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11 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Black Friday Shopping Online

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 16, 2018

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This is the 21st century. There is no reason why you should be at the store by 5.00AM  just because you are looking for the best Black Friday deals. However, this does not mean that doorbusters are not good. They are a lot of fun. Besides, there are Black Friday deals that you can only get through doorbusters.

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What is a doorbuster?

As the term doorbuster implies, this is a special deal that is arranged to get the customers to come try their hand at discounted items, inside the store. The items on offer are limited, but the retailer knows that once the customers are in the store, they are going to look around and buy something that they are missing at home.

While the items on offer may be offered at a “loss price” that is way below what the item should cost on a regular shopping day, the intention is to get shoppers to look at more items.

Initially, retailers would offer a small number of items on doorbuster deals and then after the number was bought out, prices would “silently” revert back to normal. However, today, retailers are compelled by the law to disclose the number of items on offer.

Many doorbuster deals take place on Black Friday. This is officially the day that customers are supposed to get great deals on items that they would have bought anyway. Just imagine getting a Samsung OLED TV at a price discounted by as much as $400! That would be a good save for you.

However, even if you do not get the item that you were looking for on Black Friday, all is not lost. What many people do not know is that Black Friday is not an isolated shopping event. It is a day that marks the start of the shopping season in North America. Thus, you should never stop looking for deals even after Black Friday.

Seeing as the doorbusters can be quite exciting, do you really miss a lot when you opt to shop online? To the contrary, you might actually gain more. The only thing you are going to miss is the spirit of Black Friday.

Usually, the trend is to wake up early and show up at the doors of your favorite store. Well, this is not a bad thing. You might even come across Bill, that next door neighbor that you haven’t seen in weeks.

Black Friday brings many people together. However, even though you love the idea, Black Friday falls on cold days, and so you would love to avoid thronging the stores if you can. You would pick a better shopping option if possible.

Why you need a good shopping strategy for shopping on Black Friday

While going for doobuster deals on Black Friday is good, you also need to employ a good strategy for shopping on that day. Remember the items on offer are limited and therefore many people will miss the items that they need.

One of the strategies is to shop online, from the comfort of home. You will see just why in the section that is coming up. Unless you prepare amply to get those items that you have been saving for throughout the year, you might miss all of them.

Getting to the store in the early morning is not enough. You need to do much more than that.

Well, one of the best Black Friday shopping strategies is to do it online. This still does not guarantee that you will get all the items that you were gunning for, but at least, it saves you from the biting cold. Wouldn’t you like that?

Reasons to shop online on Black Friday

1. Most items offered in the brick and mortar store are also offered online

Today, most of the things that are offered in the doorbuster deals on Black Friday are offered online. This means that the Macbook Air that you have been saving for can also be bought online.

If you can get the same deals online, there is really no reason for you to go freeze in the cold when you can do your shopping from the comfort of your home. Some of the biggest online marketplaces in the world such as offer these deals.

In fact, if you would care to look harder, you will see that there are always deals going down. Thus, if you are a smart online shopper, you do not even have to wait for Black Friday, because everyday can be a Black Friday.

2. Shopping online prevents you from impulse buying

On the internet, prices are a bit cheaper, or there is some other incentive to entice you to buy. The reason for this is that you cannot do test and try things out. However, in a brick and mortar store, all of your senses are involved in the shopping. It is very easy to be tempted to buy even things that you had not planned to get.

Shop online if you are on a low budget, and you do not care to tempted to buy things that you can barely afford. It is easier to control your impulse online than offline. Inside the store, you can smell things, you can touch them, listen to them and almost taste them.

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Just imagine what happens in the supermarket. You put the things that you need in the shopping basket and then you walk towards checkout. And there, right there where the small queue starts, so does the temptation alley start. Chocolates, candy and all types of sugars look at you, smile and talk to you. And you end up indulging your sweet tooth.

Well, this is the same tactic that retailers use on Black Friday. They get you to wait at the door, knowing the number of items on offer is quite limited. And when you get inside, you must buy something. At home, you will be safe from this.

3. No biting cold to contend with

As we said earlier, the tradition on Black Friday is to wake up early, drive to the store of choice and wait for the doors to open, and grab the items on offer. However, even though many people go to the stores on time, they do not manage to get the items on offer as there are usually a few of them.

If you can get the same items on the internet, perhaps it is just better to buy them online and save yourself the trouble of going to the store on a cold Black Friday morning.

