consult the people who will be using the chair. If you are replacing your employee’s chairs, ask them for some input. It’s they who will be sitting on the chairs, so it is a good idea to get their input.

When you go to make your online office chair purchase, always have the future in mind. Buy chairs that will last a long time. Spend a little more on your office chairs and you will be a long time before you go back to the market to look for new ones.

There are low prices for chairs sold online

The best thing about ordering office equipment and furniture online is that they are more affordable than when you buy them in the local brick and mortar store.

Remember, there is no walk-in display online where a customer can go and test the product before buying. The sense of touch, smell and feel is not applicable when you are buying online. Thus, vendors, and retailers use lower prices to entice buyers to buy. This compensates for the lack of a walk-in display.

Some office chairs can be quite expensive online. Now, when you see such a high price on an office chair that you want to buy online, do not fret. You can be sure the chair would cost you more than that in a brick and mortar furniture store. Besides, the more expensive a chair is, the more features it has and the longer it will last.

It is really a matter of finding a balance between cost and features. Some chairs can last a long time, a good number of years without even bursting the fabric. Some can last a few months of use.   

Maximize on comfort

No matter how expensive the chairs you buy for your employees will be, if they are not comfortable, then you have not gotten good value for your money.

There are a few features to consider for comfort alone.

One of them is the seat, how firm it is, how well curved it is at the edge. Nothing could be worse than sitting down on an office chair for long hours with the edge pressing against the backs of your knees. A seat with a waterfall design edge is best for everyone.

Another thing that you have to consider is how far the back can lean. The further it can go the better. Sometimes, when there is too much work, employees find themselves working longer than usual. In that case, you want them to have chairs that they can tilt far back and take a snooze.

Armrests and headrest are the other comfort features that a chair should have. They should be adjustable to suit people of different heights. Even if the headrest is not adjustable, that is fine, but the armrests should be adjustable.

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Look at a wide variety of chairs

Online, there is a much bigger variety of office chairs. Consider the kind of variety that you see when you buy an office chair from a place like the online marketplace. It does not matter what style, color, shape and size of an ergonomic office chair you want because you will find it.

Your choice of an office chair will depend on many things. You can choose high back chairs that cover your whole back when you sit. If a chair has a high back, it is very good for your shoulders. It will help prevent stiffness in the shoulders. You may also want to choose a chair with a headrest as that can help keep your neck aligned with your back. This ensures proper back health.

Low back chairs are also good, but they are perfect for people who do not sit down for too long.

Just remember that human beings are made to be mobile most of the time. Thus, when you confine them to chairs to sit down for too long, you had better make sure the chairs are very comfortable.

Look for a highly adjustable chair at a good price

One of the greatest attributes of an office chair is adjustability. The more adjustable it is the better. If you look at the bottom side of the chair, you should see buttons, knobs and levers. All of them have their uses. Now, chairs that have many adjustable features are highly priced. However, when you buy one online, you will get it at a good price.

At all costs, avoid chairs with fixed features, that is, unless they are customer chairs that will not be used for long hours. Besides, an adjustable chair can be used by all people, both big framed and small framed employees.

When you buy online, you actually get the opportunity to compare the features in the chairs one by one.

Read reviews left by other users

The top benefit for buying an ergonomic office chair online is that you get the best value for your money. Contrary to what most first-time buyers think, when you buy something like this online, you can read reviews left by the other users.

From these reviews, you can find out whether the chair is any good. You will see the features that it has, the size and even the material used to make it. Buying an office chair online is not really making a blind purchase.

By the time you are done reading about the item that you want to buy, it will feel as if you know everything about it. Besides, user reviews can help you know whether it is worth buying or not. Avoid ergonomic office chairs that have many negative reviews.

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Buy chairs offered with discounts

Enjoy good discounts when you buy office chairs online. If you look at different stores and vendor websites, you will see that they sell things at slashed prices. When you shop during the special shopping holidays such as Black Friday, you can be sure of enjoying a good discount on your office chair.

Before you can pay for that chair with your credit card, just know one thing – there is always room for discounts. Thus, always ask for a discount. It is better to ask and be told there is no discount than to just buy and miss a discount just because you did not ask.

Look for coupons and coupon codes in the local dailies and in the discount websites. Try looking for coupon codes on sites like There, you can find a coupon code for just about anything.

All things considered, the best place to get a discount is on the vendor/retailer’s website. Just contact support and ask whether there is a discount on the chair that you would like to buy.

You can even ask whether they offer free shipping and so on. Even if there is no direct discount, perhaps they can give you a discount on some of the accessories that you would need to go with your chair.

Any kind of discount is good

Because office chairs last a long time, this means there are not as many buyers looking for them as there is for other items. That is why there are always discounts on office chairs.

Some are popular discounts such as 30 percent off on the price, 20 percent off on the price and so on. However, there are other less popular discounts such as 5 percent off the price (it is still a discount), 5 percent off and free shipping, 10 percent off $200 and so on. Any discount is a good save if it is on an item that you would have used anyway.

The point is, there are so many discounts for office chairs online. You just have to be ready to do the footwork to get them. Sign up for newsletters and make a point of looking at them. That is where coupon codes are sent.

If you are starting your small business, you know money can be hard to come by. That is why you need the best for the lowest price possible.

Read the fine print before paying

If you get a discount on your online office chair purchase, do not jump at the deal, at least not just yet. You have to read the fine print around the discount.

Ok, you could get a real good discount of 25 percent of the selling price. However, when you look at the shipping cost that you have to pay, you realize that you really did not get any discount, or when you subtract the amount for the discount, you realize that the discount is only 5 percent.

Know everything, all the costs involved upfront before you can buy the chair.


As you have seen here, getting value for your online office chair purchase need not be daunting at all. Just follow the tips here. However, you may wonder what you will be getting for all this trouble. The comfort of an office worker means more productivity, and fewer hospital breaks. If you want the job done, then you have to get your people the right tools for the job. Buying the best ergonomic office chairs for your employees also shows that you care about their future. It has been established that using the wrong office chair can cause chronic back pain in future.

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