A 2024 Review on 11 Best Laptop and Monitor Stands (2 in 1 Mount)
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A 2024 Review on 11 Best Laptop and Monitor Stands (2 in 1 Mount)

|Mar 21, 2022

While buying a laptop monitor stand may not be your initial thought when you are thinking of upgrading your worktop, the truth is that most people can quickly and efficiently improve their workspace with one. It is important that you are maintaining the best working environment possible, which is why this article has provided a review of 11 of the best laptop and monitor stands that are available on the market today. 

Most laptop and monitor mounts prove to be an all-round, invaluable, good bit of kit. Some have moving arms that enable a second screen and improve the positioning of the panels. More affordable ones succeed in raising already existing devices to create more space on a person's desktop. There are even monitor stands that can transform your workstation into a standing desk

Below are 11 of the best picks of laptop monitor stands that are suitable for every budget and every office.

11 Best Laptop and Monitor Stands for 2022

1. Laptop and Monitor Stand by Mount-It!

Laptop and Monitor Stand by Mount-It!

The Mount-It! Laptop and Monitor Stand is an all-in-one desk mount that elevates not only your laptop but your secondary display as well. It works to free up desktop space and offers an ergonomic touch. 

With this laptop monitor stand, you can easily adjust your monitors and laptop to an optimal viewing angle and display height. By doing so, you are reducing any potential back and neck pain, and you are also not straining your eyes as much. 

Mount-It! has even gone as far as to ensure your workspace is kept organized by selling a laptop and monitor mount that features built-in cable management. Your laptop is also protected against overheating through the perforated holes on the laptop tray of the stand that provides for the necessary ventilation to support the peak performance of your device. 

Whatever your desk setup with laptop and monitor may be, Mount-It has provided the perfect way to keep your desktop clutter-free and exuberate any enjoyment a minimal office space provides to those who already have busy working schedules.

2. Dual Desk Mount by Vivo

Dual Desk Mount by Vivo

The Vivo Dual Desk Mount is the best choice for a small desk requiring a dual-display. Part of the reason this dual monitor and laptop stand was able to secure a place on this list is that it is able to support two screens. Likewise, to the monitor mentioned above, it also includes cable management and a wide range of movement options. 

Thus, it can be said that this monitor is perfectly suited for any mainstream situation, for example, needing to fit two monitors for a small desk. It is able to accommodate displays as wide as 27 inches and hold up to 22 pounds in weight; therefore, it can tackle almost any monitor. 

Not only does it support a wide variety of monitors, but it also works on multiple types of surfaces. This is due to the sturdy C-shaped clamp it possesses. However, because this product is tied to a central pole, height adjustment is an issue. If this is something you are capable of working around, then the Vivo Dual Desk Mount is a great robust and flexible system for a multi-monitor desk setup

3. Grovemade Wooden Dual Monitor Stand by Governance

Grovemade Wooden Dual Monitor Stand by Governance

If you are looking for an alternative to the Vivo Dual Desk Mount, then the Grovemade Wooden Dual Monitor Stand makes for a stylish yet environmentally-friendly pick. Keep in mind that, if you are wanting something with a better look, then the first thing you should be doing is mentally preparing yourself to be paying a high price for the top-quality you are in search of. 

This laptop monitor stand is expensive, and you can find two-display choices on the market for a whole lot cheaper; as already mentioned, the price you are paying to purchase this dual monitor stand is justified in several ways. 

Firstly, its finishing touches are done by hand, and you can decide which type of wood is used to do this. These finishing touches are exactly what allows this stand to look so elegant, contrasting to the affordable mounts and stands that are being made using utilitarian metals. 

More so, your workspace creates an ergonomic environment for you to work in through the raising of your screens, allowing you to see them with ease. With this, you now also have additional space under your monitor that you did not have access to before. 

Another feature that screams “Purchase me!” is the attached aluminum shelf that comes in handy for holding any type of laptop, book, or document. 

Overall, this laptop and monitor mount is not cheap, but it provides you with a fantastic look and feel if you are willing to pay the price. Governance also sells other smart office accessories, such as wireless charging pads, stationery trays, and desk pads, so you can accommodate your new stylish stand with equally stylish desk accessories.  

4. Monitor Stand by Simple Houseware

laptop monitor stand by Simple Houseware

Your pockets may be hurting just by reading the above; if that is the case, then the Simple Houseware Monitor Stand is a much more affordable choice for those in need of single-display use. If you have one screen that is in need of being lifted, then with this product you can do so, all while improving your posture and giving yourself deeper insight into the ergonomic furniture experience. 

Weighing as much as four pounds, this Simple Houseware Monitor Stand can be moved around easily, making it one of the many suitable work from home must-haves mentioned in this article.

It has very handy features, one of which is a sliding drawer that is capable of holding documents; its side caddies also make for the perfect place to store office stationery. If you are not looking to break the bank, then this is the most effective and well-made choice available for sale.

5. AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand by Amazon

AmazonBasics Adjustable laptop monitor stand by Amazon

Many people are not willing to spend loads of cash on a monitor arm with a laptop stand. To cater to the price, Amazon’s own AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand is another affordable option for those with a tight budget. 