4. You can get a better variety of discounts and deals

When you shop online on Black Friday, chances are that you will get a wider variety of discounts that are going down. When you drive to the retail store in the morning, you can only choose one store at a time. However, online, you get to shop on different stores at the same time. Thus, you actually stand a better choice to buy the things that you need online than when looking in a brick and mortar store. Granted, you will miss the adrenaline rush that comes with grabbing a deal on an item before the next person. But hey, you will have saved yourself the fuel and the time.

5. Free shipping

One of the main incentives given to loyal customers by retail stores is free shipping. If you have bought things online, you know that the shipping fee takes a good amount of money. However, when you are offered free shipping and a discount on the product, you are going to grab it up fast.

Retail giants Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy offer free shipping on Black Friday. Actually, Black Friday shopping starts on Thursday, on Thanksgiving Day.

Amazon and other online marketplaces also offer free shipping. It is always good to confirm that you will get free shipping though. It is also important to make sure that the free shipping is not bound by stringent terms and conditions like buying a minimum number of items.

Most of them will ship for free on this day, regardless of the number of items that you buy.

6. You can look for discounted gift cards online

One of the best ways that people get good discounts on Black Friday is by the use of gift cards from the big brands as well as retailers. Now, even before Black Friday comes, there are always good offers on gift cards. These cards are offered at very good discounts.

You could buy a gift card for $150 at $100. This means that you save a straight $50. You can then wait for Back Friday, go and buy whatever item is qualified under the gift card. The best way to find these gift cards is by looking for them online.

Websites such as always gather gift cards from different stores. You can find gift cards for Target, Toys R Us, Macy’s, Kohl and many more. It is on such websites that you should first look for discounted gift cards before you can go out to shop.

It is also possible to find free gift cards

7. You can stick to your shopping list

Everyone makes a shopping list for their Black Friday shopping. However, as soon as the doors open that morning, this list is as well as forgotten, especially when someone else beats you to the deal.

So you start hunting for another product that is being sold at a lower price, but not as low as what you ]would have paid for the product that was on offer. Impulse buying is more likely to happen when you shop from inside the store.

After all, your subconscious tells you that there is no way you could have traveled to the store and suffered the biting cold for nothing. Thus, you buy stuff that you think you need, or want, or that you can do without.

When you buy from home online, there is not much emotion involved in the buying. Thus, if an item that you wanted is gone, that is that, it is gone. You can either expand your shopping territory by trying different store sites, or you can just let it go altogether.

8. You can use cashback system in a much better way

Cashback discounts are the real deal online, if you can find them. In fact, most stores offer these deals. These discounts are offered by travel companies on air tickets, on real products by stores and so on.

You pay the whole amount and then the discount is credited back to you later. In other stores, you are also allowed to redeem your points online if you have accumulated some after shopping with them for some time.

You may also find out whether shopping with a credit card is going to give you a cashback at a certain store. If you care to do some research, you may be able to compile a list of stores offering cashback discounts. - Image 3

9. You can bargain on chat

This is the biggest plus for shopping from the comfort of home on Black Friday. You can engage the customer support on chat and bargain like crazy for an item that you really need.

Now, what ,many shoppers do not know is that for most items, there is always a margin for discount, but they miss out on it because they do not ask.

Therefore, do not be bashful about it. Go live on chat, ask for a discount and you will get it. It does not matter how small it will be, because a discount is a discount.

10. Sign up for the retailer’s newsletter

Retailers will regard you as a loyal customer if you sign up for their newsletter. This has its advantages. One, you will always know of new products on offer. Two, you will know when the retailer is giving discounts and coupons.

Stay ahead of the news, know what discounts are going down this Black Friday by signing up to that email list. You will be surprised that discount shopping not only starts far ahead of Black Friday, as early as October, but that it also extends long after Black Friday.

11. You can bookmark the stores with the best deals

The list of your stores with the best deals is only a click of a button away, in the list of your bookmarks. If you wanted to buy an office chair on a discount, you can add some office furniture dealers to the bookmark list. If you wanted a computer, TV, smartphone, power tool, kitchen appliance or even outdoor clothing, just bookmark the stores offering discounts. That way, you can try your luck in all of them easily.


Now you know that there is a better way than flocking the retail stores on a cold Friday morning to get the best discount deals. You can shop online from the comfort of your bed and still get the same items that people at the store get. Besides, you also get the opportunity to shop around even more widely.

If you would like to know more Black Friday and everyday shopping tips and deals, subscribe to our email list today.

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