10 Ways to Stay Sane During the Holiday
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10 Ways to Stay Sane During the Holiday

|Dec 23, 2020

Unfortunately, people seem to forget that holistic health involves both physical and mental components. The mental health aspect of it does not get the level of attention that it's due, which leads to some dire consequences. It's important to stay sane during the holiday, so you can recharge and prepare for the coming year.  

Doing this effectively requires a concentrated effort on your part, but that doesn't need to be as taxing as it may sound. You don't even need to spend too much time thinking about the different ways to keep sanity during holiday, as you can take advantage of the 10 tips below and check out Autonomous Christmas Sale 2020 right now. 

1. Upgrade Your Workspace

Your need to stay sane during the holiday can be affected by the equipment you have at your disposal. Physical discomfort or inadequate facilities can translate to various mental health issues, which means that your sanity could take a big hit. 

The holiday season is typically a time for bringing in the new year with new stuff anyway. Consider moving to an adjustable standing desk and an ergonomic chair to help you work more comfortably. 

Upgrade Your Workspace

2. Do Some Exercise While You Work

Depending on the kind of work you do, the chances are that you aren't going to be spending your entire holiday season relaxing. Some level of work is in order, and you need to keep yourself as healthy as possible while you get your tasks done. 

Practice taking breaks in between your tasks, and do some exercise as well. No one expects you to launch into a full two-hour workout in the middle of your workday, but at least do some exercises at your desk

Do Some Exercise While You Work

3. Maintain an Organized Space

If you want to keep your sanity during the holiday, working on your environment can go a long way in helping you get there. If you've ever had to exist in a less than organized workspace or home, you can attest to the almost immediate difference you feel when things are tidier.

Keep your environment in a clean manner, and it should go a long way in helping you stay sane during the holiday.   

Maintain an Organized Space

4. Commit to Enjoying Your Hobbies

If you want to keep your sanity during the holiday, you need to spend some time doing the things you love. Doing so helps keep your mind relaxed, which is conducive to better progressive mental health. If you don't have a long list of things that you know you enjoy, it may be the perfect time to discover new interests. 

Whatever the case may be, dedicate some time to fun activities, and allow yourself to smile and laugh more.  

Commit to Enjoying Your Hobbies

5. Manage Your Expectations for Perfection

Even those who are not traditionally perfectionists tend to have a tough time with expectations. While there's nothing wrong with setting high standards for the way you want things to turn out, it's important to strike a balance, so you don't get consumed by doing so. 

For example, you may have already created a picture in your head of how you want the holiday season to go. Should that perfect image not manifest, you may find it difficult to stay sane during the holiday. It's fine to look forward to things, but accept that events don't always go as planned.  

6. Stay in Contact with Others

Human beings were not meant to be isolated from each other. People thrive on connection and community, even if they are unwilling to admit that this is the case readily. Whether it's in the form of family or friends, communicating and sharing experiences with others is an important part of your holiday season. 

Sometimes, just having that connection around you makes your cares that much easier to deal with.  

Stay in Contact with Others

7. Don't Be Hard on Yourself

If you want to stay sane during the holiday, you need to give yourself a break. Managing expectations was discussed above, but it's not the only reason that you may be unfair to yourself. Even if you think you could have handled a situation more optimally, accept that you made a mistake and commit to not falter in the same place in the future. 

Remember that the past is unchangeable, which means there is no benefit in consistently beating yourself up over something that has already happened. What is the lesson? Learn it and move along.  

8. Get Comfortable Saying "No"

This course of action comes more easily to some people than others. Having a people-pleasing mentality is normal for many people, making the idea of saying no almost unimaginable. This principle sometimes applies to detrimental degrees, and curbing it is an important step for those who want to stay sane during the holiday. 

Even if it feels uncomfortable at first, say no if that's what you are thinking. Also, practice saying no without feeling like you need to explain yourself.  

9. Focus on Time Management

After reading the previous point, you are probably lost in thought, wondering how you are expected to find time to exercise at your desk. This goes double if you're a traditionally busy person, but there are ways to fit exercise and other things into your busy schedule. 

The most important course of action is finding a time management technique that works around your specific needs. For example, you could try the Pomodoro approach, which is one of the most popular in the world.  

Focus on Time Management

10. Establish and Stick to Your Work Shutdown Ritual

Depending on your experience, the idea of a work shutdown ritual may be completely foreign to you. The chances are that you have an established formula for how you go through your workdays. If you find that tasks associated with the job are increasingly spilling over into your personal life, you may need to take extra steps to keep things separate. 

A work shutdown ritual goes a long way here since it conditions you in a frame of mind that work is finished for the day, and you have entered your time. Complete it at the end of each workday for the best results.

Work Shutdown Ritual

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