Due to its great price, you are sacrificing a good metal construction to unimpressive plastic material. Nevertheless, it still enables basic height adjustments and has consideration for ergonomics, meaning you can maintain a proper posture when working that will prevent any neck or back pain that can occur as a result of not having ergonomic furniture. Non-skid features also help keep the stand and its attached device in place.    

While the plastic build of this laptop monitor stand in no way adds to the overall aesthetic and value, the durable composition and profile with smooth, rounded corners make up for the plastic appearance by creating sleek sophistication with a contemporary style.

6. Vari Pro Plus 36 by Amazon

If you are still reading through this laptop monitor stand list, chances are you have yet to find the perfect laptop and monitor stand, or you are keeping your options open. Those of you that have been waiting on an option that involves a standing desk, then your wait is finally over. 

While all products at Vari are considered to be a significant investment, this outstanding device can transform any basic worktop into an adjustable standing desk. Standing desks are already making their waves as the new way of working in the ergonomic marketplace, and as a result, many people are looking into purchases that will improve their health and productivity in the working world; if you are one of these people, it could make sense to want to spend. 

Lashings of versatility with regards to your desktop are supplied by having two different tiers available for use with the Vari Pro Plus 36. The top tier is capable of holding double monitors with a width of 36 inches, hence the name Vari Pro Plus 36. On the other hand, the second tier forms a home for any accessories, for example, your mouse, keyboard, and any other peripheral. 

It not only arrives fully assembled, but it is also capable of adjusting to 11 different heights using a smooth, spring-loaded system. There really is so much to like about the Vari Pro Plus 36, and switching to a standing desk will provide massive health and productivity benefits for users.

7. Monitor Mount and Laptop and Tablet Shelf by Vonhaus

Monitor Mount and Laptop and Tablet Shelf by Vonhaus

With the Monitor Mount and Laptop and Tablet Shelf by Vonhaus, your desk can easily be transformed into a dynamic, versatile workspace that adjusts to fit your needs while, at the same time, freeing up some space. 

It is a monitor stand with a laptop tray that provides a sturdy space for either your laptop or tablet while mounting a 32-inch monitor. Better yet, all cables are kept concealed within the stand itself, allowing for a tidy, put-together workspace. 

8. Fleximounts 2-in-1 Monitor Arm and Laptop Stand by Loctek

Fleximounts 2-in-1 Monitor Arm and Laptop Stand by Loctek

If you are in search of a 2-in-1 monitor arm with a laptop stand, then you are in luck. Fleximounts 2-in-1 Monitor Arm and Laptop Stand is a fitting choice; it is literally a monitor mount with two functions in one and is a durable unit that will hold any laptop in place. The adjustable arm of this laptop monitor stand allows for the fine-tuning of your position that will reduce both muscle tension and screen glare. 

Essentially, the bottom line is that the Fleimounts 2-in-1 Monitor Arm and Laptop Stand is a lightweight model that fits comfortably into your budget, all while featuring an appealing design. 

9. LX Stacking Dual Monitor Arm by Ergotron

LX Stacking Dual Monitor Arm by Ergotron

Once again, if money isn’t a concern, another option similar to the likes of the Grovemade Wooden Dual Monitor Stand is the Ergotron LX Stacking Dual Monitor Stand. This laptop monitor stand features an incredibly strong arm that holds the weight of as much as two monitors that can be as wide as 24 inches in size. In other words, this arm can withstand a weight of up to 40 pounds. 

The height adjustability allows for a 25-inch raise from your desktop; more so, it has a 360-degree rotation, swivel, and a 70-degree tilt forwards and backward. It has a very solid construction quality, but in the same breath, offers extreme flexibility. 

10. Single-Monitor Arm with Laptop Stand by StarTech

Single-Monitor Arm with Laptop Stand by StarTech

StarTech is a manufacturer, like Autonomous, that puts its best foot forward when delivering top ergonomic office furniture. Thus, the Single-Monitor Arm with Laptop Stand is a great addition to any workspace, and as such has earned its mention on this list. Two devices can be worked on at once with this product’s featured dual display stands and a full-motion articulating arm. 

Just like any other product mentioned, if the hardware is heavier than the recommended weight that this mount can hold, then the arms will lean slightly. Nevertheless, it can still hold up to 17 pounds in monitors and is extremely sturdy when used correctly. 

11. Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount

Viozon laptop monitor stand

A laptop monitor stand that is amongst some of the most impressive you will ever find is the Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount. It offers so much utility and for a really good price. Its 2-in-1 dual-arm mount can fit most screens and monitors, while the stand makes it even easier for users to use. 

Not only is it appealing to the eye, but you can adjust the angles, height, and length, making it very flexible in this regard. The aluminum alloy used to create this smart office device has subconsciously extended its overall life expectancy and strength. 


To conclude this review, one should quickly realize, if they haven’t already, the potential space and health benefits of a monitor arm with a laptop stand, irrespective of which model they choose. Hopefully, this review was helpful in terms of your purchasing decision and made it overall an easy choice for you to find a product that was perfectly suited to your needs.

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